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  • Brand: Edora
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 0.5oz (15g)
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Christmas time is gingerbread-time only the right ingredients must be used. Therefore, you should remember in any case, the EDORA gingerbread spice mixture. This blend of spices gives your gingerbread the authentic German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) flavor.

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Cinnamon, anisseed, coriander, cardamom seeds, mace, pimento, ginger, clove, pepper

Description in German

Weihnachts-Zeit ist Lebkuchen-Zeit nur die Zutaten müssen stimmen. Darum sollten Sie auf keinen Fall die Edora-Lebkuchen-Gewürzmischung vergessen. Diese Gewürzmischung verleiht Ihrem Lebkuchen den echten deutschen Lebkuchen-Geschmack

Ingredients in German

Zimt, Anis Samen, Koriander, Kardamom Samen, Muskatblüte, Piment, Ingwer, Nelken, Pfeffer

Recipe for Liegnitzerlebkuchen: Melt 125g butter with 300g honey and 250g sugar; mix 125g grated almonds and 150g currants with 5 tablespoons water an put in the fridge to cool. Stir (the above mentioned) mixture with 2 tablespoons EDORA Gingerbread Spices 3 eggs, 50g cocoa 500g flour, and the ammonium carbonate dissolved in water and potassium carbonate (5g of each) until the dough is firm sprinkle chocolate crumbles over freshly baked gingerbread. Enjoy indulging in it!


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