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  • Brand: Landsberg
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 7oz (200g)
  • Item #: 804259000312


Genuine German Hand Cheese made from fine Skim Milk Cheese (64% moisture, 1% milk fat) - 4 pieces. Firmly sealed in a clear wrapper to show freshness and keep the strong odor of this cheese within the package. This cheese is named for the area it is produced in. If you love strong, stinky cheese this one's for you!

Warning: please be aware that our Imported Hand Cheese shipments can vary in the consistency of the cheeses. Sometimes we receive a very soft cheese and sometimes a firmer cheese. It is always a fresh shipment as it sells out immediately upon arrival from Germany. We cannot predict how firm or soft the cheese will be with each new shipment. If you are sensitive to the consistency of the cheese, please reconsider purchasing this product. At the very least, indicate in the "Special Instructions" if you do not want a "soft" cheese. We are not able to refund on this product if it is not the firmness you desire.


Pasteurized skim milk, cheese culture, salt, spices, rennet. Keep Refrigerated!!

Description in German

Deutscher Handkäse: 1820 von einer Bäuerin in Groß-Gerau erfunden und auf dem Wochenmarkt zu Mainz verkauft.

Reifungszeit: 24 bis 26 Stunden

Konsistenz: geschmeidiger, fester Teig

Geschmack: mild pikant, bis pikant, unverkennbares Aroma, mit oder ohne Kümmel

Ingredients in German

Pasteurisierte Milch, Käse Kultur, Salz, Gewürze, Lab. Gekühlt lagern!

Marinated Hand Cheese:


1/2 cup cider vinegar

1/2 cup beef broth

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 chopped onions

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

1 Tablespoon caraway seeds

Combine above ingredients to make a marinade. Add 1 lb. sliced Hand Cheese, toss to coat, and let sit 1-2 days covered in the refrigerator. Serve with crusty bread or wheat crackers and butter accompanied with apple cider.


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Harzer Roller

Hand Kaese mit Musik, gibt es etwas besseres?

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Harzer Kaese

One of the best Cheeses in the World. Delicate and extremely tasty. The smell is most interesting and makes you even more hungry..........

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Deutscher Kaese

dieser Kaese erinnert mich immer an Germany und ich wuerde ihn nie missen. Superlecker und Kalorienarm.

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Harzer Käse

very good when available

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