Dr. Oetker Kaese-Sahne Tortencreme 170g (Cheese Cake Cream 6.3oz)
Brand:Dr. Oetker
Country of Origin:Germany
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Weight/Size:6.3oz (170g)
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Attention German Cheese Cake and German Cream Cake bakers! Help is here. Dust off your German recipe cards and get ready to bake those traditional cakes if Dr. Oetker's Tortencreme is called for. If you can't find your recipe, simply use the cake recipe included on the back of package. For the authentic, traditional German Cheese cakes this is a must-have. Package also includes Decorator Sugar for the finishing touch to your cake. The Cream Powder in this box is equal to 700 ml (just under 3 cups) of liquid - 500 grams of Whipped Cream and 200 ml Water. Remember, Quark is always used in the true German Cheese cake.
Käse-Sahne Torte zählt zu den echten Klassikern. Die Dr. Oetker Käse-Sahne Tortencreme wird mit Sahne, Quark und Wasser zubereitet. Neben der traditionellen Herstellung lässt sie sich bestens unter Zugabe von verschiedenen Obstsorten variieren. Mit den Dr. Oetker Tortencremes werden Tortenträume war. Gelingsicher und ganz einfach entstehen Torten-Kreationen für jeden Anlass, die höchsten Genuss versprechen.
Sugar, gelatin, modified starch, citric acid, wheat starch, flavor, gelling agent (E466), salt.
Zucker, Gelatine, modifizierte Stärke, Zitronensäure, Weizenstärke, Aroma, Geliermittel (E466), Salz.
Place cake ring around the bottom layer of the cake. Whip 17.8fl.oz of whipping cream until firm. Mix the package contents with 7.14fl.oz water, and whisk it for approx. 1 minute. Mix the quark in little by little  (17.oz) and then slowly add the whipping cream. Pour everything into the cake ring and cover with 16 cake pieces. Place in refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Remove cake ring carefully with wet knife and sprinkle the cake with décor sugar before serving. Enjoy!
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