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German Food Recipes + Where to shop for Ingredients

GermanDeli.com not only has the largest selection of German food online, but also helps with easy German food recipes. Don't let any pre-conceived ideas about German food stop you from trying some of these delicious recipes. From salads to desserts German food can be a big hit at your home.
As anyone who has traveled across Germany can tell you, there is an exciting variety of regional options.

Seaports in the North of Germany have perfected fish as a dish served fresh or preserved to briny perfection. Sausage-making is an art form throughout Germany and every region is proud of their very own specialty "bratwurst". Aromatic spices bring the warmth of the holidays to the famous "Lebkuchen" cookies famous at Nuernberg's Christkindlmarkt. 

Fruits are picked at peak-flavor in the Odenwald and preserved for that fresh-from-plant taste we all desire. Cows grazing in the Alpine highlands produce the rich cream used in some of the best milk chocolate in the world. And to the amazement of many, Germans have learned how to process coffee beans from all over the world in a way that brings out the rich flavor, without the acids that are unfriendly to stomachs. To learn more about German cuisine visit:

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