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Sounds good! Thanks for shipping it cheaper than we expected. It sure is nice to find a company that practices "good" customer service. We sure look forward to some tasty German treats.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

The Evans Family in Manhattan, Kansas - Order # 181124

This was the 2nd package I ordered just before Christmas (somehow the goodies always get "feet" and disappear, so I have to order more each year). Everything is always perfect from GermanDeli and I love their friendly and fast service and the wide selection. Great job!

Chris S. in Roswell, New Mexico - Order # 177389

I was very impressed with how carefully the food items were packed. Chocolate bars were placed in ziplock bags, and cold packs were used to ensure that nothing melted in transit. The chocolate was shipped in an insulated container as well. I plan on ordering from GermanDeli.com again. When I called customer service about the sold out Baumkuchen I was told that they do go fast - I will order early next year!!

Matthew S. in Austin, Texas - Order # 178166

Like always, you go out of your way. Superb services, great job.

Ruth D. in Maple Grove, Minnesota - Order # 179017

Thank you very much! I received my package on Christmas Eve and it is amazing. The packaging was excellent as well as the products inside. Thank you very much for giving me a little touch of home!

Mona L. in Evans Mills, New York - Order # 179104

Thank you for your excellent service! You have brightened up my Christmas with your package like you cannot imagine!

Ingrid R. in Fort Walton Beach, Florida - Order # 179996

I was kept abreast of every step in my order preparation and shipment. Even the extremely delicate chocolates arrived in great shape. The staff were responsive to my questions or concerns and were at all times polite and helpful. I appreciate the great products and excellent service I received.

Thanks GermanDeli!

Brenda K. in Winterville, Georgia - Order # 175879

I just want to thank you for your courtesy and professionalism while processing and sending my order. My mom is a war bride from Germany, and will so much appreciate some goodies from the homeland. This will be a rough Christmas for her because my brother passed away in August. I had visited several other sites, but I liked yours best, and was happy to see that the prices were reasonable. It is obvious that you take special care with your customers.

Jeannie L. - Order # 180558

These folks have great authentic German sausage and food...and the best customer service I have ever seen. These guy know what a customer is. The prices are excellent and the quality is also.

I was taken back by the excellent customer service. They keep you informed about the complete process of your order from when you place it till when they ship it....outstanding. I can't say enough good things about these folks and the quality food they offer. I will be back again and again.

Robert D. in Fall River, Massachusetts - Order # 177747

I went online and bought several bakery items from GermanDeli.com. They kept me up to date through e-mail on every phase of the delivery... from pulling the order in the warehouse, projected delivery date, date actually sent and and e-mail for tracking the delivery after it left their hands. The communication from them was fantastic. It was very nice to know how the shipping was progressing.

The items arrived in a short time - package was intact. Items were packed well and have ice/dry ice so no spoilage. Best of all ... the products bought were absolutely delicious and fresh!!!

Thank you GermanDeli for bringing back memories of my childhood and trips to Germany!

Marianne H. in Jacksonville, Arkansas - Order # 177634

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for having such a wonderful business. It was a great pleasure doing business with you at the GermanDeli. I received all of the items I ordered in the time promised. I guarantee I will order more goodies from you in the future.

Thanks again and have a very Merry Christmas.

Scott R. in San Diego, California - Order # 179336

Thank you very much! As always we are looking forward to receiving the wonderful German yummies and appreciate the wonderful service you provide.

I still remember when you made an exception for me last year during our ice storm and took my orders over the telephone during your very busy time ... my electricity kept going off as I was ordering on the computer and like a good German got very irritated having to start over and over :  ) Thank you again for your efficient service.

Ursula P. in Norman, Oklahoma - Order # 180256

Simply perfect in every way. Danke!

Michelle M. in Nanuet, New York - Order # 177423

I would like to take the time to thank you for your cooperation and to express my overall satisfaction of your service. The products were well priced, the shipping was fast, and the customer service was excellent. Thank you again for everything, you can be assured that I will be a returning customer.

Matt S. in Morristown, Tennessee - Order # 179179

Having lived overseas 30 years with the US military and been a general consumer now for 62 years, my husband and I have dealt with literally hundreds of businesses throughout the world. Without a doubt, GermanDeli.com tops the list in terms of customer service, personal attention, and quality of goods. How many businesses send personal greeting cards with all purchases, contribute extra goodies to all military in soldier-sizing their orders, and are so accessible that the clients know the staff by name? Give these people the good business AND good citizens award of the century.

Additionally, these kind people take on the job of caring for customer families after the loss of their soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan. Talk about going above and beyond the call of human kindness...

Kay T., RAF Lakenheath Air Base, England

I want to send you a thank you for a flawless execution of my order (# 174813). One can't take this for granted anymore but we appreciated it. The Baumkuchen and Dominosteine are wonderful!

Chris D. in Glencoe, Illinois - Order # 174813

To the fantastic people at GermanDeli,

I recently ordered some brandy-filled chocolates and rumballs, but when I received my package I definitely received so much more. I guess whoever had packed it noticed that it was going to be delivered to an APO address overseas and decided that they should go the extra mile for a soldier that they've never met. I'll tell you what, to open my package and see a Christmas card from your staff with handwritten "thank you"s and other well wishes was a HUGE morale boost.

I just want to tell your staff and Team 2 (who I assume packed this package) that I am more than happy to be in Afghanistan knowing that I am contributing to the defense of people like that. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to open a box expecting nothing more than chocolate and finding that a group of people actually put their hearts into making a soldier feel appreciated. You guys really went above and beyond!

And I wasn't the only one to get a boost out of your package, but the rest of my platoon as well. So just so you know, 23 soldiers who miss their home and families are now walking around with a smile, knowing that somebody out there appreciates what they do and cares enough to send them something to remind them of how much they are appreciated and missed. Thank you for doing that for us, we all greatly appreciated it!  And all the extra candies and cookies were a hit also. Half that box is gone already and I just got it! If it's at all possible, I'd love to get the email addresses of all the people that contributed to making this happen and send them a personal thanks. Like I said, it was packed by Team 2, but there were so many signatures on that card. If you can't get me their emails, then please just tell them that I said "Thank you." Being over here so long, when getting something like this, it really doesn't seem that bad. It definitely feels worth it. Thank you!

Andrew J. stationed in Afghanistan - Order # 178175

Your packing and processing is award worthy!! I do almost all my shopping, except groceries, online and deal with lots of purveyors and websites and I can say without reservation that you guys are great. Period. The best at packing, processing and communicating - better than anyone with whom I have dealt. It is a distinct pleasure to do business with you. Happy Holidays with my compliments.

Gary B. in McAllen, Texas - Order # 180111

I will be back to order more. I was blown away by the outstanding service and selection.

Dayna R. in Louisville, Kentucky - Order # 176517

It was a great experience. In the retail world today customer service is almost non-existent. GermanDeli.com helped me regain some hope. I have HOPE that I may actually be able to experience that level of customer service once more. Thanks GermanDeli.com. Y'all rock!

PS. My Mother loved everything especially the crossword puzzles.

Christel M. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Order # 176728

I have ordered previously and my opinion has not changed. GermanDeli has customer service that is unbelievable. The customer really and truly comes first, you can ask any questions and will receive a prompt knowledgeable answer. On the phone, you are helped in every way possible - it is a pleasure doing business with the GermanDeli.

The packaging is careful and you can tell the packing teams care about what they are doing and there is always a little something in the package that makes you smile. I did not have anything to complain about, the products taste great and I really am very, very satisfied.

Naturally I will order again in the near future.

Brigitte D. in Charlotte, North Carolina - Order # 176503

I just have to tell you all at the GermanDeli how wonderful you are and what a great company you are to deal with! I really appreciated that I could place my order and then have you hold it until a little later to ship out.

Also, my parents called me yesterday to thank me for the package and they couldn't get over how wonderfully everything was wrapped. They said that even the boxes of chocolates were in separate bags, etc. Your service is impeccable!

Merry Christmas!

Barb S. in Round Rock, Texas - Order # 175890

Thanks to Team 6 for the prompt processing and delivery. My daughter is delighted to be able to give her foreign exchange student friends (high school) the favorite chocolates they love.

Michele F. in Mechanicsville, Iowa - Order # 178992

I have to write to thank you and your store. I came across your site while looking for Stollen to give as a gift to my mom. Well, hours later I had bought that for her (and one for me), as well as all of her favorite foods from Nuernberg. We can't bring most of this over while traveling, so we miss it a lot!

My order was shipped ground, but arrived in just two days. It was perfectly packed and perfectly cold. I missed ordering a few more gifts for Christmas, so I turned around and ordered again. It is here today!

Thank you so much for bringing us so many German products that we take for granted while in Germany, and never can get here in the States. I will be back again and again!

Dan J. in Hagerman, New Mexico - Order # 177845

GermanDeli.com is not only the best place to buy excellent German items not readily available elsewhere, but it also brings back a little bit of our old "Heimat" at the same time. They have managed to combine the best German product offers with unbelievable customer service that includes several notifications about any order you place, until you receive it. Any concerns or questions are answered as soon as possible. Their personalized attention makes the customer feel extra special, in a way not experienced anywhere else. The packaging is unique.

In short, this merchant is the best I've ever encountered, and I will continue to shop there and recommend this store to everyone I know.

Ulrike K. in Trafford, Pennsylvania - Order # 176130

I have to tell you I am usually very hesitant to order things over the internet from companies that I am not familiar with; but I have to say that you and your company provide wonderful customer service. I am truly excited for this package to arrive as it is a surprise for my children and husband. We lived in Germany for 3 and 1/2 years; and the one thing we really miss is the amazing chocolate. I have a feeling I will be visiting your website often; thank you for the wonderful job you do. It truly is appreciated.

Sonia B. in Northfield, Vermont - Order # 179238

The most phenomenal web-based company I've ever worked with. Probably the most amazing business I've encountered in 2008.

Lara L. in Austin, Texas - Order # 174513

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! I’ve never had a company give so much follow up and tracking info, excellent customer service!! Thanks again for all the follow up. You guys are wunderbar!

Mark S. in Poteet, Texas - Order # 178871

Thank you for your support of our military troops. Your business was highlighted by a service member from Iraq, again THANK YOU.

Proud to be a fellow American.

Scot D.

GermanDeli rocks! Vielen Dank!

Lee G. in Boise, Idaho - Order # 176406

Just wanted to thank you all so very much for such WONDERFUL customer service! The liquor chocolates are exquisite and I look forward to placing additional orders with The GermanDeli! In fact, I introduced a coworker/friend of mine (originally from Germany!) to this site and she has already placed several orders with you!

Again, thanks for such an incredibly fun (and DELICIOUS!) shopping experience!

Micki M. in Canyon Lake, Texas - Order # 176992

It is that time of year again, and I want to personally thank you at GermanDeli. I had a brother in Iraq you took care of and he still raves about you. He is now in Arlington, VA but if you ask him of his many tours in the Middle East what was most memorable, it would be the support he got from you and Operation AC which provided the first AC’s to troops sent into Afghanistan.

Thank you for your support of all our men and women in the military and have a very, Merry Christmas.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr! Have yourself a merry little CHRISTMAS!!

Melissa P.

Herzlichen Dank! Es ist wirklich immer eine Freude fuer uns, Produkte von Ihnen zu bestellen!

Christianna S. in Austin, Texas - Order # 178633

We received it the day after we ordered it, OUTSTANDING! The kids even noticed that there were some Haribo gummies y'all had given us for free, what a delightful touch! Based on this, we can't wait to order more from you - my kids have relatives in Austria and go over every summer and love the treats they get there. We were so excited to learn that we can order these things here for special occasions and will definitely order again soon.

Amy H. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 178369

I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys what great of a job you're doing and that me and my family truly appreciate you guys!

I immigrated to the US from Germany almost 10 years ago. Even though I'm a US citizen now there are still many things I hold dear about my old country, especially cooking and food. I used to have my mom send over a lot of stuff I couldn’t get here until I discovered GermanDeli. You carry many things like Malzbeer and Erdnussflips that were just nowhere to be found in the US and ordering the items is just a lot more convenient then driving around Dallas to get what I need!

The shipments are always well packed, the quality is good and the prices are reasonable.

Lothar B. in Emory, Texas - Order # 143944

To order from you is indeed a special treat and reminds me of back home growing up in Germany! Nowhere in our area here in Michigan are the authentic products available, only through you ! I look forward so much to receiving my packages. All stores or Deli's who through the years may have carried similar products are no longer and NONE was as authentic to how I remember them from Europe.

The professionalism you and your staff display is second to none and goes far beyond expectation.

You can be sure I will continue to order from you in the future.

Ilse W. in Dearborn Heights, Illinois - Order # 178453

My husband and I own a business as well and recognize how important good customer service is- particularly given the economy today and the fact that folks are cutting back on extravagant spending. Compared to other internet vendors with whom I have dealt this holiday season - you go over the top. Your customer care is second to none. I also appreciate your honesty, care in packaging and attention to details such as delay in arrivals due to weekends or other holds on packages.

I only wish that other companies cared as deeply about customer satisfaction. They could all take a lesson.

Blessings - can't wait to get my chocolate coated gingerbread cookies ;)

Cindee P. in Boone, North Carolina - Order 177547

Christmas time without your goodies is just not the same. Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas/Frohe Weihnachten!

Chris S. in Roswell, New Mexico - Order # 177389

Hallo, hier ist Karl-Heinz. Habe heute meine Order bekommen. Recht vielen Dank. Ich war sehr ueberrascht ueber die super Verpackung. Erstklassig! Hoffe im nächsten Jahr wieder eine Order zu machen. Frohe Weihnachten, guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

Karl Heinz B. in Calgary, Alberta - Order # 173031

To the entire Germandeli Staff, especially Team 2,

You all are the best!! From the moment I placed my order until I received my package delivery at home, you went above and beyond the call of customer service duty! Shortly after I placed my online order I began to receive emails letting me know the status of my order, each and every step of the way. When my box arrived here and I opened it, I noticed it had been packed with what only can be described as "German" efficiency; with attention to detail, care and love.

I only order from you a couple times a year, but I want you to know that for this transplant from Darmstadt, when I open a box from you, it helps me bide the time until my next trip home.

Frohe Weihnachten,

Danke Vielmals,

Eva-Maria B. in Pelion, South Carolina - Order # 175577

I would just like to say that I am absolutely happy to have stumbled onto this site. I've referred all my German friends to it and they loved it and are soon to be ordering from you with much enthusiasm. Thank you again for a wonderful find!

Casandra R. in Houston, Texas - Order # 176838

They are the BEST! They get a 10 out of 5 for customer service. For the years I've bought from GermanDeli.com, it just gets better!

Send all my dear friends at GermanDeli a heartfelt MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Claudette M. in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Order # 173906

My order arrived today. I have to say that I'm absolutely amazed at your packaging. The way you ship stuff, it could go around the world a few times and survive the gorilla airline baggage handlers. I'll be saving and recycling the box for personal use.

And it's a pleasure to do business with a company that doesn't abuse shipping charges. Even a meager 73 cent refund on shipping charges is something I've never seen before.

We will definitely be ordering from you folks again.

Bob K. in Dundee, Illinois - Order # 175615

I want to say how much I appreciate the personal attention to this order, as well as all the email updates. Your company has an amazing customer service department!

Aaron O. in Omaha, Nebraska - Order # 176376

I have to say that your organization is the best I have ever dealt with in giving information and constant updates on an order that has been placed. I am very impressed with your service. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays.

Hilary R. in Kansas City, Missouri - Order # 176184

I love the ease of shopping with GermanDeli.com! Their website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. After placing an order, I receive updates as to my order and when shipment will take place. I have ordered several times from GermanDeli.com and have been extremely pleased with their service and the items I've ordered. I look forward to doing business with this company for many years to come!

Penny St. C. in Caseville, Michigan - Order # 173670

The reason I've shopped with you all for so long is you just do good business. I've done things in the past, like called after placing an order or something and changed it or added to it. You have always been so helpful. I also know I'm going to get my things in good condition because you package them so well. Merry, merry Christmas. I'd say it in German, but my husband hasn't taught me enough German.

LeAnna W. in Calhoun, Georgia - Order # 175973

I would like to thank GermanDeli and especially "Team 2" for their efforts in communicating with me about the packing and shipping of my order. It was the first time I ordered, and honestly I have not seen anything before that was packed so well and arrived at my house so fresh.

So, thank you for the excellent service, I will definitely order again!

Elke D. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 174735

All four of the Santa’s were intact, ingenious way of packaging them. I just wanted to say thanks for getting this order to me in time for St Nick’s day. I just wanted to say thank you again, you guys are the best in the online world.

Patsy F. in Austin, Texas - Order # 175561

About two hours ago we received our order from your company. Everything was very cold and in excellent condition.

My German-born wife, Irmengard, and I enjoy doing business with GermanDeli.com. We had previously tried other distributors of German foods but, none can come close to your professionalism, care, selection and ease of shopping. Keep up the good work! We'll be your customer for years to come.

Merry Christmas to the staff of GermanDeli.

George and Irmengard S. in Palm Coast, Florida - Order # 173761

I am really happy with my purchase from GermanDeli.com. As soon as I eat through the goodies that I purchased, I definitely plan to and look forward to purchasing from them again. I also want to add that the box was very nicely packed and presented -- an additional touch that I really appreciated.

Thomas G. in San Francisco, California - Order # 173547

It's always pleasant to deal with y'all! My daughter had already gotten her certificate and been on your website by the time I called her. She's hard to get presents for; good thing she appreciates Erfrischungsstäbchen and Dominosteine - and that you carry them and so many other wonderful goodies.

Bärbel H. in Louisville, Kentucky - Order # 175835

You folks are awesome! As long as I can get the requested items before Christmas week, I'm good. We were very pleased with the Asbach candies last year. We'd had them before, but my father-in-law was just thrilled to see them. He wanted to know if we flew to Germany to buy them!

Michele K. in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Order # 176076

Thank you for keeping me updated on the progress of my order. This is my first order with GermanDeli.com and I'm looking forward to serving the items over Christmas, especially to my mother who is originally from the old East Germany.

Cathy M. in Wetumpka, Alabama - Order # 175899

GermanDeli has really come through for me and taken the extra effort in 'customer service' and I believe that must be a German trend. I so very much appreciate it and thank you again for making my Thanksgiving a complete success. Nochmals vielen Dank!

Jutta B. in Plano, Texas - Order # 173687

I ordered from GermanDeli for the first time last week, and the customer service was amazing. From the time I placed my order to delivery took less than 4 days, and I got e-mails to let me know what was going on with my order every time something changed. WOW!

Patty B. in Pinetop, Arizona - Order # 168885

I just wanted to stop and let you know how much I appreciate your company. Not only do you have great products, but your service and communication are excellent. Thank you for striving to bring your best to us, your consumers.

Alexandra H. in Butte, Montana - Order # 175423

GermanDeli.com offers hard-to-find European products for quick shipping in the U.S. I couldn't believe how quickly I got my purchase of Mezzo-mix! I thought I'd be waiting till closer to Christmas. If you can't find it anywhere in the U.S., try here before buying oversees because the shipping time is so much faster and much more reasonable.

Cassandra B. in Arlington, Texas - Order # 173249

No site I've ordered from has ever done a better job in terms of communication and shipping! Fantastisch! When my last order arrived, the freeze pack inside was still cold. Thanks for doing a great job.

Rob B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Order # 172852

Absolutely fantastic internet purchase experience. I return here repeatedly because no other business I have ever dealt with in the last 40 years comes anywhere close. Kudos!!!

Cornelia R. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Order # 172717

The customer service is phenomenal. From the time I ordered until the package was shipped (1 day) I got several e-mails to let me know the status of my order- things like "your order has been downloaded by the warehouse staff" or "your order is being packed right now". My orders (3 so far) have all been correct with nothing missing, and the frozens arrived still frozen.

Great merchant!

Patricia B. in Pinetop, Arizona - Order # 172489 


Thank you Amy, that box is going to Iraq and will be greatly appreciated. Gee that's very generous of your company to only charge the first quoted amount. Bless your hearts, I have ordered from you before for gifts over the years and you always do such a nice job of packing the items and your customer service is the best.


Susan and Richard M. in Las Vegas, Nevada - Order # 174365 


Thank you for your company's recent shipment of products. It is the first time that I have ordered from you and I must say that not only was I impressed with the speed and professionalism with which my ordered was handled, but that I am absolutely astounded by the quality of your products. My family and I have searched throughout the United States and have not seen the equal of your products. Having been in the military and being the son of a military family, I have traveled extensively. This includes two multi-year periods residing in Germany. I had thought to never again taste the authentic flavor of real German food again. I am therefore eternally grateful to your company for having filled this void. You can certainly expect me to return again and again to sample even more of your products as time and circumstance permit.


I would be happy to provide your company with a reference for any future or current customer that should desire one. If I can be of any further service please let me know.

Douglas M. in Warner Robins, Georgia - Order # 174252 


I absolutely LOVE GermanDeli.com! I was concerned about having my favorite German chocolates, candies and other items shipped to NC; but GermanDeli takes great pride in ensuring that products are well protected and cared for.

Every person that I have encountered at this business has been exceptional! I love their reminders, followups, product availability and ease of purchase!

I am a Customer Service Manager for local company and this business truly cares about their customer and their customer service! I located a German recipe and sent it to them and they were kind enough to transcribe it into English and help me with purchasing the ingredients from their website! EXCELLENT!

Tina H. in Concord, North Carolina - Order # 171779 


I found GermanDeli.com 4 years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since.  Besides my family, the thing I missed most about Germany, was - of course - the food and some beverages - especially Apfelspritzer. Well, not anymore!

GermanDeli.com has an incredible selection of German/European products, some of which I did not even know I had missed, until I saw them again on their website. No more long lists of 'must-have' items to my family and just the occasional 'care package' from them. Life is good!

Hannelore P. in Berthoud, Colorado - Order # 171918 


I found out about GermanDeli.com from a friend of mine, who happens to be the "only German Butcher and Sausage maker in Indiana."  I am shopping since last year with them. LUCKY ME. I recommend GermanDeli to a lot of my friends, they are also REGULAR CUSTOMER now. GermanDeli I love you. Stay the way you are conducting business. I love your merchandise from Germany.

Paula S. in Fishers, Indiana - Order # 172420 


Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your shipping as well as your products. Everything arrived so quickly and cold. I will be ordering again.

Sara A. in Lizella, Georgia - Order # 171502 


Excellent phone help so that I could navigate the web site. Thank you Otti!

Gary P. in Olga, Washington - Order # 174551 


We are civilian employees for USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) and we are working under military supervision, protection. We drive to our jobsites and they protect us, it can't get any closer than that. Active military also works here in construction - so they serve two functions - fulltime job and fulltime service!

The cards were more than just appreciated. They mean that we are supported in our missions from home!

Again thank you so much - and I can assure you that active duty gets first pick at whatever is ordered or is in the package.

Ulrike K. 


Thanks for having such terrific customer service!

Erika J. in Jasper, Indiana - Order # 173085 


Thank you very much for those emails and updates. :) I am ordering coffee from you for more than 6 years already- always nice service and pleasant people to deal with.

Natalja Z. in Montreal, Quebec - Order # 172715 


Thank you again for your consistently perfect service, packaging, pricing, and selection. I can't say enough good things !!! Happy Holidays to you and yours. I was only disappointed by the good (Christmas) stuff that was already out of stock. A lot of people know now how good you guys are and beat me to those items ! I will check again for the Spekulatius cookies which are my favorite! DANKE DANKE DANKE!

Cheryl S. in Norwich, Connecticut - Order # 172887 


It's your "busier" season. Just a little "thank you" to all of you at the GermanDeli. Nobody can top the wonderful job you do in packing and shipping. I sure don't know how I lived without you. Everything is always "great" and very much appreciated!

Kirsten S. in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Order # 172994 


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your delivery of your syrups. Your customer service is outstanding and we look forward to ordering more items from you.

Bruce L. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 171949 


It's very rare for me (and anyone else these days) to have a WOW! customer experience but that's the only word I can use to describe the service I got on my recent order.


If the product is anywhere close in quality to the service, our Thanksgiving will be a real treat.


Thanks again for excellence in service!

Bruce N. in Roswell, Georgia - Order # 172189 


This is a first--shipping charges lowered to reflect actual shipping! Yes, I will definitely order from you again. 


Thank you so much for our order of Bahlsen Rum Stollen! It arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  Every stollen was well wrapped, and thank you so much for the sample Haribo gummi bears.  We were so excited to see those. 


After I placed the order online, I realized you are located in Texas, which makes us very happy.  We will look over your line of products more thoroughly for our next order.  We are members of the local German-American Society and I sing with the Gemischter Chor Harmonie here in New Braunfels so I am pleased to see a German deli in our own state of Texas.  We just moved here a year ago from the Portland OR metro area and weekly visited a German deli in Tigard where we bought our Bahlsen Rum Stollen each year. 

Irene & Bob R. in New Braunfels, Texas - Order # 172142


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your delivery of your syrups. Your customer service is outstanding and we look forward to ordering more items from you.

Bruce L. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 171949 


German \Deli has nothing but the best products! I have purchased from this site on several occasions and I will continue to do business with them in the future.

George A. in Nashua, Iowa - Order # 167682 


This is the greatest way of shopping I've ever done! I love the customer service, the fast shipping and how you can save money on shipping too. In short, I just love to shop there.

Hedwig W. in Porter, Texas - Order # 167643 


Wow! You guys are amazing! I placed my order on Monday and already received all the items on Thursday! The packaging was superb, thank you group number 5!

I am so glad you guys exist! When I first moved from Germany to Texas I was sad that there were certain food items that were not available in the regular stores. Now I know where to find everything I need!


Thank you very much!

Severin H. in Pearland, Texas - Order # 168853 


Today I received my order in excellent condition. I want to thank Team #5  for the great job. I live in South Carolina so the goods had to travel a long way by ground but Team #5 was able to pack so well that everything was still cold when it arrived and nothing was damaged or broken. 

Thank you for the good service!

Brigitte H. in North Charleston, South Carolina - Order # 168244 


You have a wonderful customer service team, very rare to find these days!

Michelle M. in Nanuet, New York - Order # 168650 


These folks are the greatest and have the greatest customer service and selection. There is no one better.

Richard S. in Niles, Illinois - Order # 167539


Thank you very much for your update information and the reduced shipping cost. I'm looking forward to getting my merchandise and will let you know about it.

I'm wishing you all a very successful season and will visit your site again!

Monika C. in Port Angeles, Washington - Order # 168793 


I love buying from GermanDeli.com! It is the only place I can buy candy bars with rum. They have a wide assortment of German food. Their customer service is excellent and they reply quickly to emails.

Marjorie B. in London Mills, Illinois - Order # 167323 


GermanDeli.com is the best all around store to find all of your German needs. I have been trying to find a store like this forever. They have great prices for great products. I would highly recommend you to take some time out of your day to do some shopping on GermanDeli.com.

Chad C. in Deltona, Florida - Order # 167193 


I have been a customer of GermanDeli.com for quite some time, and I have never had a bad experience with this merchant. In fact, the customer service is so superior to other online merchants that other merchants should just once buy something from GermanDeli. Maybe they'll learn what good service means.

The quality of the products and the GermanDeli team are unsurpassed!

Horst F. in Durango, Colorado - Order # 166999 


I received my order today and I must say I was amazed at how much care was put into the packaging! You all did a wonderful job and I will be ordering from you again in the future.

M. in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Order # 168028 


Just wanted to let you know my first order from GermanDeli arrived this afternoon. I can't believe how well it was packed, you have done a superb job! I haven't even tried the contents yet, but wanted to compliment you on the professionalism in order processing and delivery. I will now try my first marzipan cappuccino!

Will W. in Duluth, Georgia - Order # 168077 


Kudos to y'all! You guys are amazing. You've taken on-line ordering to new heights. The communication with your customers, at least with me is superb, and I don't think for one second that you wouldn't treat all your customers the same.  Other .com enterprises could learn from you.  You should 'package it and sell it' whatever it is that makes you go the extra mile. If the food is half as good as your service, you've got an unbeatable combination. I can't wait to receive my first order...and many more. Vielen Dank und weiterhin gutes Geschäft. 

Richard H. in Kansas City, Missouri - Order # 168060 


I just wanted to let you guys know how pleased and excited we have been with your service. The package was well packed, THANK YOU team #1, (also team #3 on the 1st package )! It is truly a pleasure and comfort to know there are still people out there who take pride in what they do. It shows!


It is so great to know you guys are there to take me back home, or even just to give my family and friends a taste of my home country.  THANK YOU again and again. DANKE SCHÖN!


Karin M. in Felton, Delaware - Order # 167789 


I love your company, it's like a short visit back home. I recommend GermanDeli.com to all my German friends and friends who love German food. Many have bought from you and love it, too. Thanks for the extra little touches. It means a lot.

Ulli K. in Trafford, Pennsylvania - Order # 168167 


Absolutely, the best on-line store I have ever experienced.

Nikole G. in Plano, Texas - Order # 166550 


Very courteous at all times, one always knows the progress of their order. As always, super job!

Monique K. in Kermit, Texas - Order # 165966 


Everything is delicious and received in excellent condition. Tausend Dank.

Evelyn H. in Stamford, Connecticut - Order # 166501 


Thank you. I appreciate the fine service. This order is an anniversary gift for some very special people. We love your selection of German goods. We so love Germany! Danke.

Patricia F. in Polson, Montana - Order # 167168 


Thank you. Your customer service is superb, which is very rare these days. Danke!

Rick M. in Lewiston, Maine Order # 166624 


GermanDeli is the BEST! I am from Pennsylvania, but I wish they were closer, so I could shop in the store. All the customer service people are fantastic. They inform you of every step of the way until you get the order. They should give lessons to other merchants! To all at GermanDeli a heartfelt thank you! Danke Schön!

Claudette M. in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Order # 165745 


As a frequent online consumer, I am not accustomed to such spectacular service! GermanDeli keeps you in the know up until the point your package arrives on the doorstep. And if it's your first time ordering with them, look forward to a surprise in the package along with fresh and wonderful whatever you ordered. I order Bavarian coffee from GermanDeli.com.

Thomas G. in Springfield, Illinois - Order # 165688 


GermanDeli must be the most efficient business I have ever had the privilege of dealing with - that is certainly A 1 customer service.  Thank you so very much, I am looking forward to my package. 
Auch Ihnen Alles Gute und ich danke GermanDeli fuer AUSGEZEICHNETEN Kundendienst und HERVORRAGENDE Angestellte (Personnel)!

Elfi S. in Middleville, Michigan - Order # 166105


The package arrived YESTERDAY ALREADY! Thank you so much! Great stuff, terrific packaging! Just HAVE to order more soon!


Looking forward to my brother (+wife) coming back from a trip with my motorcycles and offering him German Bread, Mettwurst, Schmalz and Pflaumenmus! They'll LOVE it after 3 weeks on the road eating American food! A big "Thank You" to the team!

Sandy K. in Missoula, Montana - Order # 165614 


I had to email you and tell you how wonderful your customer service is. You answered all my questions and were very knowledgeable about your companie's products and shipping. I am very excited to receive my order and have been tracking it online. Again thank you for outstanding service!

Kathleen S. in Hayes, Virginia - Order # 165950 


For those with a discerning taste for the delectable flavors of old Germany, GermanDeli.com is the place to go.  I am no longer able to travel, and it is delightful to have GermanDeli.com keep me stocked up on the tastes and foods that I’ve learned to crave during my lifetime. It is like having my own private little bit of Germany right here in my Texas kitchen.  Thank you GermanDeli.com for all of your fine products, but even more for your years of fantastic service. You really are the best company of any kind I have ever done business with both on the Internet and in person.

Bill S. in Granbury, Texas - Order # 160328 


Ich wollte mich nur bedanken fuer den freundlichen Service der GermanDeli provided.  I am embarrassed now because I haven't spoken much German in the last 7 years. When I get a chance I try, but speaking is sometimes easier than writing.


Your website is awesome and I am so happy I found it and your customer service team seems really nice and very efficient. It feels like a little bit of home.


So Vielen Dank fuer ihre Hilfe und ich freue mich schon sehr auf mein Packet von GermanDeli!

Cornelia M. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Order # 161294 


Your goodies arrived this morning! We are so happy with your packing and getting this to us so fast! Thank you so much....

Dieter und Patti K. in Bandon, Oregon - Order # 160957 


It was very nice to find the items that I used to buy when stationed in Germany. I would definitely order from them again. Very good service. They also pack their things very well.

Susan Z. in Lansford, North Dakota - Order # 159913 


Everything arrived here Friday afternoon in good shape.   Let me tell you, had I known how good  the Schluender Jamaica Liquor Cake is, I would have ordered more than one!  Will keep this in mind and also the others when I place my next order. Still wish you would open a Store here in Orlando. Take care!

Roswitha S. in Orlando, Florida - Order # 160555 


Thank you to all who make this happen. Got my order Wednesday evening. All was ok. The freezer packs were just starting to melt down but all the food things were still well chilled. The packaging was super well done! Thank you for the extra effort!

I have given your internet address to my Wuerzburg High School Alumni Group and hopefully you will be getting more business soon! Vielen Dank!


Ralph W. in Crestview, Florida - Order # 160238


I have to say that GermanDeli.com has no equal when it comes to their products and service. They are absolutely wonderful and beyond comparison with any other German store out there. I am so glad I found this vendor many months ago and have ordered from them many times since for myself as well as for gifts for others. I can not put into words how wonderful my shopping experiences have been with them. They are extremely helpful, kind and prompt and provide constant updates on your order status. I recommend GermanDeli.com to anyone who wants high quality products and appreciates great customer service of the type one doesn't see often enough these days. Service that includes: knowing their products, kindness, courtesy, punctuality and good pricing. As you see I can not say enough great things about this vendor and do hope they continue to grow and serve the local and web community for many years to come. Thank you GermanDeli.com for all of your hard work and devoted consideration and care to your customers!!!

Steven B. in El Cajon, California - Order # 159267 


This is the best place in the world to get German products, the selection is great and the people are great. No better place on the Internet!

Richard S. in Niles, Illinois - Order #

My mom received her package yesterday and she was so delighted!  Everything ordered was received and the shipping and packaging was excellent.  I will definitely order again!

Petra L. in Louisville, Kentucky - Order # 160456 


GermanDeli is one of my favorite stores. Even though it costs a little more to ship to me, it's totally worth it. They make it possible for me to cook some of my "Home-Country" favorites. And, I can't get all the variety they have here were I live!

Customer Service is awesome, the BEST! My most fervent "DANKE SCHÖN" to all my good friends at German \Deli!

Claudette M. in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Order # 159493 

7/17/08   Just received our order of German treats. Everything was packed perfectly and we are very impressed with the way everything was packed and the meats were very chilled.


My wife is from Bavaria, Germany and really loves Stiglmeier Weisswurst and S&W Gelbwurst. The Handlmaier's Sweet Mustard is from Regensburg, Germany - the city where my wife was born.


Everything arrived perfectly and my wife is very happy with all her wurst and other goodies. Thank you very much for everything!

George and Irmengard S. in Palm Coast, Florida - Order # 159986 


Wundebar!  My package came today and everything is fine, there were no problems.  I just wanted to let you know, I can't wait to eat. Vielen Dank! I'll keep GermanDeli.com on my Favorites listing.

Cornelia L. in Garner, North Carolina - Order # 159690 


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the order that was delivered. It was so nice I didn’t want to throw out the German flag cover. You folks are amazing!

You can bet I’ll be back again when I want some high quality products from Germany. You made my day! Thanks again!

Carl R. in Littleton, Colorado - Order # 159929 


Ich schreibe ihnen um Ihnen zu sagen dass ich meine Sachen bekommen habe und sehr zufrieden bin mit dem Kundendienst. Ich habe mich so ueber den Service gefreut das ich Sie sofort meinen Arbeitskollegen in der DFW Metroplex ihre Webseite weitergeleitet habe.


Nochmals vielen Dank fuer den Super Customer Service and ich werde auf alle Fälle wieder von Ihnen bestellen und auf alle Fälle werde ich Sie an meine Freunde und Bekannten weiterempfehlen.


Viele Grueße

Sabine F. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 159866 


Thank you Amy!  The order arrived about two hours ago, and everything is just lovely, and everything is there.  I know Dallas isn't all that far from Conroe, but that was really fast! 

I just cooked some of the brats, and as usual they are brilliant!

Jennifer S. in Conroe, Texas - Order # 159670 


DANKE! You have the best customer service, the nicest emails, the fastest shipping. Thank you for a perfect transaction.

You are what keeps my wonderful childhood memories alive after living in Muenchen, Gießen and Zweibruecken for 10 years...


Danke...this old lady always does the happy dance when I get a box of goodies from GermanDeli.com.

Lynne M. in Glendale, Arizona - Order #


I'm looking forward to receiving my shipment of Maggi products.  Having been raised in a German household and still having the majority of my relatives in Germany, I have become familiar with many of the German products.  My souvenirs from Germany usually included all the goodies from German grocery stores. 

I have tried in vain many times to find these same products here in the states either thru the local German delicatessen or via the internet.  But their selections were minimal.  But thanks to GermanDeli.com I can now re-stock my cabinet with these items.  Thanks again!

Trudi E. in Wheaton, Illinois - Order # 159603 


A big THANK YOU to the entire Team...

I just received my shipment. As usual, it was packed with care and taste! It just needs to be said that shopping with GermanDeli.com is a 200% positive shopping experience. Your team always communicates quick, fast and to the point.

I have been proud to recommend your company to other German friends of mine and they also feel the same way. Bravo!! Keep it up and I will be an ever-returning costumer of yours!

Herzlichen Dank und viele, liebe Grueße aus Indianapolis!

Karl M. in Indianapolis, Indiana - Order # 159114 


I've been shopping with GermanDeli.com for quite a few years now, they keep getting better all the time! The attention to the customer is amazing - they should all get the "Oscar" for customer service! Thank you GermanDeli, for bringing a little bit of my home country to me!

Claudette M. in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Order # 158410 


WOW!!! Just a quick ... wow!! This was really, really fast! Thank you guys. I can not believe how fast you handled this order. Thank you for this VERY fast status update and tracking number.... Blime me, that was the fastest ever!!!

Ich wuensche euch einen schönen Tag. Vielen dank und bis zum nächsten Mal!

Tan N. in Lakewood, California - Order # 159527 


Exceptional service!  I am a difficult person to please, but GermanDeli.com does it again and again. It's the best place to look for anything German, with lots and lots of specialty food that not only German-born people will appreciate.  I'm off to do some more shopping with GermanDeli....

Rebecca S. in Yonkers, New York - Order # 158405 


I bought a package of the Eduscho coffee on Friday when I was shopping for groceries.  I not only was impressed with the price, but with the taste. 


Currently, I am sitting here enjoying a cup of this delicious coffee, and I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. Have a nice day!


Vielen Dank


Rhonda H.


I placed my first order yesterday and lo and behold, the UPS truck delivered everything today! My husband and I couldn't get over the fast delivery.  One box of cookies is already gone! 

Danke schön, I will definitely be a steady customer!

Hannelore S. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -
Order # 158518 


The selection is better than a German store and the people are great. Only place in America to shop!

Richard S. in Niles, Illinois - Order # 157394 


THANKS, we received our order this evening at 7:55pm. You all must have told them not to delay. Everything was in good order. I wish I could order a truck load of those wieners! I guess that is what we miss the most.

Thanks again for the speedy order! My wife is from Augsburg in Deutschland. Have a good day and thanks again!

Richard und Brigitte Lett in Abilene, Texas - Order # 158304 


Dear GermanDeli,


Thank you for the notification and adjustment of shipping charges. I was very pleased with my order, and totally amazed at the shipping time! This was really a first for me. I ordered at 3 PM Friday and received the box at 1 PM Saturday here in Oklahoma! And I had regular shipping, not expedited.


Thanks for the great service, it is always a pleasure doing business with you! The little extras like the gummi bears and the pretty wrapping with ribbon make it all extra special.


I loved the 2 Alpengluehen mugs I ordered, they take me back to my youth in Bavaria. Thank you!

Evelyne W. in Lawton, Oklahoma - Order # 158097 


I can’t thank you enough for my WONDERFUL German broom and your excellent service.  I have never dealt with a company that kept me more informed about my order, every step of the way.  It was a pleasure dealing with you. 

My products are fantastic.  My husband is a widower and his first wife was from Germany.  I inherited her old broom, the exact one I purchased from you,  when we married and have had it for the last 25 years and loved it. Although it was quite old, I would NEVER part with it and continued using it in its “battered” condition.  I became very upset when workers who are remodeling my kitchen ruined it on me.  To find the exact broom was amazing.  I never had the proper handle for it either and was happy to buy one from you.

And, thank you for the Gummy Bears!  They are part of my grandchildren’s German heritage and they love them.  I have given your website address to my children who will find many products that remind them of their mother.

Thank you again for your excellent customer service.  DANKE!


Mary Ann J. in Ormond Beach, Florida  - Order # 157713 


This site is absolutely marvelous. They really offer everything a (German) heart might wish for. The packages are skillfully packed, and there is always a little goody in there. I love GermanDeli.com, and shop with them for all kinds of things: groceries, cough drops, T-shirts- you name it. Check them out!

Sylvie O. in San Diego, California  - Order # 156776 


Wonderful to do business with the GermanDeli, always prompt shipments and the delivery. Continual adviseries on the status of the order. Great Service and Super products!

John L. in Tucson, Arizona  - Order # 156814 


Wow!!  Such great service!!


First I received regular updates on the status of my order.... I received my order much quicker than anticipated... The order was packed very professionally, including ice packs to keep your excellent products pleasantly fresh, as if I have picked them up at the manufacturer myself....


Would not hesitate to order products from GermanDeli.com in the future....


Thank you for your fast, courteous service!!


Phil L. in Prospect, Connecticut - Order # 156111 


These folks are a real WOW! Great selection, fast delivery. They are what's great about shopping on the internet.

Their policy of only charging actual cost for shipping is just a little thing, but it makes such a big impact. Most vendors would take the little bit of extra money and run.

Will always be a customer!

John S. in Webster, New York - Order # 156541 


Hi everyone. I just have to say, GREAT SERVICE! Anyways, I just ordered a few things late Monday afternoon and already have them in my hands. I also love those little treats in each package (Haribo gummy bears). I visited the store once last year on vacation and I was lucky it was the beginning of our vacation. That way I was only able to buy a few items to take and eat on the plane ride. Otherwise I probably would've bought out the store.....

Anyways, I always enjoy shopping online and always enjoy what I get. Even our kids do. One is German the other is American. And my step-daughter has never been in Germany and until 1999 had never tasted German food. She loves it. Keep up the great work!!

Tanja W. in McAlester, Oklahoma - Order # 157041 


Let me say how very pleased we were with our first order from GermanDeli.com. Everything was so carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Much appreciated!

Again, many thanks,

Patricia S. in St. Michaels, Maryland - Order # 154405 


Thanks! You really have the very best customer service of any online company I've ever bought from! That's why I love y'all!

Benetta W. in San Diego, California - Order # 156638 


I wanted to say thank you to all of you for your website and your superb service. I have been ordering from GermanDeli.com for many years. You made it possible for my husband and myself to enjoy ourselves on this side of the pond.

I have been fortunate enough to be offered a job in Wiesbaden, Germany and will be moving there next month. I just wanted to thank you all for taking care of us, offering so many wonderful items, packing and shipping them so carefully and quickly and always adding the extra packet of Gummis. You have been a lifesaver.

With great affection,

Marylou B. in Chesapeake, Virginia - Order # 149674, 147132, 146278, 131213, 127303, 117526 and so on... 


Shopping at GermanDeli.com is just like Christmas shopping!!! So when the box arrives it feels like Christmas morning all over again. Even my husband and daughter have a difficult time waiting until I get home from work to see whats inside.

Barbara H. in Hoboken, New Jersey - Order # 155528 


I have been a GermanDeli.com customer for a few years and always have had an excellent shopping experience with them. Customer service via email is extremely prompt and courteous! They are really an exemplary organization!

Dorothy S. in Milford, Connecticut - Order # 155500 


I just received my second order from your site and wanted to say thank you. Your company has such great service and great products. The personalized packing with free gifts is by far my favorite part. The packets of mini gummy bears made my day both times I received your products.

Thank you!

Hallie M. in Denver, Colorado - Order # 156586


I'm so impressed by your efficiency, and I especially love the reduction of shipping costs. It makes the purchase all the more appealing to me. 

Thanking you in advance,

Anne D. in Salt Lake City, Utah - Order # 156514 


Thank you so much.  My daughter lived in Germany for 6 1/2 years.  She used this product while she was there and we haven't been able to find it anywhere.

She will be thrilled to say the least!!

Marilyn H. in Columbus, Ohio - Order # 156546 


Thank you for all the updates.  That and the fantastic way everything is shipped are just a couple of the reasons I like shopping with you guys.  Now, is I could just get ya’ll to open a store here in Huntsville.... Yeah, I know – in my wildest dreams :)

Anke I. in Huntsville, Alabama - Order # 156390 


GermanDeli.com is wonderful! I would be at a loss without them. I wish I could shop there for all of my food needs!

John L. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 155196 


I love GermanDeli.com. They are so organized, detail-oriented, customer-focused and quick, it's just a joy to do business with them. Of course, it also helps that they have everything you could ever want, and it's one-stop shop for German foods.

The actual brick-and-mortar GermanDeli near my home closed down a year ago, and though there are stores in Chicago that carry some of what I used to find there, GermanDeli.com has everything, and more. Plus, it's not an impersonal internet shopping experience - I feel certain that it's real people really caring about my order.

I am a customer for life, so I hope GermanDeli.com is in it for the long haul!


Sara D. in Chicago, Illinois - Order # 155035 


I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping me with the order for my mom in Kentucky! Everything came on time and was perfect! I am really happy that a friend of mine told me about your website and I definitely will be ordering again from you all! Once again thank you very much for your kindness and your help with the order! I really do appreciate it!


Terry B. in Paris, France - Order # 154251 


I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my order was processed and shipped. The order was received Friday afternoon and in excellent shape. I so seldom receive such good service. Thank you, and I will be contacting you again in the future.


Roland G. in Warda, Texas -
Order # 155950 


Thanks as always for the quick response and excellent service. We recommend you guys to everyone. It's always a pleasure doing business with GermanDeli.com!

James and Mary C. in Sewell, New Jersey -  Order # 156168 


Thank you! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the GermanDeli's promptness, courtesy and professionalism. I buy lots of things over the Web, but you folks are among the very best!


Herzlichen Dank aus North Carolina!


Arthur H. in Hendersonville, North Carolina - Order # 155811 


I love going shopping at GermanDeli.com. Everything from customer service to pricing and mailing is excellent!

Edeltraud P. in Niagara Falls, New York - Order # 154489 


I really enjoyed shopping at GermanDeli.com. I NEVER shop over the internet, it was my first time.

I was surprised at how smoothly everything went. I was even able to call and add something to my order. I will continue shopping there once a month and I intend to do ALL my Christmas candy shopping there too.

Britta F. in Las Cruces, New Mexico - Order # 154189

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