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Ferrero Kinder Milchschnitte 28g (Milk Slice 0.99oz)
Discontinued by importer due to short shelf life
Country of Origin:Poland
Item #:891128090796
Weight/Size:0.99oz (28g)
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This item is currently out of stock
Kinder Milchschnitte has a high content of pasteurized milk. Therefore, it?s a nutritious snack for any time of the day. The perfect snack for school and work, because the Milchschnitte is delicious and adults like it just as much as kids do! The product must be stored in the refrigerator!
Kinder Milchschnitte hat einen hohen Gehalt von pasteurisierter Milch. Also eine nahrhafte Zwischenmahlzeit für jede Tageszeit. Der perfekte Snack für Schule und Beruf, denn die Milchschnitte schmeckt nicht nur Kindern gut! Das Produkt muss im Kühlschrank gelagert werden.
Pasteurized milk (40%), fat and vegetable oil, sugar, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, honey (5%), dehydrated butter, egg [powder, cocoa powder, reduced fat, fine bran, raising agent ( disodium diphosphat, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate) emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavor, salt.
Pasteurisierter Milch (40%), Fett-und Pflanzenöl, Zucker, Weizenmehl, Magermilchpulver, Honig (5%), pulverisierte Butter, Eipulver, Kakaopulver, Fett, feine Kleie, Backtriebmittel (Dinatrium diphosphat-, Natrium-Bicarbonat, Ammoniumcarbonat), Emulgator (Mono-und Diglyceride von Fettsäuren), Aroma, Salz.
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Customer Reviews:

Name: Magdalena P.
Review Date: 1/20/2012
Customer Rating:

I've been eating them since 1981...what a special treat

Name: Susanne M.
Review Date: 1/20/2012
Customer Rating:

I just had quite a few of them over the Christmas Holidays during our vacation to Germany. I've loved those since I was a kid.

Name: Claudia G
Review Date: 1/21/2012
Customer Rating:

I love this, it is my favorite.

Name: C.Andyman
Review Date: 1/23/2012
Customer Rating:

Yum! Yummer! The Yummest!
One of the best treats Ferrero ever invented. As kids we used to mampf Milchschnitte in 5-Packs. Just ignore the nutrition facts. This stuff is a little piece of heaven.

Name: Sandra
Review Date: 1/23/2012
Customer Rating:

Always buy the big box when I am in Germany, can't get enough of it. Too bad that it has to be refrigerated, can't bring some with me.

Name: Nicole
Review Date: 1/28/2012
Customer Rating:

So lecker!
I loved those ever since I was a kid. It was my favorite treat when I still lived in Germany and I'm so happy to find them here...

Name: Thomas M.
Review Date: 2/10/2012
Customer Rating:

I love these and still do
I love the milchschnitte and miss them. i still remember from 2005 when i was in germany what they tasted like.even talking about it now gives me the taste in my mouth. hope to have money so i can buy them and try them again....

Name: Martina
Review Date: 8/30/2012
Customer Rating:

kinder milch schnitte
please do NOT discontinue this products

Name: Susanne
Review Date: 2/2/2013
Customer Rating:

just the best
i've loved those for ages. always get a huge box of them when i go to germany. sadly, since it has dairy in it, you can't bring them with you. :( so i do my best to save up money to get them here when they are available.

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