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Anthon Berg Marzipan Plum in Madeira 275g (9.7oz)
Brand:Anthon Berg
Country of Origin:Denmark
Item #:074540988432
Weight/Size:9.7oz (275g)
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If you like Plums and Marzipan, you will love these: Sweet Marzipan (sugar and ground almonds) with plums in Madeira center filling, covered with finest bittersweet chocolate. Beautifully packaged in a Box with ten (10) individually wrapped patties, your marzipan will stay fresh in between those times when you wish to indulge yourself.
Fruchtige Pflaume in Madeira und edles Marzipan, umhüllt von feiner, dunkler Schokolade. Jede Packung enhält 10 einzeln verpackte und dadurch frischeversiegelte Stücke. Praktisch für unterwegs und zwischendurch. Kühl und trocken lagern!
sugar, cocoa mass (chocolate), plums 16%, almonds 11%, apricot kernels, glucose syrup, liqueur wine (Madeira 2% hereof), alcohol, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier (rapeseed/canola lecithin), modified maize/ corn starch, preservative {sorbic acid), acid (citric acid). Minimum 50% cocoa solids in the chocolate. ALCOHOL 1.9% W/W. Allergens: Almonds, milk. May contain traces of nuts.
Zucker, Kakaomasse (Schokolade), Pflaumen 16%, Mandeln 11%, Aprikosenkerne, Glukosesirup, Likörwein (Madeira 2% davon), Alkohol, Kakaobutter, Milchfett, Emulgator (Raps / Canola-Lecithin), modifizierte Mais / Maisstärke, Konservierungsstoff Sorbinsäure {), Säure (Zitronensäure). Mindestens 50% Kakao in der Schokolade. ALKOHOL 1,9% W / W. Allergene: Mandeln, Milch. Kann Spuren von Nüssen enthalten.
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Name: Michele
Review Date: 10/15/2013 7:50 pm
Customer Rating:

The best marzipan and liquor/chocolate confections to be had!
I discovered these while on a ferry from Sweden to Denmark. I bought a box for the new friends I would be staying with for two weeks after studying for a month at Uppsala University in Sweden. The recipients shared them with me. Since then no Christmas has been complete without some type of Anton Berg marzipan and fruit confection!

Name: Jane
Review Date: 1/29/2009
Customer Rating:

The Best ever
I am a serious chocoholic & I have never found anything better than these!!!!

Name: Patricia A.
Review Date: 9/3/2010
Customer Rating:

I am not a chocolate lover. I really don't like sweets but I tried these for the first time from a freind that brought back from a trip, and I had to find them.

Name: Lynne
Review Date: 11/3/2011
Customer Rating:

Boozy chocolate Heaven!
A German friend gave me these as a hostess gift. I have tried chocolates from many European countries, but there are none quite like these !

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