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Ready to fire up the grill? We've got the perfect solution! Try the gift box that includes plenty of German-style sausages. It also has the "fixins," like red cabbage, sauerkraut, German pickles, curry ketchup and German mustard. Order now for your next get-together.

This "Grillfest in a Box" includes:
  • One Sweet German Mustard 
  • One Med/Hot German Mustard
  • Two packages of German Sauerkraut

  • Two jars of German Pickles

  • One jar German Red Cabbage

  • One bottle Curry Ketchup
    • 8 Bratwurst links 24oz
    • 8 Bockwurst (Weisswurst) links (24oz)
    • 8 Bauernwurst links (24oz)
    • 3 HoWe Breakfast Links (Nürnberger)

        10 links (7oz/ 200g)  


      If the HoWe bratwurst is not available, we will replace it with 2 (Two) Siegi’s cooked Nürnberger packages (1lb) or 2 (Two) Stiglmeier Nürnbergers packages (1lb).

    The products shown in the photo can vary depending on availability. We may substitute with products of an equal or better quality.
    Due to customs restrictions, this item cannot be shipped to Canada.

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Great option

I like this combo of products. Guests get to sample a variety of sausages and it's interactive and kind of fun.

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