Kaiserdom Club-Malz (Non-Alcoholic Malt Beer)
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Alkoholfreies Malzgetränk.

Imported from the Kaiserdom-Privatebrauerei in Bamberg, Germany, Kaiserdom Club Malz is an excellent non alcoholic malt beverage. Enjoy it room temperature or chilled. Include a bottle in a gift basket!
NET WT. 11.2 FL OZ There is a possibility of leakage during shipment. Please order at your own risk.
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Name: Don
Review Date: 4/13/2009
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Shipping and Delivery
My wife ordered me 24 bottles of this and it was packed and shipped to me. Everyone made it safely! WOO HOO Talk about a happy camper!!

Name: Derek
Review Date: 6/24/2010
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Have been trying to find Maltz beer in the US for years, I finally found it! except they're out of stock right now. for shame.

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