Milka Toffee Broken Nuts Chocolate 250g (8.8oz)
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Milka Toffee with broken hazelnuts: Crunchy hazelnuts bits in liquid caramel and milk crème, wrapped in Milka's fabulous Alpine milk chocolate. A must have for real chocolate gourmets.
Milka Toffee mit Haselnussstückchen: Knackige Haselnussstückchen in flüssigem Caramel und Milchcreme, umhüllt von zarter Alpenmilch-Schokolade. Ein Hochgenuss für wahre Schokoladen-Gourmets.
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Name: CaptFlood
Review Date: 3/29/2011
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exchange student heaven
An exchange student sent this to us as a token of her frienship. So good, and the milk chocolate was amazing.We're not in Hershey PA anymore, Toto!