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Daim Candy Bar, 1oz
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Weight/Size:1oz (28g)
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Is the cheekily irreverent confectionery snack that delivers a surprisingly intense taste explosion through the contrast between the smooth milk chocolate shell and the crunchy almond caramel center.
Daim ist ein schwedisches Traditionsprodukt mit einer leckeren und knackigen Kombination aus Karamell und Schokolade. Ob die leckeren Daim Dragées, die crunchigen Daim Riegel oder der Klassiker: Alle haben einen unwiderstehlichen, knackigen Kern aus Butter-Mandel-Karamell umhüllt von feiner Vollmilchschokolade.
Sugar, vegetable shortening (canola, palm and coconut oils), cocoa butter, lowfat milk, butter, chocolate, almonds,lactose, sweetened condensed skim milk, milkfat, salt, soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanillin (artificial flavor). Contains milk, almonds, and soy!
Zucker, Pflanzenfett (Raps-, Palm-und Kokosöl), Kakaobutter, fettarmer Milch, Butter, Schokolade, Mandeln, Milchzucker, gezuckerte Kondensmilch Magermilch, Milchfett, Salz, Soja-Lecithin (Emulgator), Vanillin (künstliche Aromen). Enthält Milch, Mandeln und Soja!
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Name: grannyles
Review Date: 2/11/2012
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Hard time finding these in the US --myfavorite European airport purchase.

Name: Elizabeth
Review Date: 3/2/2012
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Best Candy EVER
When I was a little girl my neighbor was German and when she would go home to visit her Mom she would always bring me this candy back, it was always a special treat. I absolutely Love this candy!