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  • Brand: Edna
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 6x3.5oz (6x100g)
  • Item #: 85214-6


  • Ready baked Laugenbrezel 
  • Produced according to typical Bavarian style
  • Great with Weisswurst and sweet Bavarian mustard
  • Each package contains 6 Brezel

Please note: Despite all manners of shipping dry ice, cold packs, etc., we have found it almost impossible to keep baked items frozen when we ship. The USDA confirms that there is no safety risk to refreeze baked items that have been pre-baked. However, it is best if they are refrozen as soon as you receive the package.


Wheat flour, water, rapeseed oil, salt, malted wheat flour, yeast, malt extract (malted barley, water), thickening agent E412, emulsifier E472e, acidulant regulator E524, allergene decree EU 2003/89/EG; gluten and gluten products. 

Contains gluten and gluten products.

Note: Ingredients can change without notice and translation and/or typographical errors are possible. Therefore consumers are advised to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances that might be incompatible for them BEFORE ingestion. The European Parliament directives and amendments pertaining to compulsory food labeling can vary depending on the item in question and producers are not always required to provide a detailed and complete listing of all ingredients. When in doubt contact the manufacturer before consuming this item.

Description in German

  • Laugenbrezel 
  • Hergestellt nach typisch bayerischer Art
  • Passt wunderbar zu Weißwurst und süßem bayerischen Senf
  • Jedes Paket enthält 6 Brezel

Ingredients in German

Weizenmehl, Wasser, Rapsöl , Salz, Weizenmalz Mehl, Hefe, Malzextrakt (Gerstenmalz, Wasser), Verdickungsmittel E412, Emulgator E472e, Säuerungsmittel Regulator E524, allergene Dekret EU 2003/89 / EG; Gluten und Gluten-Produkte.

Enthält Gluten und Gluten-Produkte.

Hinweis: Die Zutaten können sich ohne vorherige Ankündigung ändern und Übersetzungen und /oder typografische Fehler sind möglich. Deshalb werden die Verbraucher gebeten, die Zutatenlisten auf den Verpackungen für Stoffe, die für sie unverträglich sind, vor dem Verzehr zu überprüfen. Die Richtlinien und Änderungen des Europäische Parlaments, bezüglich der obligatorischen Etikettierung von Lebensmitteln, kann je nach dem betreffenden Artikel und Hersteller nicht immer erforderlich sein. Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich bitte an den Hersteller, bevor sie den Artikel verwenden/gebrauchen oder consumieren.

Baking Instructions

Defrost and serve. 

For a crispier pretzel, bake at 320° for approx. 3 minutes.


Most Helpful Reviews :


Pretzels have no salt

I was born and raised in Munich and slightly disappointed by these Pretzels. Although it showed Salt Pretzels there was no salt. The taste is almost like the typical american pretzels and not very bavarian.

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I am in 7th heaven

Since I moved to the US pretzels are one of the German food items I miss most. I have tried many over the years but always got more than disappointed. I was going back and forth between the Annabell pretzels and this one trying to decide which one to order. I'm glad I decided to order the Edna pretzels. They are really good and finally satisfied my cravings. Plus they are salted - as they should be!!!

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Super Brezl

by - verified purchaser
I had to leave Bayern a year ago. I deceided to order these bretzl and I was pleasantly surprised at how lekker they are and that they just need to be heated a few minutes. Thank you for all the memories that you provide for people that miss Deutschland. Danke vielmals! I am ordering more today!

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Edna pretzel

I ordered 2pkg of pretzel
without reading the product description, I assumed they would be like the Annabell-brinker made pretzels. When they arrived I was very disappointed to find they were salted of all things!
Usually, salt packets have been provided before to use as needed. The pretzel I enjoyed in Bad Worishofen was never salted in the local bakery. GermanDeli: I love your products, but yu dropped the ball with these brand of pretzel. I encourage yu to go back to the Annabelle-Brinker brand sans the salt.!!

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Don't know what you are talking about

These pretzels are delicious ! Thank god I didn't go by the reviews because I would have never found out how good those pretzels are. And to you Bavarian fan: Just moisten the top of them with a baking brush with a little bit of water and then sprinkle the salt on and put them in the oven. works great !

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Bavarian Pretzel

well i ordered them for husband who is Bavarian and he likes them. I think they're very good. I just put them in the oven. but I wasn't sure how to get the salt to stay on the tops. but i will figure it out later. they are already cooked. I wondered how I would cook them in the oven because in Germany the oven seems much different then ours in Los Angeles. Finally I have found a German Pretzel I can heat up in oven. Awesome.

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Not very good Brezel

I do not like these. Your Brinker/Annabells Brezeln are so much better. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!

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