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Hi there! Just to let you know the box arrived today. Thanks for the usual super service. I really thought it would take a lot longer because of the holidays, so thanks. Tonight for Abendessen we were able to dig in to all the great things ordered! Wishing you all the very best in the New Year! You’re a great bunch and we’re lucky to have you. I’m originally from Western Canada (province of Saskatchewan) and have lots of Deutsch people in the family. We visited Germany three times, enjoyed it thoroughly and adopted many products and recipes.

Wilfrid G. in Victoriaville, Quebec - Order # 367476


My delivery came, as usual, fast and in perfect order. I want to thank you and everybody who is always involved in my order for your outstanding service. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and successful 2013!

Helga W. in Floyds Knobs, Indiana - Order # 367293

My parents love the cakes and cookies. They enjoyed everything and say they will order from your company too. This was a wonderful surprise to give to my parents this Christmas.

Corinna W. in Saint Albans, West Virginia - Order # 366831

My Oma shared wonderful memories of the goodies she used to eat in Germany. She was delighted and pleasantly pleased with the Christmas package she received. Thank you so much for having prices anyone can afford.

Corinna W. in Saint Albans, West Virginia - Order # 366817

I received just now my order and words can not express how happy I am. Of course I have not tried anything yet, but the packaging and handling has been excellent, also time to get it. I am a first time customer and am very satisfied with service and will definitely be coming back for more. n

Thank you, Happy New Year,

Gudrun Di F. in Supply, North Carolina - Order # 367384

The web site is easily navigated. I was able to find the exact products I was looking for. My shipment was processed quickly and arrived in excellent condition. The product was well packed with ample amounts of bubble wrap. I would not hesitate to recommend the GermanDeli.com to anyone looking for Dutch or German products. I will be reordering soon!

Debra A. in Rochester, Washington - Order # 365629

Awesome, Amy. Well managed!

Just to let you know: you guys manage so well to send my packages to the right address and deal with that problem. Amazon never gets it! It just goes to show you how well you guys work there.

Great quality of food that you send, great management. Happy New Year!

Rosemarie P. in Fairbanks, Alaska - Order # 368858

I just wanted to compliment your team on prompt and amazingly thorough communication about my order!!! Thank you so very much!!! You will have my business for life!!!

Melissa R. in Superior, Colorado - Order # 368582

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I am very pleased with how you packed these fragile goods with great care. I will definitely order again.

Frohes neues Jahr.

Laura K. and family in Brookings, South Dakota - Order # 367601

Thanks so much for the updates. This company is such a pleasure to work with!

Alexandra B. in Lytle, Texas - Order # 368355

Have received my package. Just want to say: very nicely packaged, very professional (little gifts were cute!), on time and in excellent condition. Many businesses in this country could learn from you about how to deliver food orders. We'll do business, again...

Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute zum Neues Jahr!

Jayco S. in Indianapolis, Indiana - Order # 366888

Hello und Guten Morgen,

we received our order, a lady named Amy packed it. We are always amazed how you pack and ship the goodies, it is the greatest! Thank you Amy, also for the little Gummibärchen packets and the ribbon in German colors. Love the style you do things.

Now off I go to sample some of the goodies we ordered.

Merry Christmas, dear dear Amy and thank you again, you made our day!

Helen G. in Corpus Christi, Texas - Order # 366016

I recently ordered from your site. I'm very impressed with the level of service you give. My mom is from Germany and will enjoy the items I sent. Just wanted to let EVERYONE know what a great job you did. Thank you.

George H. in Monroe, Michigan - Order # 366792

Dear GermanDeli,

Thank you for your great service. The package arrived a few days ago! Now we can have our traditional German Christmas Eve Dinner! Loved coming to the store when we lived in Bedford will do so again this summer.

All the Best and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Michael T. in Wichita, Kansas - Order # 363825

Thank you for the great customer service. My mom is from Germany and can't wait until she gets her gift. She will love it!

Sabrina B. in Lamar, Arkansas - Order # 366317

Exceptional Service and Pricing at the GermanDeli. Pleasure to do business with this Enterprise.

Salvatore R. in Eugene, Oregon - Order # 359456

The neatest, most secure and complete packaging and quality control imaginable. Frequently updated the shipment status and everything was excellent.

Karl A. in Burke, Virginia - Order # 359263

We want to express our delight in how our order was handled. We placed an order for the first time and received our products in perfect condition. Your website was easy to navigate and we were able to order items for our traditional German Christmas Eve dinner. We will be ordering from you again.

Thank you,

Mike and Anita D. in Wichita, Kansas - Order # 361480

Hello everyone,

I would like to take a short moment to thank your company and owners.

The excitement in my family's voices as they let me know they received their package, was enjoyable to hear. They were so happy to have products from Germany. We live around Chicago and the German restaurants and delis are sadly becoming scarce. If one wants products--- its like a scavenger hunt trying to find them. I certainly can say that is not a problem any more.

You are top notch in products, servicing and delivery.

Such a wonderful shopping experience. I will be spreading the word about your fine company as much as possible.

Best Regards,

L. Niskanen in Libertyville, Illinois - Order # 359835

I just received my order and wanted to thank you for the quick processing, and care taken in preparing the order. I will definitely be recommending your company to friends and family, and am looking forward to coming to your store after Christmas!

Barbara M. in Carrollton, Texas - Order # 359497

Awesome, thank you! Really looking forward to the chocolate calendars for my grandkids. And of course the other goodies we love!! Christmas without Stollen, is not Christmas. I was born and lived 15 years in parts of Germany and Austria, we love our traditions.

NeySa Y. in Lincoln, California - Order # 359613

Thank you so much, Amy. As always, my family appreciates the wonderful German goodies you carry for the holidays. It lets me bring a piece of our heritage to everyone.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Ho B. in Bothell, Washington - Order # 359657

Package arrived in perfect condition. Best customer service from start to finish. Thank You!!!

Sieglinde D. in Wilmington, North Carolina - Order # 355926

Dear GermanDeli,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for my recent order. The items purchased will be goodies in my daughter's stockings for Christmas.

My mother is German, my father an Army soldier. We spent 3 tours in Germany when I was a child. My husband was also an Army soldier and we were able to take our daughters over to Germany to live also. So, while I can not give my girls the gift of Germany for Christmas, I can fill their stockings with German goodies!!

Happy Holidays and so happy I found you on the web!!

P.s. loved the German ribbon and gummies!!!

Sonja F. in Aberdeen, Maryland - Order # 356772

I just wanted to say how impressed we were with the service for our first order.

The order was prepared and shipped in record time. Then, we were delighted to see how well everything was packed. Obviously, your packing cues come from Europe and not America! Thanks for taking such care in sending the package.

Nicole did an excellent job putting it all together. We appreciate how the bottles and chips were protected. And we never expected the cold packs to be included in our order.

It was an unusually warm day when the box arrived, so that really helped. My wife loved the bonus gummy bears and I loved the Air Berlin chocolate.

We loved it all and we know that is the quickest shipping and the best packing we'll receive on any online purchase this year. We hope to order again before Christmas. Thanks for such a great site. I'm glad we found it.

Jim G. in Charlotte, North Carolina - Order # 361007 & 356724

Thanks David for the update. You folks are outstanding, I almost know from one minute to the next what the next step of any order will be. I wish other companies had this kind of customer service as you have. I guess I will call it “German Engineering”.

Gunther C. in Orlando, Florida - Order # 356345

I am always pleased with GermanDeli.com's online ordering process. I also like the fact that they adjust the shipping cost if shipping is actually less in price than the original online order quoted for shipping. Extremely honest business that does an excellent job keeping the customer informed on order progress. Keep up the good job! I'm always thrilled when I do business with them!!!!!!!

Stephanie P. in Fort Worth, Texas - Order # 354692

Dear Amy:

My package arrived in excellent condition. I immediately opened it and made sauerbraten and potato dumplings for dinner. Both are very good. The chocolate kitty tongues are excellent also.

Thank you for great customer service and product.

Leslie K. in Roeland Park, Kansas - Order # 355414

I just want to say THANK YOU for a wonderful ordering experience…updated emails….and a wonderful product. My mother will be so excited on Christmas to have a taste of home. You are fantastic and will be highly recommended!!! Thanks again!

Joanna M. in Macon, Georgia - Order # 356171

Having bought from GermanDeli several times now, I've always been impressed with their contacts immediately, following packaging, and then shipping- all this keeps you aware of where your order is and when it will arrive. Their items are priced very reasonably for the item itself and packaging. The items are high quality and tasty, no damage due to shipping. Any questions are answered within a reasonable time frame.

Ray T. in Sumter, South Carolina - Order # 354458

Very thorough communication about order status, and as usual, the package arrived expertly packaged for safe delivery of my goods.

Michael H. in Gray, Maine - Order # 354153

On the ball and great service all around. Good to see a business that cares and goes that extra distance from customer service to the little bag of gummy bears that comes with your order. Keep up the great work. Prost.

Matthew S. in Casper, Wyoming - Order # 353848

A taste of my childhood! Christmas in particular brings back memories of Schnitzel, Lebkuchen and Advent Calendars.

The volume and variety of product options is amazing, and the pricing can't be beat.

GermanDeli has enabled me to share my memories with my husband and stepdaughter, and they are big fans! Thank you!

Deanna M. in Andover, Massachusetts - Order # 353492

This is the best site for all my favorite German delicacies. From original German bratwurst and Fleischkäse to Thomys German mustard. The Brötchen is the tastiest; I can imagine myself sitting at a Bäckerei with a cup of coffee and a Brötchen sandwich. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site!

Rick M. in Las Vegas, Nevada - Order # 353038

Talk about German efficiency. Our German cello teacher recommended you. Now I know why. Thank you.

Ted H. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Order # 356208

Thank you for filling my order with such efficiency and care. All arrived in perfect condition. I am very impressed.

Ursula B. in Plano, Texas - Order # 355014

Last weekend I ordered Brinker Mehrkornbrötchen, various chocolates (for gifts), and a Goulasch mix, and I was absolutely amazed with the customer service of your company! The e-mail communications were superior, so I knew exactly what was going on with my order. I have NEVER had another company treat me so well! The packaging was top notch with every item neatly organized and packed with care!!! My husband, of German heritage, was very impressed with the efficiency of your service and the quality of the products.

This morning we had the Brinker Mehrkornbrötchen for breakfast, and they were excellent – even fresher than the rolls we had on vacation in Germany and Austria this past summer. I am definitely going to order more products in the future. The only problem I have is deciding what I will order.

Thank you!!!

Allen & Kathy B. in Golconda, Illinois - Order # 353671

This company has the best customer service!! If a company has above average customer service, I am willing to pay double the price! With GermanDeli.com, I don't have to pay double to get above average customer service!!! I have the best shopping experience when shopping GermanDeli.com. Definitely recommend to everyone!!!

Derrick G. in Princeton, West Virginia - Order # 351831

They could not be any better.

Uta M. in Angola, Indiana - Order # 351880

What fabulous service and packaging! The brandy beans arrived today (delicious) and were packed in a reusable cooler. It's very nice and probably the best internet service I've ever had! Thank you.

Fran B. in San Clemente, California - Order # 353757

I just want to thank you for your great selection of German goodies, but most of all, for your great service! I have been sending my mom packages from your business for years, and she always lets me know how well everything is packed, plus of course, she LOVES the delicious food/coffee inside. She is a German war bride, and I found the perfect gifts for her from your company.

Thanks so very much,

Jeannie L. in Opelika, Alabama - Order # 354354

Danke, for the update as well as the savings. It is the little things that make it a successful business. Thank you.

William J. in Clinton Township, Michigan - Order # 354910

Thank you Amy for the excellent customer service, as always!

Eva F. in New York, New York - Order # 354328

My package arrived safely, in great condition, and filled with marvelous goodies. Thanks so much for your prompt, accurate service.

Eileen H. in Arlington, Tennessee - Order # 352563

The confirmation of order, speed of delivery, quality of products, and incredible packaging is what I have experienced from GermanDeli over and over again. I order things online all the time. GermanDeli's customer service is exceptional.

Sharon B. in Farmington Hills, Michigan - Order # 351210

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy shopping your site. Shopping with you all but transports me to beautiful Germany! The memories, browsing through your site brings back, is so very sweet. Coming home from a long days work to a box from GermanDeli is like opening a large present with many smaller ones inside. The packaging is impeccable and the little details put into that packaging is a great tribute to the German way. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all you do!!

Michelle S. in Frisco, Texas - Order # 352954, 305908, 200485 & 2 others!

You guys never cease to amaze me! The best customer support!

David W. in Avon, Indiana - Order # 354246

By far the best experience with on-line shopping I ever had. Excellent from start to finish.

This includes ease of ordering, timely updates on the progress of my order, update on the cost of shipping, fast delivery and an excellent job of packing the merchandise.

Elke S. in Johns Creek, Georgia - Order # 351175

Was ein toller Service, warum habe ich nicht schon früher von dieser Webseite bestellt. Thanks you so very much for the updates.

Monika L. in Margate, Florida - Order # 353761

Absolutely the most fantastic service ever, which by the way is nothing but the ‘usual service’ received from GermanDeli.com in the last 15 years.

However who would expect this quality of service to be extended to troops in Afghanistan? In addition a wonderful card of appreciation and the free-bees!

GermanDeli – thank you from all of us at Camp Leatherneck and Tombstone in Helmand Afghanistan!

Ulrike K. in Afghanistan - Order # 350590, 324522, 322112 & 9 others!

Hi Stacie,

I'm again amazed at your customer service! My last order arrived in perfect condition - thanks for all the care !!!

Anka M. in Sparta, New Jersey - Order # 353081

Dear GermanDeli Team,

vielen lieben Dank für Ihren ausgezeichneten Service! As a customer I have never felt that well taken care of!

Thank you so much!

Ellen D. in Washington, D.C. - Order # 352561

I had to send a note saying thank you. I haven't even received my order yet and I am pleasantly amazed at what a great job of communicating to me every step of the process your company has done. The customer service alone will create repeat business from me. In this era of automation and distancing from the consumer, I am happy to see there are still businesses doing it "the old fashioned way". I'm only in my thirties, but I was raised to appreciate and respect this way of doing business.

I'm sure I will love the product as much as I love your customer service. Once again, thank you.

Kelly K. in Vancouver, Washington - Order # 352392

Thanks for all the updates along the way, from receipt of my orders to when they are shipped. I am amused by them, but also well informed.

Your company has the best packaging I have ever encountered in my years of Internet shopping, and GermanDeli.com and Zappos are the two best Internet stores - in that order.

Gisela W. in Boca Raton, Florida - Order # 352094

I just got my package today, it was packed excellently, and still cold! I was very impressed, and I look forward to ordering again in the future. Thanks again.

James M. in Wellington, Ohio - Order # 351309

Well, I am simply overwhelmed with the efficiency at the GermanDeli. From all the contacts and updates I have received, to the very easy way of ordering from your excellent web site, there is no way one could improve your system. Three cheers!

I look forward to receiving the package.

My thanks to all who helped me along the way.


Karin W. in Mcveytown, Pennsylvania - Order # 351308

Hi, my products arrived on Friday. Very fast shipping. Thanks for your great service. You guys do a great job.

Frank L. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 351407

Thanks so much. You guys have the best products, and we always love the stuff we buy from you.

David S. in Palmer, Nebraska - Order # 352176

Thank you again for your above and beyond customer service. I am very much looking forward to seeing my package arrive!

Tesra W. in San Diego, California - Order # 351613

Thank you so much for the wonderful packaging...we received the box today. We will definitely order again very soon.

Very impressed with the time and effort this took for all of you.


Will & Victoria G. in McDonough, Georgia - Order # 351471

It is always a pleasure to order from GermanDeli.com. Their products are excellent, and the customer service is outstanding. I am kept up with my order at all times without being annoyed. There is a personal touch to the whole process that I appreciate very much.

Elke A. in Anderson, South Carolina - Order # 349556

Dear GermanDeli Team,

Thank you very much for your service. I am really impressed.

Olga B. in Rochester, Minnesota - Order # 350752 & 187113

Package arrived today. Thank you! The product was packaged so beautifully and with great care. Your customer care is much appreciated.

I have shared your web site with another German born lover of great foods and chocolate. Locating you on the internet I consider a blessing. Thank you.

Georgian S. in Waukesha, Wisconsin - Order # 350892

Thank you for your all emails. I am looking forward to my package :) Your customer care is wonderful.

Kazumi S. in Los Gatos, California - Order # 351096

Just a short note to let you know I really appreciate not only that you proactively sought to spare me shipping charges, but also the wonderful job GermanDeli.com packaged the product. The Styrofoam packaging would have kept the contents from freezing or melting for the duration of the ride on the delivery truck. I wanted to make sure the marzipan arrived in good shape and it did! (I wish the internet shop where I get my European (English) Kit Kat bars from would do the same.)

Peter A. in Lake Forest, Illinois - Order # 350506

Dear Amy,

My package has arrived. I must say, you do take pride in your shipping, it was packaged all so beautifully! I’m so appreciative of the extra treats too!

Thank you so much for your kind and prompt service! Danke!!!

Rosa G. in Wilmar, Minnesota - Order # 349950

I have used this merchant for many years now and have never encountert any problems. I can highly recommend them.

Klare S. in Las Vegas, New Mexico - Order # 348546, 348546, 346906 & 38 others!

I want to say thank you to your team, I called about a product I was looking for that was 6-years old and was given the product number of a dressing mix to try. I ordered this same product and it was the correct one. The continual email updates on the delivery status was amazing, I will refer your company to others.

Diana H. in Ocala, Florida - Order # 350253

I ordered on Friday AM. The order arrived Saturday about noon. You just can't do better than that. Thanks.

James T. in Benton, Arkansas - Order # 350403

Clearly GermanDeli staff take pride in pleasing customers. I am VERY impressed with your service. It was prompt, courteous and efficient. My order came quickly and my final total was reduced to accurately reflect actual shipping costs. Then the order came and included bonus goodies! WOW. You folks are awesome. Thank you.

Linda P. in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada - Order # 348508

We just want to Thank You for your excellent service.

Everything was packed to perfection by Lori and it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again!

Chris B. and Family in Klamath Falls, Oregon - Order # 349651

Dear Friends,

just a note to thank you. My daughter was delighted with her refills (12 boxes of Weinbrandohnen) and my husband and I will enjoy all our goodies for quite some time. Thank you for your prompt shipment. My husband loves the little chocolate heart you included and our grandson will enjoy the gummy bears.

Again thank you for your great service. You are spoiling us with your perfect service and now we complain when we do not get that kind of service at other Internet sources.

Have a good weekend,

Ursula H. in Lawrence, Kansas - Order # 349285

Thank you very much for the amazing care you give my orders. I appreciate your wonderful customer service!

Annette M. in Louisburg, North Carolina - Order # 347835

Thank you so very much for all the updates. It's a pleasure, ordering from you.

Vielen Dank für den super-Service sowie alle emails.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen nach Texas

Anka M. in Sparta, New Jersey - Order # 350243

Ich wollte mich nur herzlich bei Euch allen bedanken.

Habe heute mein Paket erhalten und wie immer, so schön verpackt und gut angekommen. Ist eine Freude immer von Euch zu bestellen. Danke schön.

Sabine P. in Wilmer, Alabama - Order # 349523, 334762, 324889 & 2 others!

I received my package yesterday and it was so carefully and nicely packed that although I ordered it myself felt that I got a gift.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day,

Sabine H. in Newark, New Jersey - Order # 348885


Thank you so very much for keeping me informed about my order of Advent calendars. I can certainly wait until it is cooler for them to be shipped safely- my Sunday School children would be disappointed in melted chocolate!

Thank you for being so conscious of your customers needs. This personal attention is why we continue to shop at GermanDeli. You are part of a superb company!!!

With thanks,

Linda H. in Niceville, Florida - Order # 349983

Thank you so much! I have heard and read GermanDeli has great customer service, obviously that is true!

Again, thank you so much!

Debra C. in Holts Summit, Missouri - Order # 349436

Dear Amy and the GermanDeli Team,

We received the shipment with all the goodies yesterday (Dallmayr coffee for my husband), including the surprising HARIBO yummy gummy bears, which we love!

We wanted to thank you and the GermanDeli Team for all the e-mails about billing and tracking the shipment, your efficient, expeditious, and super customer-friendly service!

We look forward to ordering from you in the future!


Zeljka & Niall B. in Alexandria, Virginia - Order # 348490

Thank you ! The 3 boxes arrived this morning. Everything is perfect. Special thanks to Celeste for the great job packing!

Bob W. in Evans, Georgia - Order # 349050

I would like to thank you for the fast, wonderful, package of the foods I so missed. It arrived today and love the touch of chocolate and Gummi Bears. So wonderfully packaged with care. I will be ordering again. Thank you.

Cathy C. in Attleboro, Massachusetts - Order # 348016

Dear Stacie!

You guys absolutely rock – I love shopping with you.

Helle J. in Carlsbad, California - Order # 349037


I just received my order this morning and all the meats were still frozen thanks to your superior packing. Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with your products and service.

Vincent N. in Brockton, Massachusetts - Order # 348414

Thank you! My order arrived so very quickly and in perfect condition. ALWAYS a pleasure ordering from GermanDeli. Five stars!

Janette M. in St. Robert, Missouri - Order # 348144, 298165, 241925 & 2 others!

Thanks so much! I appreciate your wonderful products not to mention great customer relations!

Cathy M. in Wetumpka, Alabama - Order # 348752

Vielen Dank!

I look forward to my package. You have been extremely thoughtful in your many up-dates. I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Monika R. in Riverside, Rhode Island - Order # 348616

I love buying from you, I have never had a purchase from GermanDeli that was not worth every penny, and your customer service is always fantastic. Packing is the best I have had from any other company.

Thank You,

Robert H. in Bertram, Texas - Order # 348811

Our order arrived this morning. Everything was as ordered and in good condition. Good job. :)

John P. in Troy, New York - Order # 347508

Good Morning!

We wish to let you know our order was received yesterday at noon and it came in perfect condition. We thank you for keeping us informed of the status.

It was a delightful experience to review your website looking at so many familiar products and some very delicious food items. We will definitely remain a loyal customer and we will definitely recommend your business to our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again.

Debbie C. in Houston, Texas - Order # 347181

Received the order in great shape. Thanks for the speedy delivery!

Robert F. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 346747

Wow. You guys have the upmost #1 customer care ever. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day.

Stephanie H. in Lakewood, California - Order # 347532

Just want to say, you guys do a great job in communication! So Thanks!

Janice A. in Falmouth, Maine - Order # 347357, 315405, 268333 & 7 others!

After numerous orders, I am placing yet another. Your team is, by far, the most cordial, and professional of any online service I have ever shopped with. I LOVE the personal touch, the amazing communication, and the super FAST shipping. Everything is always still frozen and comes at the perfect moment. I hope to have many happy years shopping with your Deli!

My sincere thanks,

Beth K. in Alamosa, Colorado - Order # 346186, 343242 & 340030

GermanDeli team,

Thanks very much for my recent order. I am a new customer after learning about your shop from a friend, and I will certainly be coming back! The packaging was great and delivery was speedy. My overall first experience with GermanDeli was nothing short of amazing!

Please convey my appreciation to your team and staff. I look forward to my next order.

Ryan W. in Spring Hill, Florida - Order # 345994

Hi there! Thank you so much for all of your updates! I really appreciate it. :)

Tracy G. in Flower Mound, Texas - Order # 346251

Always so happy to see my German Deli box waiting for me when I order. Thanks for the update on shipping always nice to track my order. And the little pack of Gummi Bears are always a special treat!

Tracy C. in Grand Forks, North Dakota - Order # 344837

Thank you for your continued customer care excellence! Everything arrived in order, as usual.

Ellen C. in Longview, Texas - Order # 345831

I enjoy shopping with GermanDeli, it's always a pleasant experience. I've been a loyal customer for more than 3 years. Other than some of the prices being high on a few items and some of my favorites not being available, I'm happy with what I find on the site, which is usually not an easy find in the US. I understand that the Euro is nearly twice the dollar which explains the prices at GD. Overall, I would recommend this merchant to others.

Josie W. in O'Fallon, Illinois - Order # 344619, 326253, 292920 & 8 others!

Thank you for the update. I have been ordering from GermanDeli for some time and I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service. I love German coffee and I am so glad to have found you, your prices are very competitive and your service is is outstanding. Please pass my appreciation and thanks to your team. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that treats their customers so well.

Again thank your from a very satisfied customer.

Christa W. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 345826, 341219, 341217 & 2 others!

Hello. Many thanks to you and your staff. Everything in the box arived in excellent condition, as it always does.

Thanks again to all the teams for their hard work in making it possible to enjoy all these nice items.

Ilse K. in Harker Heights, Texas - Order # 345490, 344386, 336358 & 17 others!

Thank you for your honesty in shipping. I can’t wait for the finest chocolate in the World to arrive!!!!!

Linda D. in Biscayne, Florida - Order # 345723

Hi GermanDeli,

I am so glad I found you! You have a great selection of German products, the shipping is fast and the products are packaged so well. I also appreciate the e-mail updates regarding the status of my order and always look forward to the package arriving. Thus far I have had a great experience with every order. Keep up the great work! I will highly recommend GermanDeli to my friends and family.

Rita V. in Concord, California - Order # 345572 & 343562

Hi Amy,

I just want to sent a short note to the entire Staff @ the GermanDeli how awesome you are. It takes a real team to provide all the service that you all are giving to your customers. I can not wait to receive my order of German goodies! :) It is just like Christmas to unwrap the box, I love it.!

Again thank you for doing an outstanding Job!

Mechthild Q. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # 345517, 323391, 316592 & 10 others!

I made a mistake in ordering but when i got the notification that the order was being processed, I replied to customer service and they fixed the problem and got back to me in less than 5 minutes! Great service. Shipping price seems a little high, BUT their selection is great -- I didn't see anybody else that offered their selection of Hungarian food and spices for their prices. I'll use them again.

Richard P. in Annandale, Virginia - Order # 344075

Thank you again for the excellent communication!

Mark W. in Newnan, Georgia - Order # 345206

First rate service! You can always count on your order being delivered on time and undamaged. The GermanDeli has outstanding customer service and quality products. Thanks GermanDeli for bringing authentic German food products to the US and with them, great memories!

Peg L. in Williamsport, Pennsylvania - Order # 343987

I have ordered merchandise from the German Deli for many years now and have NEVER been disappointed.

Klare S. in Las Vegas, New Mexico - Order # 343557, 341333, 337877 & 35 more!

Thanks guys for all what you are doing .. I like the way that you are dealing with the customers and caring about everything.. This was my first experience and I will come back for sure .. The order and the shipping was better that what I expected :) .. Thank you :)

Hiba G. in Phoenix, Arizona - Order # 344031

Always consistent with each and every order. They are the 5 star example of how to do it right each and every time. Never, ever less than perfect. Staff is wonderful and they pack each package with care and love!

Steve K. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 343218

Thank you for the wonderful service!

Shih-Ming Lee in Miami, Florida - Order # 344293

Hi Amy,

My coffee arrived safely.....and quickly! I only like the German coffee, because it's not as strong and bitter as the American coffees are. We had a German exchange student one year and his parents sent coffee from Germany for Xmas and that's how I got started on it. I'm glad to know you'll be there when I need more!

Elaine K. in Bothell, Washington - Order # 344204

Hello Amy,

received my order on time and so carefully packed, I am very impressed. Everything was in good shape and of course delicious. I am so glad I found your website, when the weather gets colder I will definitely order some sausages!

Anette P. in Modesto, California - Order # 343731

Have ordered many times & have never been disapointed. I only wish they would open a store in my area!! HINT HINT

Chicago loves German Food !!!!

Sylvia R. in Riverside, Illinois - Order # 343029, 337228, 325507 & 25 others!

GermanDeli has outstanding customer service the likes of which I've never experienced. The product I ordered came well-packaged in a timely manner.

This company would serve as a great example for every other company I've ever ordered from.

THANK YOU, GERMANDELI!! You are doing a great job.

Jeremiah W. in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Order # 342598


meine Bestellungen sind gut angekommen. Herrliche Wurstspezialitäten und ein ausgezeichneter Kundendienst!

Vielen Dank,

Bernhard S. in Alexandria, Virginia - Order # 343717

Wunderbar! I received my order.....glad I found this site. Good products... good shipping...A+. You now have a new and definite repeat customer.

Neil J. in Grovetown, Georgia - Order # 344053

Hi GermanDeli,

Just received my parcel.....perfect as always. Thanks again for the fast service.

Werner L. in Las Cruces, New Mexico - Order # 343947

Amy, Thank you so much! You guys rock!!!!!!

Paola A. in Manassas, Virginia - Order # 343963

Thank you so much for all the updates! Your company is very efficient and consistent. Keep it up!

Waine R. in Daly City, California - Order # 344249

Thank you for the absolutely perfect customer service. You really should teach other merchants about it. I am not only very pleased with everything, but most impressed!!

I am so glad I found you!

Lucy C. in Houston, Texas - Order # 344010

I'm very impressed with your great service. So happy, I can get my German products here in the States. Everything tasted great and it got here in perfect condition. You made my Oktoberfest, which I'll have at our house here in Florida. I'm glad, that I can serve our American friends authentic German food !

Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

Rand V. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 342941, 341935 & 337685

Very happy with with all their stuff and will use them again and again!!

Scott S. in Turnersville, New Jersey - Order # 340646

Hi, I am very happy with your service and packing. Everything is perfect.. Thank you very much.

Wai K. in Flushing, New York - Order # 343415


Thank You. My order of Seafood goodies arrived here on time as promised. The unpacking was a total surprise; The first view showed a touch of CLASS and the package was not only surprisingly decorative but each individual product was double wrapped and insulated.

And then there were the little extra sweets…….THANKS TEAM 6! I will certainly order from you again in the future.

Wirklich ein Meisterwerk von Verpackung.

Peter A. in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico - Order # 343128

I received the order. Thank you for the incredible service. You folks are the best.

Sam R. in Cabot, Arkansas - Order # 343599

Hab mein Paket heute bekommen. Echt Super. Danke euch ganz herzlich für the great Customer service.

Sema I. in Navarre, Florida - Order # 342953

Hello to everyone at the GermanDeli,

I want you to know that I am very fond of you all working to make my order possible you are one of a kind people. I am proud to be one of your customers that is always pleased with the merchandise and the customer service I receive. " Y O U   R O C K "


Mechthild Q. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # 343571

All products ordered from GermanDeli.com have been superb. They are items I cannot obtain locally. I am very pleased with the prompt delivery and courtesy emails thanking me for the purchase and keeping me informed about the delivery. Keep up the good work!

Jerry B. in Cookeville, Tennessee - Order # 342111

Just to say....Thanks again for all the great foods & etc., wonderful customer service, and careful packing!! Also appreciated the coupon!

Craig N. in Portland, Oregon - Order # 343083

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the professional service extended to me on my recent order. Having been stationed in Germany for 3 years during my active duty Air Force days as well as many return trips, there's so much I had missed. I am so glad to have found your site and am very impressed with both the selection and service; both are superlative! The care that you put into the orders is certainly beyond what one might expect and I will more certainly order again in the near future. Thanks for a wonderful on-line shopping experience!


Michael M. in Cordova, Tennessee - Order # 342522

Most helpful and the only place I get my German candies and wursts.

Pateicia S. in Metairie, Louisiana - Order # 341922

GermanDeli has the best Customer Service.

Gertrud S. in Sonora, Kentucky - Order # 341612

This was the best online shopping experience ever! Thank you for the care you take with packing all the goodies!!

Yvonne G. in Indianapolis, Indiana - Order # 338434

This is my second order – how do you do it? It arrived so fast – amazing! I’m not going into details about the superb quality – others did that before me J!!! But the speed: just 3 days between the order and the delivery – without any special charges!

Gisela G. in Huntsville, Alabama - Order # 342493

Outstanding service and quality, as always.

John C. in Cincinnati, Ohio - Order # 341393

Once again, you are all amazing!! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to order from you! Each and every one of you have been outstanding!! Thank you.

Shanda G. in Santa Rosa, California - Order # 342234, 340618 & 175672

Thanks for doing such a great job!

Maria V. in Houston, Texas - Order # 342546

Thank you again for a most wonderful package. Always a pleasure to open it up. And so many good things.

Thanks for being there,

Sibylle T. in Hobe Sound, Florida - Order # 341536

Everything arrived just perfectly! Thanks again and I promise I'll be back soon.

Leigh Ann H. in Savannah, Georgia - Order # 342117

I just wanted to let you know that this particular shipment arrived at its designation in Fayetteville, NC on schedule (23 Aug.). The Handkäse was in excellent condition, thanks to the special efforts and care given by GermanDeli personnel. Thank you again for making a couple of Germans very happy!

Anni S. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # 341552

Dear Amy and staff,

My order arrived a day early and all was perfect. Thank you for the fine service.

Mit herzliche Grüße und Danke,

John C. in Chicago, Illinois - Order # 341813

Dear GermanDeli Team,

I’d like to thank you for the outstanding customer service you provide! No other business comes even remotely close. I appreciate the updates but most of all you give your customers the feeling that you care and that is precisely what keeps me coming back. I could purchase many of the products that I order from you at the local commissary but I prefer your business. You actually read and follow the special requests that I have, i.e., shipping dates, etc.

I recently ordered some goodies for my son in FL, he and his family were overjoyed when the box arrived. My adult children are commenting on how well packaged all the products are and love the special touch of the Gummibärchen that you include. I live within a short driving distance from your store but ordering from the comfort of my home is so much easier. Although I must say that shopping your store is a super pleasant experience as well. The staff is so friendly and pleasant, there are always goodies to sample, the store is extremely clean and well laid out and there is even the occasional conversation with a fellow German.

The email notifications you provide make it easy to know the arrival date of the order – I simply forward it to my kids and they can keep an eye out for it. I’ve been a customer for several years and have never had one complaint. In this high- tech world of ours it’s really nice to get the personal touch for a change.

Thank you, GermanDeli.

Sandra H. in Universal City, Texas - Order # 342264, 340667, 338891 & 43 others!

A little note to let you know, I have received the Leberkäse, today, 8/23/12 in excellent condition. It has been packed with thorough German workmannship.

It was in very good cool condition. Of course, I had to try it out right away, and after heating it in the microwave for 15 seconds, I was not disappointed, it tasted delicious!

It reminded me of the Leberkäse I bought two years ago during our vacation in Austria. Tell Stiglmeier, he did a very good job!

Recht freundliche Grüsse,

Ernst H. in Beaver, Pennsylvania - Order # 341654

You guys have killer service.....Vielen Dank auch!

Christina F. in Cocoa Beach, Florida - Order # 342115

Food arrived today in great frozen condition..... Awesome Job as always!!

Paul D. in Bossier City, Louisiana - Order # 341969

Dear Amy Lakin, Fulfillment Director, and Dear Inga, Gina, Jim and your GermanDeli Team,

Thank you for the prompt attention you have given to my order. I have complimented your dedication to your clients before and, I will say it again. It is, as always, a pleasure to order at the GermanDeli.

I am very much looking forward when your fall items like Weinbrand Bohnen, Lebkuchen and Stollen come to Texas!

Again I thank you and, I wish you a very happy Labor Day weekend.


Ursula H. in Lawrence, Kansas - Order # 341720, 320443, 307232 & 8 others!

Thank you so much! Your Customer Service is exemplary!!

Bertie R. in Salinas, California - Order # 341983

This is an amazing store! Not only do they offer a great selection of items, but they also have an amazing, knowledgeable staff. I have ordered several times online and had the opportunity (while visiting family) to shop in store. Each time has been a pleasant, stress-free transaction and reinforced my opinion of them! Once you have placed your order, they are on top of updates, you know they received it, you know when they ship it and if UPS charges them less than they charged you to ship it... they refund it! These people are honest to goodness great people!!

I will continue to shop here over and over again!

Shanda C. in Santa Rosa, California - Order # 340618

Dear Melanie,

Just wanted to let you all know how thankful my Familie is for you all being here. It is so nice to get a little bit of Germany into our home.


Petra and Kids in Buna, Texas - Order # 341875, 336894, 336114 & 9 others!

Thank you for your outstanding services. I have ordered from you before but ordered the suelzkotlett directly from Stiglmeyer as you were out. Your services, attention, shipping methods and shipping materials far exceed Stiglmeyer and others. I will always order from you.

Marlene J. in Dana Point, California - Order # 341404

Thank you. It is your customer service that keeps me coming back. My intent is to support local businesses such as yours - as opposed to going to Amazon.com.

Sandy K. in Roanoke, Texas - Order # 341735

My order of Tchibo Decaf (6 packages) arrived today, as scheduled. Each package was vacuum sealed. The box was well insulated. I greatly appreciate your honesty in adjusting the delivery charges. It was a real pleasure dealing with your company. If the opportuniy arises, you will clearly be my first choice!! Thanks again.

Sam J. in Farmington Hills, Michigan - Order # 341414

To Whom It May Concern;

Where do I start? I have just received my order and I want to express a few things about your products and the way they were handled. First off, I have to say is that your website is very well run and easy to navigate and it also looks really nice and very easy to place an order. Second my order was packed so well that nothing was damaged, the best packing job I have ever seen (Thank you Team 2)!! You offer some really great products at affordable prices, which we really appreciate.

I just wanted to take the time to let you all know what a great job you are doing! I am sure the motherland would be proud. Again thank you and keep up the great job. You will always have my business.

Paul H. in Menlo Park, California - Order # 341431

The delivery date of 12. September is perfect. You guys are so great. GermanDeli has the greatest customer service. Recht vielen Dank :-))

Mandy S. in Sonora, Kentucky - Order # 341612

Good evening. First let me say this is not a complaint in any way. I was so impressed with your service and packaging, I had to let you know. Never have I received a package with so much care. My package was done by Team 2. After I had ordered them, I started to worry about the shipping. But then I thought I would give it a try. To my surprise, what a wonderful job Team 2 did. Everything was bubble wrapped and each jar was in its own zip lock bag, taped and placed in an insulated cooler box. Wonderful Job.. Thank You so Much.

I will definitely be back to order more German items, now that I found you.

Linda S. in Calvin, North Dakota - Order # 341139

Dear GermanDeli,

I'm very pleased with the service that the GermanDeli Staff has provided for me. The product I ordered got to the destination on the day that it was promised and most important it was packed very well and was still cold upon arrival. My father in law also mentioned the two small packages of gummi bears that was in the box; how sweet. Thanks again!!!

Thanks also to Stacy for her recommendations.

Very Respectfully,

Anita L. in El Paso, Texas - Order # 340853

My package arrived packed impeccably, as usual, by Team 5. Thank you so much for your prompt service and courteous communications.

I shall avail myself of your wonderful items again at Christmas!

Lynn W. in Wading River, New York - Order # 340903, 305671, 260200 & 8 others!

The order arrived today in wonderful condition. It was packaged so very well.

This order with your company has been a satisfying experience...in fact, the best I have ever had when buying on the internet. Your company employees are kind, courteous, and truthful, and it's a pleasure to fnd people like you with whom to do business.

I will order again soon.

Penny W. in Snellville, Georgia - Order # 341322

Thank you so much! I enjoy shopping from GermanDeli. You seem to be the only place where I can find the things I am looking for.

Larry P. in Richmond, Virginia - Order # 341465

Awesome products!

Barbara S. in Orlando, Florida - Order # 339983

We love you guys, all good...few things thawed, we'll eat 'em. All else in the refrigerator. We love you guys! Got German guests coming on the 25th and we're taking them to the neighbors for a real Cowboy Roundup. How fun!

Louisa A. in Ahwahnee, California - Order # 340400

Hiermit möchte ich mich bei ihnen,für ihren guten Service bedanken.

Michael J. in New York, New York - Order # 340495

Amy, thank you for your notice about my "Rübenkraut" I can't tell you how glad I was to have found the "GermanDeli" and my Rübenkraut. It was a long road to find you, but with my German persistance, I got my answer. I am looking forward to my package, and the content will get me through the winter in Michigan.

Everything should work out just fine. Thank you for your fast response. Vielen Dank, ich freue mich schon.

Inge B. in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Order # 340777

Your service and professionalism is outstanding. It makes me proud to be a German even so I assume none of your employees are German, except for the store personnel. Every time I order from the store I am amazed all over again. I wish there were more companies with this kind of good business sense. Danke schön und mach's gut.

Karin J. in Little Rock, Arkansas - Order # 340615

Thank you so much, it is nice to have a place to get the items we miss and enjoy. I makes my daughter very happy to be able to continue eating foods she was brought up on. You make the difference. Thanks so very much to you all.

Wayne N. in Moore, Oklahoma - Order # 340564

Your way of shipping/packaging is GORGEOUS!

Renate B. in Aurora, Colorado - Order # 340188

Hey Team 5 and GermanDeli.com, received your order today. All arrived in excellent condition, thanks for your good service. Look forward to enjoying all the good food delivered today! Thanks again.

Marge E. in Lorida, Florida - Order # 339926

Wow! What a treat! Huge selection of German products and much less for shipping than others. You not only make great shopping affordable, you have the very best customer service I have had in many, many years. I will return often!

Beth K. in Alamosa, Colorado - Order # 340030

I have ordered several times from GermanDeli, and as always the service is wonderful.

Madeleine M. in Hickman, Nebraska - Order # 338692

Just wanted to say 'Thanks!" for the excellent job you guys did getting my package together and shipped. Everything came intact and arrived in just a little over one day. Plus there were a couple of complimentary candies thrown in to boot. Awesome!

John D. in Houston, Texas - Order # 339918

Thanks, Amy! Your customer service is outstanding! I cannot wait to get my order. My sister-in-law was born in (what was) East Germany and makes the drink each holiday season. Now she won't have to pack her "supplies" with her. ;).

Please let me know when the bowls come in. I was hoping to get it all as a set, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Again, impeccable customer service. Have a blessed day and thank you so much!

Meredith M. in New Albany, Indiana - Order # 339720

You all have been very well versed with what you are doing and I am so glad I chose you to order these chocolates. I am sure the receiving end should feel the same way. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. And please send me recent newsletters, updates, whatever else you regularly have. New products, etc. I am more interested in Cookies and Chocolates. Thanks.

Zinat B. in Brampton, Ontario - Order # 339716

As always, my order arrived in best condition. Still frozen in this kind of heat, you know it was packed by someone who knows how and cares. I just love GermanDeli. Vielen Dank ! Also, food is wonderful !

Maria H. in Pollok, Texas - Order # 338534

Dear GermanDeli,

Just want to express my thanks (esp. to Team 1) for making my day yet again. My latest order (339068) arrived today as promised. And as with previous orders, the items arrived in perfect condition, including six bottles of Apfelschorle, each snugly encased in a ziploc bag and bubble wrap to prevent breakage and leaks in case of breakage. The meat products were packed in the usual styrofoam chest with cold packs. They had thawed, but then it's July and most of the country is in the middle of a brutal heat wave. No problem, they won't last long anyway! That said, the extra effort, care, and attention to detail (those zip loc bags are like someone sucked out all the air, almost like vacuum packed - amazing) is truly commendable. Bravo! Love the 'bonus gifts' too! (My only "complaint" is that it takes so long to unpack the items, lol)

GermanDeli, you are the Mercedes-Benz of mail order. Keep up the good work!

Aaron I. in Santa Ana, California - Order # 339068, 323943 & 308473

Hello Inga, Gina and Jim,

A quick note, to let you know that my order did arrive yesterday morning July 25 2012 good and well and also, to again express my appreciation for your continued outstanding quality of service and products, including the professionalism in which you do your packaging, like a work of art.

It always is a pleasure to deal with you.

Best greetings

Ilse T. in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Order # 338352, 319394, 319272 & 9 others!

To my new best friends at GermanDeli!!!

I placed an order yesterday and found it at my front door this morning!! The best service I've ever received from ANY company. Thank you so much for all the e-mails keeping me informed on the progress of my order and for the quick delivery.

Dawn W. in Austin, Texas - Order # 339386

Vielen Dank für die Nachricht. I like shopping from GermanDeli. It is always a treat when the goodies arrive.

Kent G. in Kingwood, Texas - Order # 339453

You all should be proud of your company. What great team work. We have several German ladies working here an previous military and I have already given them your website and told them all the goodies I already tried out. Now it is up to them to make use.

Have a great day

Gertie F. in West Columbia, South Carolina - Order # 338920

Less than I expected to be charged…..YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Can’t wait for my German goodies to arrive so I can make a traditional dinner for our guests! I have friends who are also German (or love to cook German, and I know they will love to hear about what great products and service you provide! I am going to pass your website on to all of them! THANKS again….

Susan L. in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Order # 339246

Thanks guys for getting right on my order. Soon as it gets here we can throw it in the freezer and hit the road for our last summer adventure. Sadly, won't be going anywhere near Texas =( I'm really enjoying your products, thanks for being there for all us Deutsche-kinder!

Steven M. in San Diego, California - Order # 338859

Thank you so much for taking such care in packing the merchandise. I have ordered from you several times and will continue to be a loyal customer for all of my German orders. My German students love these goodies. :-) I appreciate the e-mails with the discount offers too!

Denise M. in Rancho Cucamonga, California - Order # 339015

TO ONE AND ALL OF YOU A THANK YOU - the package arrived today (7/21) and as always in good condition. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die gute Verpackung - es ist einfach pfundig, dass ich meinen Dallmayr Coffee von Euch beziehen kann - er tut meinem Magen sehr sehr gut. Nochmals besten Dank und bis zum nächsten Mal.

Liebe Grüße

T. Anderson in West Hempstead, New York - Order # 338677

Just a quick note regarding my recent order. Everything I ordered arrived quickly and exceptionally packaged. Many times I search out sites that offer "free" shipping. I do not mind paying the shipping cost at GermanDeli, it is well worth it.

This is not my first order with GermanDeli, nor will it be my last. Your selection is lovely, and continues to surprise me. In general, I have been exceptionally pleased with all my purchases. I have only been disappointed with two items that I received in various orders. I just wanted you to hear from a customer who appreciates the attention to detail you provide. Thank you.

Heike J. in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Order # 338443

We received our shipment of goodies THIS MORNING!!!! WOW!! Only 2 days. Thank you for all your wonderful care of us and the food you sent. GermanDeli is the best place in America for authentic foods, service and friendliness.

Thanks again and you will hear from us again soon.

Dieter K. in Bandon, Oregon - Order # 338606

Thank you so much for the wonderful packing job you did!.. Everything was fine and arrived still cold! I really appreciate your extra effort in packing and tracking this package. And I'm so glad I just happened to find you online as I've been looking for a good German deli! So now when I go to Germany, I won't have to smuggle everything in my suitcase!

Peggy M. in Independence, Missouri - Order # 338282

I am always so pleased with your fast shipment. Your packages are packed wonderful and I find so many items which remind me on Germany. Even though I've been here in the US since 30 years I still miss some of the food from my homeland. Thanks again.

Elke L. in Ozawkie, Kansas - Order # 338499

GermanDeli always has the products I am looking for. Their selection is par excellance as is their shipping and service.

If you like German food this is the place to find what you are looking for. I have been shopping GermanDeli for many years.

Richard S. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - Order # 337156, 181974, 143283 & 1 more!

Just opened our order which was delivered in record time. It is always a pleasure to see our items packed with loving care. We make a yearly trip to Dallas just to visit your store and fill up the car and coolers. Your customer service, email updates, package care and especially the many items which remind us of home are just outstanding!

Henny K. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 339229

It is always such a pleasure to open your packages. And the goodies are even better. Thanks.

Sibylle T. in Hobe Sound, Florida - Order # 337740, 334492, 333215 & 42 others!

GermanDeli.com is as good as it gets. Nobody has better communication. Period! NASA doesn't pack things as well as this company does. They are fast and efficient and their customer service is a world beater. There are just not enough good things to say. They have won me over as a loyal repeat customer.

John C. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 336953

I've just received my order and I'm extremely pleased. No damage - wrapped and packed with care - items arrived in perfect condition.

Please keep up with that great service. It is motivating and inspiring at the same time.

You made my day!

Have a nice weekend.

Phil C. in Delray Beach, Florida - Order # 337598

You are very honest, thank you very much. I certainly will tell all my friends to shop at Germandeli.com.

Doris R. in Mapleton, Minnesota - Order # 338141

It's been a while since my last order - glad you're still around. I'm sure you still have the best service in the world!

Patricia B. in Pinetop, Arizona - Order # 338124

I am so very happy about the selection, prices, fast shipping and friendly service... It's like Christmas for me when my package arrives.

Gabriele B. in Holyoke, Massachusetts - Order # 336680

Wow thank you guys for the honesty and refund! I love your business!! I hope you guys stay around forever!


Lisa D. in Hinesville, Georgia - Order # 337477

I'm very happy with the great service I receive it really could not be better! There is always a personal greeting and contact with every promptly filled order, real nice!! Thank you.

Christel F. in Portland, Maine - Order # 336481

Our order arrived timely and in perfect condition. Thank you for the great service!

We look forward to doing additional business with your company. Vielen Dank!

Gisela L. in Eagan, Minnesota - Order # 337002

I like to thank and praise Team 3 for their kindness and courtesy in shipping my order of German soap bars. Thanks also for adding the little candies, just a nice gesture that nowadays seems to be quite rare…

In appreciation,

Massimo V. in New York, New York - Order # 336721

Can't wait! GermanDeli rocks!

Renee F. in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina - Order # 337500 & 333045

Melanie, thanks for notifying me and taking the time to weigh the options sending my order. I have been ordering from you guys for years and years, and even ordered while I was down range in Afghanistan.

Thanks again and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into each order!

John W. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Order # 337409

Very satisfied with my GermanDeli.com. Super happy I found you. Thank you and keep them aisles stocked 'cause I'll be back.

Gabriele B. in Holyoke, Massachusetts - Order # 335690

I received my order today and all of you did a great job as usual! I can't describe how nice it is to deal with a company that has such great customer service. Thank you again.

Sigrid P. in League City, Texas - Order # 336937, 324706, 318693 & 1 other!

Once again...Thanks for the great products and outstanding customer service!!

Craig N. in Portland, Oregon - Order # 336915

(I) just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the product. You guys just gained a new customer for sure. Thank you sooooooooo much and have a wonderful day!!!!

Venessa in Kissimmee, Florida - Order # 336269

We received our package today. I compliment you on the packaging and prompt arrival of our order. We look forward to ordering more items in the future.

Warm Regards,

Thomas & Darya in Ypsilanti, Michigan - Order # 336179

To the team,

This was my first order with GermanDeli. Thanks for your very quick response. Wurst und Schinken was still very cold, thanks to your great packaging job.

Til my next order,

Winfried P. in Hernando, Florida - Order # 336309

I received my order today. Wow. Fast service. Great products. Looking forward to having some great ice tea. Great job.

Cher P. in Laurium, Michigan - Order # 336097

The BEST customer service! Fast shipping, love ordering from these guys.

Millie A. in Columbus, Georgia - Order # 335495

You guys at GermanDeli are just fantastic, outstanding and fast, a PLEASURE TO ORDER FROM & DO BUSINESS WITH ! Keep up your excellent work. Auch wir sagen herzlichen Dank und alles Gute! Thank you!

Christa B. in Dallas, Texas - Order # 336513

I have been ordering from GermanDeli now for a couple of years....and it is always a true pleasure to do so! Lots and lots of wonderful items in their inventory, not just foods. They reward you by offering a 5 to 10 % off on orders that reach a certain amount. Their customer service and packing department are superb! You are informed the whole way. Great products, fair pricing, and outstanding customer service.....can't ask for anything more!

Plus they always include with each order a couple of packs of the original Gummy Bears!!

Craig N. in Portland, Oregon - Order # 335284, 334051, 331528 & 30 others!

Thank you for your service, which is unequaled by any other company.

D. B. in Fernley, Nevada - Order # 336318

It is great to order from the GermanDeli. Everbody is sooo nice! Best service and shipping.

Petra F. in Nicholasville, Kentucky - Order # 336298

I just wanted to thank you for your quick shipment and your professionalism as well as your courteousy.

Nice to see that the German Tradition is upheld :). It's been a pleasure and we're looking forward to ordering from you again.

Heike W. in Los Alamos, New Mexico - Order # 335431


After visiting Germany last month we are so grateful to have GermanDeli taking care of our cravings for German goodies...and the service is just out of this world, best we have ever experimented with any online company.

Thank you Team 2 and 3 for doing such a great job with the packaging! Thank you once again.

Warmest Wishes,

Ute N. in Choctaw, Oklahoma - Order # 335926 & 335477

I came here when I could no longer get the German Coffee I liked from another online place. And was surprised to see that here also offered a ton of favorites we love here in the family.

Heather M. in Jefferson City, Missouri - Order # 335989

Dear German Deli Team,

Thank you again for your outstanding customer service. This is my third order with your company and again I am very pleased with your team. I placed my order yesterday and already received delivery confirmation for the 23rd of Jun. 3 days for standard rate shipping is really terrific. I love German coffee and am so glad to have found a company that not only provides me with a great product but also has an amazing customer service team.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer. All the best!

Christa W. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 335942

Dear German Deli Team,

I wanted to write to tell you how absolutely pleased I have been with your service from order to delivery. It was imperative that I not receive these items after my requested date because I would be out of town and I didn't want my lovely cookies to melt in the summer heat. To my surprise, my order showed up a day earlier than expected and packed beautifully in dry ice. I even found some additional German treats that I wasn't expecting in my packaging. From your communication about my order to the prompt and professional delivery, I am thankful! Keep up the great work :) The next time I am in need of German delicacies...I know where to go. Thanks again!


Nicol R. in Tehachapi, California - Order # 335434

Wow you do have great service, thank you!

Daniel Q. in Norton, Vermont - Order # 335765

I'll recommend to all my friends that they consider GermanDeli.com whenever they want quality foods at a very reasonable price. Thoroughly enjoyed the customer service and their user friendly website.

Paul S. in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania - Order # 334269

I have done business with the GermanDeli for years now and have never encountered a problem.

Klare S. in Las Vegas, New Mexico - Order # 334249, 322714, 318637 & 30 others!

GermanDeli's customer service is second to none. Thank you all.

Maria H. in Pollok, Texas - Order # 333955

Good Morning Amy,

vielen Dank!!!! Thanks so much for sending my order to my parents in Texas BEFORE Father's Day!!!! They were both so pleasantly surprised with their order. Ya'll make a "German Boy" very happy!!!!

Thanks again for all you guys are doing and for having GermanDeli.com.

Michelle T. in Great Falls, Montana - Order # 334964

Hello, I received my order today in PERFECT condition, you all always go the extra mile. Thank you for being so incredibly perfect.

Shirley C. in Edmond, Oklahoma - Order # 335141

Thank you. The order arrived a couple of hours ago. It's perfect!

Mary R. in Midland, Texas - Order # 335168

Thank you for processing my order so quickly and for reducing my shipping charges! This is a Father's Day gift, and I am thrilled that it will arrive in time even though I placed the order so late. You are making me look good. :)

Susan L. in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts - Order # 335247

Used GermanDeli before and find that they give top notch service!

Catherine R. in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Order # 334935, 302347 & 275969!

Thank you so much for everything.

Customer service was wonderful, email updates through the whole process. Items were received in great condition, and still cold. Team 2 did a great job packing the box. And the shipping department did a great job as well with my instructions regarding the delivery.

I'm a happy customer and I'm def going to order again soon. Oh, and THANK YOU GermanDeli.com for stocking these wonderful items!!!

Victoria K. in Temple City, California - Order # 334198

Dear GermanDeli,

Many, many thanks for the shipment. It arrived and very happy to finally have some true red-capped German Maggi again!

Nestle apparently sells much Maggi in Asia, which it manufactures in China, as a competitor to the region's own soy sauces. Unfortunately, a lot of this Chinese "Maggi" ends up being imported into the United States. It's easily distinguished on store shelves as it has a yellow cap, though. Friends and I, however, find that this Chinese "Maggi" doesn't actually seem to have quite the same taste as German Maggi. And, because of the constant scandals of tainted food products in China, I'll not knowingly eat any food products manufactured there. I want the assurance of German quality Made in Germany.

Since Chinese-manufactured "Maggi" seems to have generally displaced Maggi Made in Germany on store shelves, it's been a relief to finally find a company importing the real stuff. If Maggi comes up in conversation, I will certainly take great pleasure in recommending the GermanDeli!

With best regards,

Theo M. in New York, New York - Order # 334357

No hassle transaction. Great merchandise and I will be buying more. Great follow through.

Dennis P. in South San Francisco, California - Order # 333240

We received our order today. Special thank you to Team 4 for the extra care they took in packing everything so it would be in perfect condition.

We look forward to buying more German specialities from you.

Alles Gute,

Walter W. in Beavercreek, Ohio - Order # 334168

Thank you kindly. You folks are the BEST !

Appreciate the reduced shipping charges, great customer service, exceptional products !

Linda L. in Lincoln, Nebraska - Order # 334003

Thanks so much for your efficient manner of getting this order to us. I ordered it on Tuesday and the FedEx man was here early Saturday, now that is service.

Thanks again,

Marilyn B. in Brookfield, New Hampshire - Order # 333732

Guys just a quick note to let you know the sausages were very good but the packaging and delivery and order response was absolutely impressive. I ordered 4 lbs Weisswurst from “Wisconsin made” Wisconsinmade.com as well as from you to see if there was any difference in the food or delivery. There was.

If you put the same effort and care into your sausage making as you do the shipping and ordering then your sausage and other products will continue to be great products for a long time to come. Top quality focus on the details to go with superior products from the kitchen. Your packaging, the prep and obvious care in shipping and logistics was clearly evident. How the product arrived was far superior.

Well done! Pricing was pretty comparable.

I’m not enough of a connoisseur to tell any significant difference in the actual sausage (I preferred yours but it got here faster and was still completely frozen despite 100 degree temps here in Houston.) It was a real pleasure to have it both traditionally steeped in water and (Montana German style—fried—my rellies are all “Schaefers” from ND) with red cabbage, potatoes and Sauer kraut.

When I next order you can be sure you will be getting the full order instead of half. Please pass this along to your team… I’m impressed and I spent 20 years shipping equipment, food and catering supplies around the world..

Best regards.

Michael T. in Bellaire, Texas - Order # 333145

Just wanted to say thank you so much! I have been looking for Afri Cola in the United States for the past 6-8 years and your shipping speed is OUTSTANDING. Never ever have I seen something ship so fast... you guys do quality work. Wish there were more people like that out there that focus on quality of service. FedEx says my package is supposed to arrive in a few hours, can't wait. Thanks again.

Donovan F. in Fenton, Michigan - Order # 333807


Thank you for the fast delivery! It was a very pleasant surprise as we received the package today! Thank you for the opportunity to bring a little "home" back to my fiancé :)

Danke & Alles Gute!!!

Can't wait to visit the store in Dallas at first chance :)

Bubba D. in Jefferson, Texas - Order # 333896

My mother just received her package and is so thrilled with the items. Everything arrived fresh and in order!

Thank you so much! And she thanks you for the gummie bears and chocolates! The package made her day!

Very Sincerely,

Elisabeth S. in Providence, Rhode Island - Order # 333490

Liebe Verpacker!

Ich wollte mich nur ganz schnell mal bedanken für die wunderbare Verpackung der Lebensmittel/Wurst, etc. die Sie immer machen. Die Waren sind immer sehr kalt wenn sie bei mir ankommen was ich sehr schätze.

Also, weiterhin viel Erfolg, Ihr macht Euere Sache ganz prima!

Mit besten Grüßen,

Ilse H. in Glasgow, Kentucky - Order # 333054 & 7 others!

Excellent product and service in every way...

David M. in Ellensburg, Washington - Order # 332676

Thank you for your care and thoroughness. You are very much appreciated.

Herzliche Grüße,

Gudrun S. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 333757

In today's age, it is nice to find a company that is honest and not out to make an extra dollar. THANK YOU.

Francis F. in Quebec, Quebec - Order # 333474

Vielen Dank - I order from over 2 dozen companies on a regular basis. You are by far the very best in products, shipping and customer service. If there is an Oskar in you industry you deserve it. It is a pleasure giving you money.

Bianca K. in Momence, Illinois - Order # 333205

I have rarely experienced such customer service....wish they could be cloned!!!

Clement S. in Fort Mill, South Carolina - Order # 332510

Got my order. Thank you for the quick and efficient business. I am going to recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Best Regards,

Maher T. in Fremont, California - Order # 333187

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!! The order arrived on time and was complete. THANK YOU so much for this excellent service.

Selia V. in Round Rock, Texas - Order # 333413

I placed my order on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday, impressive, so was the way it was packaged, with ice packs. I opened it immediately and made myself a sandwich, now I am sitting here and feel like I am at home. The only thing missing is a good Beer. Thank you again.

From your definitely reordering customer Monika

Monika D. in Sidney, Ohio - Order # 333135

The very best!

Michelle L. in Arlington, Texas - Order # 332052

Thanks for doing a great job as usual! My mom loved her surprise gift. She is not even planning to share with Dad. Can't blame her :)

Rebecca R. in Corpus Christi, Texas - Order # 333092

This was a very nice experience, all so well packed, nice and neat and the attention of Team 2 should be taken in consideration. Delivery was fast, products were very good and tasty, a real deutche order, nothing less.

I have no hesitation to order from your company again, shows true value for their customers!


Viktoria G. in Redlands, California - Order # 323201

I just wanted to send this note and compliment your packing team 3. I recently placed an order for Milka Smile bars and noted in the comments section please pack with ice as temps in NM were already reaching 100 degrees.

Your team 3 people paid attention to my requested instructions, and the package arrived in excellent condition. This is a sad comment on society in general, when I really didn't expect them to follow through properly, as has been the case with other companies. However, your group not only did as asked, but included a small gift as well and was beautifully prepared.

Additionally, I was also impressed with the fact your website kept my request for notification of available product on file and though that particular item has been discontinued, it sent me a notification of a similar product. Which I did order.

What a breath of fresh air to find such a competent company to do business with. I can assure you, I will be making future purchases from your company.

Thank you,

Tarrant B. in Carlsbad, New Mexico - Order # 332858


I would like to thank Team 3 of the Packing section for a great job of packing my items and the speed of delivery by them.

They deserve a great Hurrah! for the job they provided me.

Douglas S. in Garland, Texas - Order # 332901, 295732, 292771 & 21 more!

I just wished to tell what super prompt service I received and that your shipping crew did an outstanding job packaging my order. It arrived without any problems and the cold items were well preserved and still cold.

I look forward to placing my next order with you.

Gut gemacht!

Ralph H. in Camas, Washington - Order # 332189

Dear Otti,

I would like to express my appreciation for how promptly, and without question, you arranged for a full refund of the amount I paid for my purchase of five, 1-pound packages of your German Liver dumplings. I am well aware that in spite of the best intentions of any company--supported by a commitment to maintaining quality products and integrity in their business practices--problems can occur that negatively impact on the quality of a product. And also, that sometimes this may be the result of actions taken outside the control of the company.

It has been a pleasant surprise to have done business with a company that places high regard on customer satisfaction. Thank you and please forward my thanks to Danke and Alles Gutenberg. I am planning to order from you in the future.


Dotti W. in Waunakee, Wisconsin - Order # 331878

I just wanted to say thank you for shipping my order so fast. It took less than a week to receive my order in Afghanistan. I was also not expecting the gracious card with the employees signatures. That was a great surprise.

Thank you guys for taking the time to sign it. It meant a lot to me and all of my buddies. I will have to make a pilgramige to visit your store in person. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much,

2nd Lt. Carden in Afghanistan - Order # 331816

I received my order today. Everything was fine, and so lovingly packaged. Thank you very much. I know I will enjoy doing business with you in the future. Vielen vielen Dank.

Maria M. in Brooksville, Florida - Order # 332580

Vielen Dank für meine deutschen Specialitäten! Ich labe mich an dem guten Brot gelabt und die Wurstwaren sind ebenfalls sehr gut! Am meisten hat mich die excellente Verpackung imponiert.

Nochmals Vielen Dank.

Ein sehr zufriedener Kunde,

Jutta B. in Peoria, Arizona - Order # 332141

Thank you so much. Again everything was perfect. The items arrived exactly on time and were perfectly packaged. It is "wunderbar" that there is a company which I can trust to order my German products from. The quality is 1st class.

Recht herzlichen Dank,

Rose S. in Vero Beach, Florida - Order # 332075

My package from GermanDeli arrived today in perfect condition, everything was so well packed and intact…I do believe the shipping charges are high but I can fully understand why when I see the way the packing is done… Thank you very much for the timely delivery and I will definitely place future orders with you.


Gisela P. in Clay, New York - Order # 332182

What a great company. A real person will update you on the status of your order, ask you which days you prefer delivery if the shipment is ready early. Products are packed with extreme care. I highly recommend GermanDeli.

Jan O. in Spring Valley, California - Order # 330964

Thanks so very much for all the updates and reduction in shipping charges. This is a gift for my husband, we both went to school in Germany and I thought he might appreciate some great wurst for his birthday.

If the food product is half as good as the customer support and service, we will both be over the moon. Thanks again.

Pam T. in Los Alamos, New Mexico - Order # 332283

Nice selection of authentic German foods. Some stuff that you can't really find very easily. Customer service keeps you up to date on your order status very nicely & packages are easy to track. I have placed 2 orders so far & I have no complaints.

Gordon P. in Kaukauna, Wisconsin - Order # 330719

I am very pleased to have found the **GermanDeli** and with each order I feel like being back in Germany.......thank you, thank you.

Julianne N. in Richmond, Texas - Order # 330413

I am so glad that I had found their website. Since then I have ordered many items and will do so in the future. They way this company handles customer service is out of this world.

Items are shipped really fast with a little extra to show their appreciation. I have never found that with anyone before. Your rating excellent is not nearly enough for this company.

Gertie F. in West Columbia, South Carolina - Order # 329952

This is definitely the place to purchase your hard-to-find German grocery items! But what really sets this company apart from ALL others is their fantastic packaging. Each item is carefully bagged and thoughtfully placed in the sturdy shipping box. Items that are perishable are cold-packed in a styrofoam box within the shipping box.

Gregory Y. in Monterey Park, California - Order # 330601

Thank you and special thanks to TEAM 5 for the - as always- impeccable packing, die Gummibärchen und natürlich the chocolate heart of Air Berlin!!!

It is always a little bit like Christmas when receiving your packages.

A happy customer,

Christiane W. in Miami Beach, Florida - Order # 331498

Excellent communication, assortment, packaging and fast delivery...I love my GermanDeli!

Gabriele B. in Holyoke, Massachusetts - Order # 330020

Hello Inga, Gina, Jim and your GermanDeli team,

Thank you for your prompt and efficient response to my order. I received my package and have, last night, enjoyed a currywurst dinner for the first time since the 1970’s. J

My wife is also enjoying the extra tang in the Jams.

I appreciate the effort you put in. You will, no doubt be receiving more orders from me. J

Jim P. in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada - Order # 329834

Thank you for all of my previous orders, I keep coming back for more - you all are great!

Aldona T. in Fairfax, Virginia - Order # 331415

Our mother received the package and was very thrilled. She is from Holland so this is a treat for her.

My sister and I want to thank you for this arriving in time for her birthday. Your quick responses to the emails and shipping were greatly appreciated and made our mother very very happy for her birthday.

We will not forget the great service we received and will definitely pass your company's name onto others. Thank you again.

Cindy H. in Taylorville, Illinois - Order # 330798

I just wanted to send a quick bit of appreciation for the order below. The entire process from beginning to end was absolutely fantastic. The quick communication regarding the order, the fast shipping, and even the packaging (the gummi bears were very much appreciated by my son!) were all exemplary.

As a former member of the armed forces stationed in Germany, my family and I are very glad that we can finally have some of the foods that we have missed so much in the 12 years since we left.

My only question: Can you set up a yearly Weihnachtsmarkt (preferably identical to the one held yearly in Rothenburg ob der Tauber) somewhere within driving distance of Hobbs, NM? :-)

All joking aside, thank you for the very pleasant shopping experience! Thanks again.

Todd L. in Hobbs, New Mexico - Order # 330666

Received our HONEY today. B E A U T I F U L L Y and safely packaged. Gummy bears treat REALLY good. You folks are terrific!! Thank you.

Michael N. in Longboat Key, Florida - Order # 330623

I just wanted to say that the packing of this order was a work of art. (I think it was done by your Team #1). It was amazing how everything was precisely fitted like a 3-D wooden puzzle. The box was full to the brim – I don’t think there was room for an extra sheet of paper.

It must have been a challenge – there were some scratches and minor gouges on the interior walls of the Styrofoam box, so I’m guessing it took several tries.

Anyway, I was very impressed!

Myers H. in Prescott, Arizona - Order # 330384

The packaging is fantastic. Frozen item arrived frozen and refrigerated items were cold. Everything is in heavy duty plastic zip lock bags and there was plenty of dry ice. To top it all off, the items came in a Styrofoam container. Everything from ordering to receiving the items was fantastic. I would highly recommend the GermanDeli to anyone!

Angelika S. in Houston, Texas - Order # 326472

Absolutely amazing customer service. THE most reasonable shipping costs on the net and the way they package every little item is more than awesome. Merchandise always arrives quick and in perfect shape.

Michaela B. in Enterprise, Alabama - Order # 325825

I want to thank you for the discount on the shipping costs if my order. I really appreciate your wonderful sevice! It is a pleasure doing business with a company that truly does care. Thanks again.

Guy R. in Helotes, Texas - Order # 330978

Wunderbar! Great customer service!!

Stephan D. in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Order # 330874

David and all:

I appreciate your updates and details very much. Terrific service. I thank you and am looking forward to my GOOD COFFEE.

Alles Gute

Elfriede H. in Kilgore, Texas - Order # 330811, 326485, 248341 & 2 others!

Thank you so much. I work as a Quality Specialist for a health care company and half of my time is spent correcting errors and complaints that could have been solved by good, old-fashioned customer service. So I know good customer service when I see it. Your service has been exemplary. I can't wait to order from you again!


Tom B. in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Order # 330516

Thank you so much for keeping me informed, it has been wonderful the way you have kept in contact. Looking forward to our next order.

Connie G. in Tallahassee, Florida - Order # 330388

Just a big thank you for having the most superb Customer Service on the Internet.

Rob B. in Rio Grande, New Jersey - Order # 330092

Once again THE BEST online retailer. Thx.

EGS in El Paso, Texas - Order # 328915, 324192, 304842 & 13 others!

Liebes GermanDeli-Team,

heute Mittag ist hier Ihr Paket mit FedEx angekommen: Es ist alles sehr akurat verpackt und sehr gut gekühlt. Wir sind freudig überrascht und bedanken uns vielmals, auch für die Schokoladen-Herzen und Gummibärchen!

Bis zum nächsten Mal grüssen herzlich

R. und S. F. in Walla Walla, Washington - Order # 330059

Thank you very much for your updates. I really appreciate the service you provide and I'm honestly pleasantly surprised, because here in Germany companies don't provide such a high level of customer service. Thank you.

Best wishes

Stefan W. in Deutschland - Order # 330363

I have ordered several times from the GermanDeli. The merchandise is just what I expected and a great value. The e-mail communication is exceptional. Shipment quick and efficient. A great place to do business with.

Thank you as always.

Monika C. in Brown Mills, New Jersey - Order # 328868, 330405, 330167 & 2 others!

To Stacie, Mary, Nicole C., Amy, Inga, Gina, Jim and the Team 6,

Herzlichen dank für euer schnelle und zuverlassige Lieferung, ich habe mich wirklich gefreut über euren Service, als das Paket gestern kam, habe ich gleich eine Brotzeit gemacht.

Also nochmals herzlichen Dank, ich werde Euch weiter empfehlen, an alle Deutschen hier in Deerfield Beach.

Bis zum nächsten Mal, macht weiter so und bleibt gesund, servus.

Dietrich F. in Deerfield Beach, Florida - Order # 329669

We just received our package of bread and are so pleased. Thank you for constant contact on shipping, etc. We will be ordering again!

Sandra W. in Denton, North Carolina - Order # 329300

I get quite excited, when I wait for my order to arrive. It is a pleasure to see the care it has been given. Thanks.

Ursula G. in Albany, Georgia - Order # 330155, 329257, 324718 & 26 others!

I just placed an order 2 days ago and it was on my doorstep today when I got home…..that is incredible service!!! Thank you so very much! I was very pleasantly surprised!

Again, what a great effort from your team at the warehouse to my doorstep! Your promptness is very much appreciated!! Thank you.

Karen K. in Edmond, Oklahoma - Order # 329576

Thanks so much for my order I did yesterday and got today. Wow, this was super fast. Everything was packed so well. (I) will make a another order soon. Thanks again for you very good service.

Mrs. Waltraud L. in Lubbock, Texas - Order # 329594

I appreciate it all so much. Those two old folks will be real happy when my little package arrives. That was so fast, great service as always. DANKE der GermanDeli, wie immer herzlichst

Helga A. in Columbus, Mississippi - Order # 329553

Hi guys. I want to let you know that the HoWe brats are exactly how I remember them from the Bratwurst Haus in Nurnburg, 1965. I've been trying to find that flavor since then. This is it. I am so pleased.


Lee F. in Yonkers, New York - Order # 329035

Hello and thank you for the well packed items that arrived cool to the touch despite 90 plus heat. The gummi bears were sweet!

Helene B. in Arizona City, Arizona - Order # 329076

Just wanted to comment on the cooking videos, absolutely fabulous. Very entertaining, informative and well done.

Please keep making more. Thanks.

Rodger U. in Huntington, Arkansas - Order # 326767, 293333, 292300 & 2 more!

Thank you I have received my Order and as in the past everything was in order. Thank you. It is so nice be be able to order good food from my Homeland (Germany).

Gertrud H. in Avery, Texas - Order # 329193

Never hesitate to buy here, they are great and there never is a problem.

Richard S. in Niles, Illinois - Order # 327803, 321364, 305881 & 27 others!

Dear GermanDeli Team:

DANKE for the great service and prompt delivery!!! My goodies came today and everthing looks soo yummie and I cant wait to eat my Bratwurst!! I will order soon again for more Brötchen and Pretzel!! Again, DANKE!


Renate B. in Houston, Texas - Order # 329005

Thank you Amy. My GermanDeli.com shopping experience was pleasant as always. You guys never disappoint. Now you just need to open a store in Austin.

Jeannette L. in Austin, Texas - Order # 329235

Thank you so much for getting our order shipped today! That is wunderbar! My husband and I love GermanDeli.com! I made a German meal tonight for dinner and most of the ingredients are from your store!!!! I wish you were in Miami. I would be there every week. Thank you again for sending our order so quickly. You're the best!!!!

Joan & Bill G. in Miami, Florida - Order # 329205

Dear GermanDeli,

You are the best! Thank you for your updates and information on our order - we just admire how you handle everything (including your packaging!) and wanted to let you know!!!

On our trips to Germany in the past - we have always loved the items that we now can order from GermanDeli!!!! Don't have to spend thousands of dollars to travel there, just order from you!

Thanks again,

Guenter & Rosanne S. in Ruidoso, New Mexico - Order # 328741, 327675, 324883 & 2 others!

You guys are the best! Every order so far has been perfect, and the food is outstanding. Thank you for your great service.

Martin S. in Stilwell, Kansas - Order # 329069, 325932, 323282 & 4 others!

I received my order on Saturday and what a pleasant surprise. The service I have received from your company is way beyond my expectations and I will definitely be ordering more from your company and I will tell more people I know about your web site.

Gertie F. in West Columbia, South Carolina - Order # 328711

Again we have to say: alles ist immer in perfect order, und sooo schnell. Danke, you are all "Grrreat". --- Thanks!

Helga V. P. in Huntsville, Alabama - Order # 328981, 328447, 323517 & 5 others!

Wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great customer service, as always. Package arrived today and Grandma is happy. Lol. Of course, when she’s happy the whole family is too.

Thank you for all the info.

Jack L. in Phoenix, Arizona - Order # 328398

Order received today. Once again, SUPERB packing. Thanks!

Carl N. in Waianae, Hawaii - Order # 328450

I just want to let you know the ordering from your company has been an absolute joy! We had previously ordered items from one of your competitors and it was a disaster. I truly appreciated all your updates!

Jenn C. in South Portland, Maine - Order # 328338 & 220033

I've been a very happy GermanDeli customers for several years now. They offer such a wide range of items which I can't find anywhere else, and they constantly introduce new items. Being from Germany myself and living in the United States for many years, it is always nice to get some of the food that reminds me of my native country.

And I am so impressed with their packaging and shipping services! The shipping is so fast and the packaging is done with so much care! I have never had any problems with broken containers and the frozen food is still frozen or at least still cold enough to go straight to my freezer.

Thank you, GermanDeli!

Sabine S. in Austin, Texas - Order # 326698

I just received my 2nd order that I have placed with GermanDeli.com and I just wanted to tell you how beautifully & perfect everything was packaged in both shipments. Like your video says, it's like opening up a present. All my cold items were nice and cold as if they just came out of the fridge. I wish more companies that I order with take such care and pride when packaging, email communication and shipping. I even have both of the inserts with the German Flag ribbon (different sizes) sitting up as decoration - LOL!

Thank you so much. Oh, and thank you for my little surprise too : D

Diane N. in Findlay, Ohio - Order # 328386

Food arrived well packed and I loved it. The cake sampler is excellent. Will order soon again. Thank you very much.

Regina L. in San Tan Valley, Arizona - Order # 327467

I do ALLOT of shopping online. The products and customer service I have had from GermanDeli has been the best I have experienced. Exceptional communication and packaging. I am a very happy repeat customer!

Sharon B. in Farmington Hills, Michigan - Order # 326877

I received my package today and was very impressed with the packing. "Team 2" is written on the card. Everything was wrapped perfectly, on ice packs with a sample of Gummy Bears (my favorite). Just wanted to let you guys know you have one happy customer here. Thank you again,

S. Marina L. in Helotes, Texas - Order # 328156

Thank you. By the way, your pre-order communications are superior! Nice job in a time when customer service and attention seem to be lost.

Chris S. in Salmon, Idaho - Order # 328179

GermanDeli.com is awesome...I came across this site a year ago when searching for German products and was reluctant to order because I had seen other sites that did not appear to be authentic and was concerned about fraud.

I decided the other week to take my chance based on the hundreds of positive reviews and I am so glad I did! My order was received in record time, I placed it after midnight on a Saturday and received my order that Tuesday and the contents were very well packaged and exactly what I wanted. I ordered the Peppies and the Eis candies, both products of which I loved when I was in Europe. Thanks GermanDeli for this experience and giving me the confidence to be able to enjoy these products once again!! I will be ordering the Nürnberger bratwurst and Brötchen next!!! You have me as a customer for life!

Laura N. in Atlanta, Georgia - Order # 328466 & 327300

Simply put, my first purchase with the GermanDeli -OUTSTANDING! Ordering process, communication, product quality and packaging were all a wonderful experience. Will most definitely be a repeat customer!

Robert L. in Evans, Georgia - Order # 325856

The order has arrived in prime condition!! Thank you very much for restoring the peace of our house. It appears that the kids and my husband cannot live well without Duplo, Kinder Country and other goodies. I am left with the mustard.

Vielen Dank und Frohe Ostern,

Susanne P. in Rochester, Minnesota - Order # 327048

Hello! We just received the package with all the delicious food!! Wonderfully packed!! Thank you! Also, thank you very much for the magazine!!

Happy Easter!

Stephie in Dudley, Massachusetts - Order # 327714 & 322998

Team 1, you did a good job in packing our order. Everything arrived in great shape. The Leberwurst schmeckt köstlich. We will be ordering more in the future.

James and Elfi B. in Santa Rosa, California - Order # 327339

This was my first time ordering from GermanDeli.com. I can only echo what so many others have said! The packaging was fantastic, way beyond anything I would’ve expected!! Love the German greeting when you first open the box. Everything arrived in perfect condition and exactly what I ordered. I am beyond impressed and will most definitely become a regular customer. It’s so great to get products from home without spending an arm and a leg to get them!!!

Thank you very much to the GermanDeli team!!!

Daniela L. in Rossville, Georgia - Order # 327145

Team 2 did a FANTASTIC job of packing my order of German vinegar. It was surperb! I could not have asked for any better treatment of my product being shipped. It arrived just like picking each bottle off the shelf. I am impressed on how EACH bottle was individually wrapped and sealed in a zip lock bag! A cheer for team #2....eins, zwei, drei.......YEAAAAA TEAM # 2 ! Thanks so much!

Ken W. in Burlington, North Carolina - Order # 326958 & 185776

II have never had any concerns with your company. It is so efficient and the candies always arrive beautifully packaged and in great shape. I leave it to you as when to ship to avoid sitting on weekend or heat problems. There is no definite date needed for arrival. Mom still has 5 boxes left. Heaven help her this summer. I swear, she will have withdrawls. For 93, she is amazing and if you ask her why, she'll tell you it is her magic liquor beans. Thanks again for everything.

Carol K. in Whitefish, Montana - Order # 327662 /font>

Your service is just excellent!! How you wrap everything ... as if it was gold. Thank you! By the way: it actually is gold to me. (I am German.)

Dörte B. in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Order # 327476

To our Friends at GermanDeli,

We got a real shock Saturday morning when our package arrived. The shipping was super fast. Thank you for such a good job. We always enjoy buying from GermanDeli. Thank you again.

Sigrid F. in Kansas City, Missouri - Order # 326954

I have ordered from GermanDeli a few times and every time I’m satisfied with my order. Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service and the prompt shipment, other businesses should take GermanDeli as an example. I’m also very impressed with your packaging and thank you for always including a German magazine (German World). I’m a very satisfied customer and I will always order from GermanDeli! Thank you again!

Sandra J. in Camp Lejeune, NC - Order # 326837

I received my order of coffee yesterday and am enjoying a delicious cup as I write. One of the things I love about getting a package from you is the thoughtful and delicious Haribo Gummy Bears. I just think it's a nice "Thank you" for you order. Keep up the great work!

Lex P. in Santa Rosa, California - Order # 326675, 298092, 268238 & 13 others!

I received my order yesterday, and I must say that I am VERY impressed with your service. Not only was it very fast, but the packaging was just excellent, and everything was in perfect condition. It was fun to open the package and find first the "German Greeting" on top, then a German newspaper and some Gummibear samples.......the cooler was a perfect fit and the cooling element was still cold.

So, I am very impressed and can only recommend you highly. I am sure I will order from you again in the future. Thank you!

Gerda E. in Ansonia, Connecticut - Order # 326593

Thanks so much for being here. My mother is going to enjoy her little Easter treats. They are all her favorites.

Sabine F. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Order # 327088

One of my favorite places to shop. Their product selection is excellent and unique. My orders always arrive quickly and beautifully packaged.

Annie C. in Valley View, Texas - Order # 325457

Great job, I love the products and again will order from this business.

Seu A. in Tacoma, Washington - Order # 325323

Dear GermanDeli Team:

My order arrived today, and as every time, I am completely happy with the careful packaging and how quickly my order was processed! Thank you again for a job well done!!!

Gisela B. in Columbus, Georgia - Order # 326570

Just wanted to let your staff know that I just received my order, one day after it was shipped from your facility. GREAT service, order was in perfect condition, my bratwurst were still frozen solid! Thanks a bunch for the great care and meticulous packing..... If there would have been a tornado on the ground between Houston and Colleyville and nothing would have been left standing but I'm sure my package would have survived unharmed..... Not even a tornado could damage that package... LOL!

Vielen Herzlichen Dank für mein Paket, zum Abendessen gibt es heute Bratwurst mit Brötchen!

Connie W. in Houston, Texas - Order # 326317

Ich kann ja nicht warten bis meine Order ankommt!! Ich danke im vorraus für excellent Service.

Michaela M. in Quincy, Michigan - Order # 326740

Thank you so much for updating me regarding my order! I enjoy your website and will tell others who enjoy German goodies! Can't wait to get my coffee!

Debbie A. in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Order # 326444

We are first time customers and after reading all the comments submitted to the GermanDeli, we can make only one statement: We totally and unconditionally agree with every one of your customers, there is just nothing left to say except THANK YOU!

Joachim E. in San Diego, California - Order # 325812

I ordered from GermanDeli.com for the first time earlier this week and received my package today. Everything was packaged so well and I love that you guys refund money if the shipping rate is lowered! When I first opened the box I thought it was very cool to have the black cardboard wrapped with a German flag-colored ribbon and an issue of the German World magazine underneath. I will DEFINITELY be ordering again soon! Thank you for your excellent service!

Shannon M. in Elkridge, Maryland - Order # 325691

Absolutely fantastic service and products over 10+ years of shopping. GermanDeli.com is a proud supporter of the US Armed Forces and has delivered to us in Afghanistan for 4+ years.

We all love GermanDeli.com, their products and moral support cards, and the care packages they include!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU from Camp Leatherneck!

Ulrike K. in Afghanistan - Order # 324522

Today I received my second order from GermanDeli.com. I wanted to take the time out and send you a sincere THANK YOU / vielen vielen Dank for the service and products you offer. I live in an area where I do not have regular access to foods from the motherland / Heimat and GermanDeli.com brings me the oh so missed goodies from home. Not only is your customer service truly superior, but the impecable packaging and delivery time is outstanding.

I order quite a bit online but GermanDeli.com has any and all companies beat when it comes to service and packaging hands down. I feel extremely valued and appreciated as a customer when I receive your step by step email updates not leaving out any details. The products are top notch, true German and simply delicious.

To be able to have a company available at my fingertips to receive some real German food is wonderful and you have a life long customer in me. I hope GermanDeli.com will be around for many years to come as we need you as the light at the end of the tunnel, lol. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, danke danke danke!

Daniela W. in Delmar, Maryland - Order # 325624

Thank you for your support of the military and its family. As a veteran and former military brat it is nice to be remembered and thanked.

Mary M. in Lake Orion, Michigan - Order # 325970

Thank you so very much, this is being used for a fundraiser and you being so honest and changing the cost to reflect the correct rates is in my book A+ service. For all my German needs, I will be back and so will my family and friends.

Tammy D. in Spring Hill, Florida - Order # 325717

Thank you very much for the updates. I must say that your Customer Service department is the most communicative and helpful I’ve ever encountered.

John S. in San Diego, California - Order # 325621

Thank you GermanDeli for making the order process not only easy but enjoyable. Team 2 gathers and ships my orders perfectly each time.

Alice D. in Austin, Texas - Order # 325185

I placed my order with your company on Wed, and just received it. Thank you so much for your great customer service. I received several emails from you letting me know the status of my order. It truly is a pleasure to do business with a company that is so dedicated to their customers. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Again thank you from a very satisfied new customer.

Chris W. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 325243

Dear GermanDeli!

I received my shipment and I am delighted with your fast and extremely professional service. Thank you!

I will be back shopping again soon and I'll recommend your site to all my Scandinavian friends here in So Cal.

Helle J. in Carlsbad, California - Order # 324480

Our family is happy, happy that the GermanDeli is available to us. They are our favorite vendor.

Barbara and Merle P. in Georgetown, Texas - Order # 323506

Hello to Everyone at GermanDeli! I got my package today, and right now I'm enjoying the Salmiak licorice - I haven't had that in a few years, and I have sure missed it. It tastes so good, even better than I remember.

I wanted to thank everyone for getting my purchase to me. Please give special thanks to Team 2, who packed my box! They did a FANTASTIC JOB!! It was so neatly packed and secure, I was extremely impressed; everything arrived in perfect condition!

I really appreciate everyone's efforts to get my purchase to me, and I'm looking forward to purchasing online again soon! Vielen Dank!

Teresa M. in Richmond, Virginia - Order # 324814

Alles gut! I just received my latest order and once again I am thoroughly pleased with every phase of the ordering process. I LOVE you guys and am so glad I found you. I will be back again and again and again! I am amazed at your awesomeness!

Renee Z. in Sacramento, California - Order # 324744 & 249324

This is my first order with your company. I am very impressed with your customer service so far. I placed the order yesterday and already have a delivery date from Fedex. Thank you.

Chris W. in Tampa, Florida - Order # 325243

I just wanted to send a message thanking you and everyone at GermanDeli for the card I received with my recent order. Its nice getting a thank you card from someone. Y'all are the reason I do what I do. I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for the quick shipment of my order.

Thank You,

SrA Jaclyn S. (Serving in our Military) - Order # 323609

Thank you so much for the care you apply to your orders! As a consumer I definitely notice and appreciate the time and effort.

Heidi R. in Sandyston, New Jersey - Order # 324937

Thank you so much for the wonderful packaging, prompt shipment, delicious delicious bread, and for charging only true shipping costs. You are a fabulous outfit, we are really blown away. We'll be reordering the bread soon!

Very best regards,

Shelley & Tim S. in Oakland, California - Order # 324227

Package arrived yesterday Saturday in good condition. Ice packs were still hard and cold. Very satisfied. Thank you.

Bert N. in Sparks, Nevada - Order # 324239

Dear GermanDeli team,

I want to thank you for your excellent team work resulting in making your customers happy:

- The entire action from me ordering to YOU packing + mailing took only 1 day. That is unprecedented! It's phenomenal!

- You have packed my goods so well, in a beautifully decorated box. I definitely can testify to your statement 'packed with pride'

- Everything arrived today in excellent order and coolness.

- Now I am looking forward to the time when I will be cooking my beloved German 'Gruenkohl' plus eating 'Schmalzbrot' Hmhmhm.

Thank you once more. I am glad my sister gave me your website.

All the very best for all of you,

Margarete G. in Los Angeles, California - Order # 324099

As before, my opinion is that your company has excellent and speedy customer service skills. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Tanja & Loren R. in Prattville, Alabama - Order # 324570

We enjoyed some of the Nurnberg Brats last night! Sehr Gut!!

Your service and products are simply outstanding, and we will be doing more business with you in the future. Vielen Dank!!

Tony O. in Semmes, Alabama - Order # 324145

It is truly wonderful to get what you pay for in a timely fashion. I have, and will keep purchasing from this merchant.

Hildegard H. in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico - Order # 322617

Thank you Team 2 for so carefully packing my goodies. I also want to say that my Grandchildren are very fond of the Gummibear treats. They seem to smell it. When Oma receives her package, they are always around. Again, thank you.

Job well done!

Mechthild Q. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # 323391, 316592, 286645 & 7 others!

I received my package already today! I just wanted to comment on what a fantastic job you do on your packaging -- excellent!! Thanks again!

Barbara L. in North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - Order # 323708

You all so Rock, you have no idea. Just awesome! Thank you so much!

Michelle B. in Torrance, California - Order # 324301

Thank you so much, this was really fast and easy. Everything received and we are enjoying them very much. Glad I found you and will start letting others know about your site. Danke.

Wayne N. in Moore, Oklahoma - Order # 323906

Danke auch. Alles in ordnung. Have received the box today, March 6. As always, ÿummy, yummy.

Pat & Marlies J. in Conroe, Texas - Order # 323713

Wonderful shopping experience. I will use this site many times.

Ida W. in Jonesboro, Arkansas - Order # 322045 & 322771

Thank you for the update of my recent order and the reduction. Your followups are wonderful and timely. The efficiency of your well run organization will make the German Goodies you provide even more delectable.

Ernie C. in Morrow, Georgia - Order # 323449, 240549, 190371 & 172032

I bought some German pastries for my German-born wife. They must have been delicious because I only got one piece.

Elliott M. in Albany, Georgia - Order # 321736

I really do thank you for, well, a couple of things - communication above all AND the professional dignity to charge what is right, not necessarily what you can.

To have my shipping charges cut almost by half was wonderful and it leaves me that much more money to keep shopping with you in the future!

Thank you!

Ron E. in Oak Park, Illinois - Order # 323198

Even though I have been ordering from you for years it is always exciting to place another order, because I know how wonderfully efficient you are. The products are always exactly the way they were back home in Germany. You guys are incredible and I am so grateful to have you. Your packing crews are superb.

Danke, Danke, Danke.

Veronika L. in Boscobel, Wisconsin - Order # 323744

Dear Melanie and the gang,

You are most welcome (for the positive feedback). Once again you've come through with flying colors!

Your choice of products, your service, everything is impeccable. I received my order last Thursday and it's always a joy when that big box arrives! A bit like Christmas any time of the year! I know what it takes to offer such service, a good deal of coordination, hard work for a lot of people. I want you to know I appreciate it and of course, I have no intention of switching companies! Thanks again or Danke Schon! (can't find the accent, sorry!)

Wilfrid G. in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada - Order # 321742

Thank you! The shipment arrived Friday. Perfectly packaged! ...and delicious food!

Steffi V. in Dudley, Massachusetts - Order # 322998

Dear Folks,

I wanted you to know how wonderfully shocked my friends (Ed & Doris Boudreau) were with your delivery on their birthdays.

The quality & variety were above reproach and they were positively bubbly over the Bauernbrot! Thanks so very much. You really brightened up their week!

Robert M. in Marlboro, New York - Order # 319530 & 103925

Never has any Internet business packaged and packed sales items as good as me! Except for GermanDeli.com! I wish to commend you on your packaging & packing technique!

Your attention to detail is without peer!


Franklin C. in Rock Island, Illinois - Order # 323083 & 64914

Hello. I just received my order today, a day earlier than promised. I just wanted to say how very pleased I am about the packaging and the swiftness with which I got it! And, the little present! (Haribo macht kinder fro!) And old folks like me...lol. It has been a long time since some real German coffee has crossed my lips and am really looking forward to opening this package of Jacobs. I have to wait for the french press that I ordered for this moment. It should be here tomorrow and the anticipation is killing me!

I just can't wait to order the Nürnberger Bratwurst and Brötchen. I told a couple of fallahs at work about them so I have to share now...grrrr.

Danke, Danke, Danke GermanDeli!

Kevin M. in Kent, Washington - Order # 322752

Excellent service and products.

Samuel G. in Nashville, Tennessee - Order # 321527

Thank you. It is always a pleasure to shop through your company. Your service and product selection is top notch!!

Barry B. in Clearwater, Florida - Order # 323169

Been shopping here for many years they are the absolute best.

Richard S. in - Order # 321364

Hallo Inga et al,

Ihr seid Klasse, vielen Dank für die Super Kommunikation und den kundenfreundlichen Service!

Dierk S. in Stamford, Connecticut - Order # 323050

I have just received the package. Thank you. I must say that the service was flawless from beginning to end. It was a delight to open up the box and see how well all was packed. It was clean, methodical and done with finesse. This reminded me of my many trips to Germany.

Thank you very much - I will certainly order again.

Francesca P. in Durham, North Carolina - Order # 322375

I am so thrilled to have found GermanDeli.com. I love their selections and the speed with which I received everything.

Heidemarie De P. in Irving, Texas - Order # 321251

Once again my order came as promised. Thank you so much. I am always pleased with all the products I order, but I was amazed how much money you all saved me by changing the way it was shipped. Most places would not do this.

Thanks again. A little bit of home is always welcome when you can't go home.

Heide J. in Belfast, Tennessee - Order # 145735

I wanted to email you to let you know that your products are fabulous. Your communication is over-the-top and your attention to detail and customer service is spectacular. I am so impressed I have told everyone I know that your organization ranks #1. My Mother Inge is terminally ill with cancer and will not get to go back to her beloved Deutschland Uber Alles and misses the bread so much. She is in the final stages of cancer and doesn't have much of an appetite. As soon as she tasted your bread, it is like she came back to life. It has made her so happy. Thank you for making a positive impact on her otherwise not so good days.

We will be back for more. Have a splendid day!

Diana L. in Eidson, Tennessee - Order # 320039

I recieved my order today and couldn't have been any happier. Delivery was fast. A+ packaging & A+ goodies. Do I have to say more? The best and fresh. Thank you.

Kerstin A. in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Order # 321567

My orders are processed fast with excellent packaging and receiving my goodies is unbelievable....I don't have to miss out on items from 'home' anymore.

Gabriele B.M. in Holyoke, Massachusetts - Order # 320067

The GermanDeli is one of the very best stores of its kind in the country. Great variety of goods, with great communication with the customer, and very friendly service. There is no problem with broken items upon delivery. Everything has been perfectly packaged and all items are listed in an invoice. I have been shopping at the GermanDeli for several years with the utmost satisfaction. One cannot go wrong with this dealer!

Salvatore R. in Eugene, Oregon - Order # 319555, 298317, 287246 & 15 others!

I have always been happy with all the Teams that took care of my Orders. So, Danke zu allen in der GermanDeli.

Renee C. in Russell, Kansas - Order # 319886

I received my first order Saturday. It was promptly shipped and nicely packaged. I received the status emails throughout the process.

Great customer service. It is appreciated. Thanks to all. I will be ordering again soon.

Michael C. in Westerville, Ohio - Order # 321402

GermanDeli has offered me superior service every time I purchase from them. The food or beverages are always well packaged and never broken. Shipping is within one business day. Very friendly and accommodating staff.

Maria L. in Boston, Massachusetts - Order # 320027

I wanted to say thank you so much, for the way you packed my shipment. I have never received a package packed so well. I really wanted to say thanks and I have told all my friends & family. You will hear from me soon again.

Andrea R. in Calimesa, California - Order # 320964

I recently received my package of goodies from GermanDeli.com.

The Japanese are deservedly renowned for their superlative service and living and working here in Japan has spoiled me to the point that I'm usually disappointed by the lackluster treatment I encounter when returning to the U.S.A. But I have to say that your attention to detail and extra touches like the signed thank you note and gummi bears has really impressed me - you could teach the Japanese a few things!

Thank you so much!

Brian D. at U.S. Army Communications Site in Shariki, Japan - Order # 320038

Liebes GermanDeli Team,

Ich habe heute meine Bestellung erhalten und kann Ihnen gar nicht sagen wie sehr ich mich gefreut habe! Wie immer war alles sehr sorgfältig verpackt und kam rechtzeitig an.

Seit einigen Jahren leben meine Familie und ich in den USA und Dank GermanDeli bestellen wir immer etwas Deutsches sobald wir Heimweh haben:) Danke schön!

Mit freundl. Gruss,

Anji M. in Arlington, Virginia - Order # 321223, 250887, 214326 & 3 others!

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I love your company!! Not only are the products you sell wonderful, the prices are incredible and it is packed so well. You guys have some of the quickest shipping I have ever seen, and I love that you take the time to e-mail me to keep me informed every step of the way! You guys are incredible!!! Keep up the great work!

Misty F. in Green River, Wyoming - Order # 320679

Just a quick note to let you know, that my order did arrive yesterday morning Feb. 14 and also, to express my appreciation for your continued quality of service and products. It always is a pleasure dealing with you.

But also must comment, how I am continuously amazed over the perfection and professionalism in which you do your packaging, like a work of art.

Ilse T. in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Order # 319394

I always order from these folks & it's always a pleasure to order from them. Very fast, courteous & very helpful. I love shopping with them!

Jennifer S. in Tioga, North Dakota - Order # 319181

I love GermanDeli!!!! I am actually Austrian, but spent quite some time in Aschaffenburg and in Heidelberg!!! I really miss those wonderful times..........

Erika H. in Pulaski, Tennessee - Order # 321327

Have ordered via website and visited in person at your store for 9+ years. Always been pleased with my purchases!

Jackie J. in Arlington, Texas - Order # 321238

Such efficiency. You can't be on the same planet as the rest of the business world. Thank you.

Paul H. in Bay Shore, New York - Order # 321191

YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for your support to our troops!

Susanne C. in Enterprise, Alabama - Order # 321156

Thank you. To bill the actual shipping cost is extremely good customer service.

Barbara F. in Camarillo, California - Order # 320725

Thank you. It is always a pleasure dealing with your company. Vielen Dank.

B J. in Seaford, Delaware - Order # 320625

Great company with outstanding service. Fast shipping that provided ACTUAL handling information throughout the process. I will buy from them again and recommend them to my friends and acquaintances.

Xavier I. in Alexandria, Virginia - Order # 318878

We just received our first order from GermanDeli and were delighted by the packing - Gute Deutsche Qualitat!!

We ordered a mix of frozen, perishable and non-perishable goods - everything arrived in perfect condition!

The food items we've sampled so far were bursting with flavour and brought back many fond memories of the Heimat! We're looking forward to many more shipments!

Vielen vielen Dank!

Alex & Rob in Dayville, Connecticut - Order # 319592

Thanks Amy - got it and very satisfied - I'll be using you from now on!

Paul D. in Peyton, Colorado - Order # 320342

The service at the GermanDeli is without fault. The staff is friendly and helpful and the service is fast and reliable.

I do not know what I would do without that company.

Klare S. in Las Vegas, New Mexico - Order # 318625

This is and was always the best packing I have ever received with any online order. Perfect and thank you so much.

Barbara G. in Moultrie, Georgia - Order # 316766

Wow!! I am impressed. I received my order today. The packing job was superb. Everything was as ordered.

I appreciate the reduction in the shipping charge too. It shows that you practice the good old German "Dienst am Kunden". I will recommend you to my friends.

Astrid D. in Fredericksburg, Virginia - Order # 319624

Received my package yesterday the 8th. Unbelievable Service and fantastic products. Thank you!

Michael R. in Johnson City, Tennessee - Order # 319987

Excellent service, great choices and they keep you informed when there is a product you want but isn't in stock. I had forgotten about an update request I had made for a decorative tile and was pleasantly surprised when I received the notice that it was in stock.

Their sausagefest boxes are incredible and the price for the amount of food you get is great. I wish we had a GermanDeli where I live. Wouldn't it be great to open satellite stores during certain holidays? Oktoberfest, Christmas, Easter... a girl can dream!

Colleen C. in Niceville, Florida - Order # 318257

Packed well and safe lightning fast shipping, will be back for more, thanks.

Marion K. in Houston, Texas - Order # 318231

Es macht uns Spass hier einzukaufen.

Hans-Joachim P. in Alliance, Nebraska - Order # 320278

I had to email you to let you know I am so impressed with the service I have received from your company. What a delight in this day and time!!! At this point, I'm not sure if it even matters if the bread is tasty! Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Diana L. in Eidson, Tennessee - Order # 320039

Wow, thank you very much. I am currently living in Germany and I was so happy to find your company so that I could ship a few German treats to my family in the States.

This is the first time that I have used your company and have already told others about how impressed I am with the site and the service that I have received.

I will definitely be placing orders in the future. Vielen Dank!

Sara J. in Germany - Order # 320003

Customer service is better than any other place I have ever shopped at!!!

Monique K. in Kermit, Texas - Order # 317739

Thank you for the wonderful packing and presentation – I have ordered the rose hip jam from 2 other suppliers in the past – but they could not match your careful packing. Thanks.

Liz H. in Woodbine, Maryland - Order # 318855

Excellent service, very professional. I received an email everyday with the status of my shipment and any additional changes. I am very satisfied with the whole service from start to end, very dedicated. Thank you.

Veronica R. in Williston, Florida - Order # 317583

I'm very pleased with the company. The personnel is very helpful and friendly and the merchandise diversified.

Helga L. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 317436

Dear GermanDeli owners and staff,

I just wanted to take moment to thank you all for my order which I just received today February 3rd. Your emails, your excellence in details and packaging and prompt shipping and final receipt have thoroughly impressed my wife and myself. My father-in-law, Karl spoke highly of ordering from the GermanDeli and now we know why first-hand with this our first order with you. I have no doubt that you will be receiving future orders from us. I commend you for the quality of all that makes up, "The GermanDeli."

Thank you all.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Richard and Joy H. in Torrington, Wyoming - Order # 318879

I received my order....I want to say I was very impressed with the packaging of the items!

My 4 year old daughter also appreciated the bonus gift of gummi bears!!!

I will definitely order from GermanDeli again! Thank You.

Aaron P. in Hebron, Kentucky - Order # 318961

GermanDeli is doing a great job in keeping their customers happy. Thank You to everyone at GermanDeli!

Dagmar B. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 317000

All of you at GermanDeli always do a great job... Thank you very much.

Christine D. in Crimora, Virginia - Order # 319243

I received this order today and wanted to extend my compliments to you. Your prices are fair, service and shipping prompt, and everything arrived as promised. I will definitely be back and will recommend you to anyone else who might have a Haribo addiction. :)

Thanks again!

Mishele K. in Chicago, Illinois - Order # 318705

Order arrived today in good condition. Thanks to Team 3 for excellent packing!

Elfriede B. in Mountain Home, Arkansas - Order # 318377

As always, your customer relation and service is above standard.

Monika M. in Crystal Lake, Illinois - Order # 318987

GermanDeli has consistantly delivered the highest quality of products and all facets of service. We have been very satisfied customers for several years and we plan to be customers for many years to come.

Gary C. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 317044

I've ordered several times from GermanDeli.com and have never been disappointed. Being able to order a taste of home and having it at my doorstep in as little as two days is fantastic! I recommend GermanDeli.com to anyone, especially those who miss the food from Germany. Wunderbar!

Renee F. in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina - Order # 316980

Thank you so very much once again for being the best run company in the country! Each and every one of you are the best.

Franz K. in Clymer, Pennsylvania - Order # 318378

It's always a pleasure to shop with your company! Thank you!

Cathy R. in Nampa, Idaho - Order # 318750

Once again, a very satisfactory shopping experience. Just the packaging brings a smile to my face! DANKE SCHOEN!

Marga D. in Great Falls, Virginia - Order # 316667

I have never had perfect service until I dealt with GermanDeli.com! They have shown me that the other companies are second best and I want a company that is Top rated! That Top Notch company is GermanDeli.com

Patricia G. in Princeton, West Virginia - Order # 316473

Perfekt wie immer!!!

Ingo S. in Tarpon Springs, Florida - Order # 316504

Want to thank you all for keeping me updated on my order letting me know my charges and keeping my shipping costs down. Not too many companies look out for you like you all do. I have passed the word around for people to check out your website. So thanks Inga,Gina,and Jim for getting my order together and getting it shipped out!! Have A Great Week!!

Vickie H. in Harrisonburg, Virginia - Order # 318179

Looking forward to doing more business with them. If there were a rating higher than excellent, they would receive it.

Jack M. in Roswell, New Mexico - Order # 316299

Everything is excellent about GermanDeli.com! Keep up the good work! :)

Brenna W-R. in Portsmouth, Iowa - Order # 316353, 305059 & 302632

This is my first order with GermanDeli and I have to tell you that your customer service is incredible! Thank you so much!

Rena T. in Vandenberg AFB, California - Order # 317116

Dear Mary, and the Entire GermanDeli.com Team,

I want to tell how happy I am with the service I have received from your company! I have ordered from you twice and had the orders sent once to my son in Chicago, and once now, to my son in New York. Believe me, I had my concerns about sending perishables all the way from Texas to those far away locations, but you guys have done an amazing job! The food is outstanding, and your service simply outshines any I have dealt with online. Thank you for making these shopping experiences so pleasant for me and my family! I will certainly be ordering again!

Ivy S. in Lugoff, South Carolina - Order # 316950 & 306197

To the Employees of GermanDeli,

Y'all are PHENOMENAL!!! I can't say enough good things about you. Your exceptional customer service (all good when I've had to call!), attention to detail, the fabulous service, your high-quality products at a reasonable price, charging for the ACTUAL cost of shipping, keeping the customer informed the moment an order is placed to receiving the product with your updates along the way and your thoroughness beginning with placing an order.

You certainly know how to treat your customers right and in today's retail market--you're one in a million!!! You stand out above the rest! As a customer for years, I have touted your company to others and will certainly continue to do so.

Thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you.

P.S. I have written a review which is currently posted for the 7 pc Liqueur Chocolate Sampler dated November 16 giving my accolades.

Micki M. in New Braunfels, Texas - Order # 317056, 296727 & 176992

To the entire GermanDeli,

Thank you again for the prompt service you apply to all of your customers. I just received my goodies and I am always elated when it arrives. Thank you for an excellent service. Thank you too for the Gummi Bears.

Greetings from the Tarheel state North Carolina,

Mechthild Q. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # 316592, 286645 & 269431

I was very impressed with the amazing and timely service and packaging of the order. Loved the gummy bear surprise on my package.

Angelika A. in Miami, Florida - Order # 297049

I just wanted to thank you all so much. My mother's husband grew up in Germany and turned 70 this week. Receiving the package from you was really a highlight of his birthday! Your customer service has been spectacular and I will recommend you to anyone who asks! I will order from you again and again!

Melanie R. in Edwards, California - Order # 316977

I just wanted to write to say thank you!!! I ordered several different boxes of Lebkuchen last week and it arrived very promptly via Fed-ex. My first pleasant surprise was the great prices on the products. Then I was thrilled when I was notified that $2 was deducted from the shipping costs before the order went out.

Today when the package arrived, I marveled at the care with which everything was packaged. I've never seen anything packaged so well before. It was so gorgeous, I could feel the love wrapped in every box! I'd like to personally thank everyone on Team 2 for such a great job! Finally, the Lebkuchen is delicious! I've never been to Germany but I feel like you gave me a little mini-vacation there with this order. It was such a treat ordering from you and I will definitely do it again in the future. Thank you for everything! You should definitely be proud of the fine job you do!

Beth P. in Columbus, Ohio - Order # 316242

Your customer service is spectacular!

Melanie R. in Edwards, California - Order # 316977

You are the nicest people I have spoke with in a long time, I love everything you have! You will have many orders from me.

Steven S. in Perrysburg, Ohio - Order # 316670

Your last orders were greatly wrapped. Fantastic experience - I am glad you are there!

Ingo S. in Tarpon Springs, Florida - Order # 316504

Speedy service, great selection, love the website.

Heidi C. in Wendell, North Carolina - Order # 314852

Just a great experience, continous updates, excellent service and very fast delivery. Can't ask for anything more, my new favorite store to purchase from!

Claus K. in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Order # 314727

My Order arrived looking more like a nice gift than specialty groceries packed in a box. Communication throughout the fulfillment process was outstanding, not just good. This merchant really sets the bar high in comparative terms and is an example of how to do business. Frankly I am just amazed and very pleasantly so.

John C. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 314629

I love this site! They have excellent selection, and the staff are very professional and really pack your order well to insure everything makes it to you in the best possible condition.

Beth W. in Los Angeles, California - Order # 306582

Thank you for the quick, complete order during the busy holiday season last month. GermanDeli does such an excellent job! Also, we just received our new issue of German Life, and I wanted to tell you congratulations for being featured in the article about German companies in the USA.

Happy New Year,

Randi V. in Buffalo, Minnesota - Order # 307768

This company is fantastic! Not only did they hold the shipment for a day so the perishables wouldn't sit in a warehouse over the weekend, but they refunded the small amount (less than a dollar) that we overpaid for shipping --- TWICE !!! It's been a long time since we were this impressed by any company. We will be back my bratwurst friends ;o)

Judie E. in Gilbert, Arizona - Order # 309408

I have received my order and I am very satisfied with the service, packing and quality. Thank you for all your good work and keep it up.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Ravi S. in Denton, Texas - Order # 315658

Our package arrived safely and we could not be more pleased. The Brats are fantastic and we can not wait to try everything else. Thanks so much for everything. I am sure we will be ordering again soon.

Claudia H. in North Wales, Pennsylvania - Order # 312739

My sister was most impressed to receive her package on Christmas Eve. She was emphatic that I compliment your service and products! I was very impressed with the communication and speed of service, particularly since I expected the package to arrive after Christmas due to my own procrastination. Thank you! Excellent service. Excellent products. Well worth the very reasonable price!

Leigh S. in Southern Pines, North Carolina - Order # 313450

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of your items and your helpful service.

A staff member called to let me know that I could save money on shipping (about forty dollars) because the package could reach our home in time with regular delivery. Sure enough, ten minutes before we were going to open our gifts on Christmas Eve, the package arrived, I placed the presents in gift bags, and the recipient was very happy.

I will continue to order from the GermanDeli and tell my friends about your products. Thank you again.

Patricia L. in Nokomis, Florida - Order # 311984
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