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KuchenMeister Rum Stollen in Box 750g (26oz)
Country of Origin:Germany
Item #:052594000645
Weight/Size:26oz (750g)
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"Stollen" is a luxury fruit loaf, which is baked like bread. A typical German Christmas specialty with a very long tradition behind it to be found in almost every German home during the Holiday season. Kuchenmeister is famous for its high quality products. Rum Stollen is made with original Jamaica Rum. Keep cool and dry. Store in an air tight container after opening to maintain freshness.
Hochwertige Zutaten geben diesem Stollen seinen typischen Geschmack. Überzeugen Sie sich von der hervorragenden Qualität dieses Produktes. Ein Genuss für höchste Ansprüche. Kühl und trocken lagern. Vor Wärme schützen.
31% raisins, wheat flour, vegetable fat, water, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, vegetable oil, orange peel, lemon peel, humectant: sorbitol, yeast, 1% Jamaica Rum (40% vol.), wheat starch, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of edible fatty acids and Sodium-2-lactylate, natural flavor, hydrogenated vegetable fat, salt. May contain traces of nuts, egg and dairy products!
31% Rosinen, Weizenmehl, pflanzliches Fett, Wasser, Zucker, Glukose-Fruktose-Sirup, Traubenzucker, pflanzliches Öl, Orangenschalen, Zitronenschalen, Feuchthaltemittel: Sorbit, Hefe, 1% Jamaica Rum (40% vol.), Weizenstärke, Emulgatoren: Mono und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren und Natriumstearoyl-2-lactylat, natürliches Aroma, pflanzliches Fett gehärtet, Salz. Kann Spuren von Schalenfrüchten, Ei und Milchprodukten enthalten!
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Name: Glenda S.
Review Date: 1/2/2010
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Five star rating

Name: Petra
Review Date: 11/1/2011
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Kuchen Meister
This one is really good, but a bit of a warning kuchen meister cakes are great and moist. They are Narrow and come in a rather small package.

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