Brinker Brötchen 6-Pack, 420g (German Bread Rolls) Frozen
Country of Origin:Germany
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Made in Germany, par-baked, deep-frozen and shipped to the US. From our freezer to yours, you'll be able to enjoy the authentic Brötchen served in many Restaurants and Bakeries throughout Germany today. Conveniently packed 6 to a bag. If Brötchen are frozen, bake 6-8 minutes in a 400°F pre-heated oven. If Brötchen are defrosted, bake for 5-7 minutes in a 400°F pre-heated oven. Place frozen Brötchen on a baking sheet (no need to grease the sheet). Remember to place a cup of water into the bottom of your oven for steam during the baking cycle.  Bake 5-7 minutes until golden brown (baking times can vary by oven, so experiment with yours). Your Brötchen should be very crisp on the outside with a soft center. Perfect with assorted cold cuts or Salamis, Butter and Marmalades, Nutella or Schaumkuesse. Prepare your own Lachsbroetchen or serve with your favorite Bratwurst. Store Frozen.
NET WT. 420g (6x70g); 14.7 ounces (6x2.45oz)

Warning: Not suitable with wheat incompatibility. Contains soya, milk protein and lactose. May contain traces of sesame.

Please note: Despite all manners of shipping dry ice, cold packs, etc., we have found it almost impossible to keep baked items frozen when we ship. The USDA confirms that there is no safety risk to refreeze baked items that have been pre-baked. However, it is best if they are refrozen as soon as you receive the package.
Wheat flour, water, yeast, iodized salt, baking agent (emulsifier: E472e, stabilizer: E412, acidity regulator: E341, E262m. Contains soya and milk), vegetable oil. May contain traces of sesame seeds.
Weizenmehl, Wasser, Hefe, jodiertes Salz, Backmittel (Emulgator: E472e, Stabilisator: E412, Säureregulator:. E341, E262m Enthält Soja und Milch), pflanzliches Öl. Kann Spuren von Sesam enthalten.
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Customer Reviews:

Name: Winifred L.
Review Date: 8/1/2011
Customer Rating:

Brin ker Broetchen

Name: Charles S
Review Date: 9/27/2011
Customer Rating:

Directions on baking was perfect, and the brotchen were perfect. I've been searching for years trying to find brotchen in the USA. FINALLY! Thanks

Name: Rebecca P
Review Date: 12/10/2011
Customer Rating:

Been searching forever for something even 1/2 close to these in the states never found them till now. The directions are perfect. In 10 mins I was in my Aunt's Kitchen in German eating Brotchen w/ butter and then w/ Nurnberger Bratwurst. Pure Heaven. Also ordered Baurnbrot cant wait till I try that! Ordering more real soon!

Name: Marguerite
Review Date: 1/23/2012
Customer Rating:

Love the brotchen and bauernbrot! Smelled so good when baking it! Great with Teewurst. Thank you

Name: John P.
Review Date: 3/12/2012
Customer Rating:

Brotchen are excellent. Take me back to my stay in Germany.

Name: Daniela W.
Review Date: 5/9/2012
Customer Rating:

These broetchen are the real deal. Simply delicious!! They bake up very quicky, the crust is crunchy, inside ncie and soft. Perfect for Bratwurst or enjoy with Nutella. Love them!

Name: Ralph
Review Date: 6/28/2012
Customer Rating:

Fantastic Brötchen
I was a bit skeptical at first... How can Brötchen taste good after being frozen and then baked again? Boy was I surprised. I prepared them according to the instructions and after 8 minutes I pulled them out of the oven. I tapped the crust with a knife, got a nice solid feel outside and a soft thump from the inside. I sliced them open, threw in a Siegi's Long Nürnberger Brat, mustard and I was in 7th heaven. Fantastic taste and texture, just like the ones from the Bäckerei.

Name: MJo
Review Date: 9/13/2012
Customer Rating:

Memories of Home
These brotchen are excellent. They remind of my childhood in Germany!

Name: tim r.
Review Date: 11/10/2012
Customer Rating:

absolutely the best
reminds me of ansbach and vilseck just yummy

Name: Warren
Review Date: 12/7/2012
Customer Rating:

quick way
Just thought I would share that if your in a hurry you can plop one in the micro for 10-12 sec, cut in half, micro another 8 to thaw center, then lay the halves over your toaster turning them over until crisp to your desire. They taste just as good and good for morning rushes.

Name: Jim
Review Date: 7/26/2013 4:54 pm
Customer Rating:

This is just like Germany
What a great product

Name: Anneliese C.
Review Date: 2/7/2009
Customer Rating:

super Broetchen
I will Order again,my Family love this Broetchen.thank you so much

Name: Art
Review Date: 3/7/2009
Customer Rating:

Deja vu
1963 Regensburg Germany Haven't had one since then, but these rekindled every sensory memory I have of that place and time. They are wonderful. Thank you

Name: Michael N.
Review Date: 5/3/2009
Customer Rating:

Brinker Broetchen
Just like in Germany... Awesome!!!

Name: S Davis
Review Date: 1/15/2010
Customer Rating:

brinker broetchen
Just lie the ones i always had while I was in germany. 1965, 1972, and 1982. they go real good with a german beer!

Name: Maike J. C.
Review Date: 5/16/2010
Customer Rating:

Brinker Broetchen
Einfach lecker, wie zu Hause! Sollten die Broetchen aufgetaut sein wenn sie geliefert werden, keine Panik, einfach ins Gefrierfach schmeissen, die Qualitaet leidet kein bisschen

Name: Janine
Review Date: 6/1/2010
Customer Rating:

hmmmm... lecker
Wie zu hause!!Einfach koestlich, Sonntags morgen frisch aufgebacken mit Butter und Salz!!! Koestlich!

Name: Brigitte
Review Date: 8/11/2010
Customer Rating:

Mhm, sooo good!
Just like the Mohnbroetchen, these are simply the best.Just like back home. Thanks, German Deli, for makiing these available to us. I'm back for more!

Name: Denise
Review Date: 2/4/2011
Customer Rating:

These are the best Broetchen.....just like home! Wunderbar und schmecken super!

Name: Maria
Review Date: 3/7/2011
Customer Rating:

These are just wonderful. I am ordering them for the 3rd time.They are so yummy warm and fresh out of the oven!!

Name: Ruth V.
Review Date: 3/10/2011
Customer Rating:

I just received these today and could not wait to try one. They are wonderful and take me back to our honeymoon in Bad Harzburg, almost 35 years ago. Worth every penny!!

Name: Warren
Review Date: 4/11/2011
Customer Rating:

Been searching for these since I left Germany. Thanks for bringing them to the US GermanDeli.

Name: Lisa P
Review Date: 4/21/2011
Customer Rating:

These were so yummy. I was very pleased with the quality and how they baked. Wish they would come in an 8 pack, they were eaten up in seconds! It brought me back to my days in Germany, I had teewurst with them, my Favorite. I got a gift certificate for my birthday.Best gift I got.