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Forest Pork Hausmacher Liver Pudding approx. 1lb reviews


Hmmm good!!

Wow, these liver sausages are absolutely the way I remember from my childhood in Switzerland. Every fall they became my favorite. I looked forward to them but in the 40+ years in the USA I have not been able to find these anywhere.

And these Hausmacher liver sausages are just perfect in every way, spices perfect, great texture. I recommend frying rather than heating in the sauerkraut, mine had some punctures in the casing so the sausage leaked out and fell apart in the kraut. I fried the first ones and they worked out great, the best. Just the way I remembered. I have not tried these from Hausmacher before. I am ordering some more right now and will keep getting them.

Be aware these are cooking liver sausages (Kochleberwurst) not for eating as is spread on bread, but you certainly can eat em on toast once cooked. I had mine with sauerkraut and potatoes.

Now I am hoping that Hausmacher will bring the real blood sausages to market,, without the smoked bacon chunks, all blood, to allow for a great and complete Metztgeten experience.

I recommend these liver sausages highly!

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I wish I would've ordered more!

by - verified purchaser
They are delicious! I wish I would've been able to order more. The ones I've ordered came in cold, but were no longer frozen, so ordering several of them and freezing them is unfortunately not an option.

They taste just like they do in Germany!

Can't wait for them to be in stock again.

They do explode easily though when warming them up.

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