Imported German and European breads, rolls, pretzels, cakes, cookies, pastries, syrup waffles, and more.  At GermanDeli we offer a huge selection of baked or par-baked specialties.  Some are pantry-ready and others just need a bit of baking in your oven.  Get ready for real Brot, Brötchen, Brezeln, Kuchen, Strudel, Plätzchen, Kekse, Schaumküsse, Stoopwafels, and Schaum-Waffeln.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be whisked away to Germany to visit an authentic bakery with all your favorite treats? Since that kind of shopping trip is a bit on the pricey side, it’s time to go with the next best thing. GermanDeli offers authentic fare from Deutschland that will make you feel like you’re eating something made fresh in Berlin, Munich or your favorite German locale. These are the same fresh, delicious bakery items you’ll find in local German bakeries and stores. But you won’t have to travel overseas to get them. Instead, you can order any of our delicious bakery items online with a few clicks and have all your favorite German foods shipped right to your door.

Our GermanDeli bakery selection is full of the many tasty treats you’d expect to find at a real German bakery. Breads, including everything from pumpernickel to broetchen, are available packaged or frozen to ensure freshness. Some of our baked items are so fresh that they were partially baked (par-baked) in Germany, so all you have to do is finish baking them in your own oven.  You’ll also find German favorites like crispbreads, waffles, and pretzels. For satisfying your sweet-tooth, make sure to pick up some snacks from iconic German brands like Bahlsen, Lambertz, and Hanuta.  And no bakery order would be complete without a few streusel cakes, all of which are packaged for freshness upon arrival.

You’ll find all these German bakery treats and more when you shop at GermanDeli. We’re committed to providing authentic, flavorful and fresh foods for all our customers. One bite will take you back to the beautiful landscapes and bustling cities of Germany, the producer of more varieties of bread than any other country. Because we’re the number-one online German food store, you’ll get the best savings on authentic imported foods when you shop our site. Order all your favorite foods today to have them shipped right to your door.