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  • Brand: Schaller & Weber
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Item #: 753633001424


  • Lightly spiced pork and veal sausage 
  • Traditionally Weisswurst is served with sweet mustard and is frequently accompanied with sliced radishes, rye bread and beer
Made in the USA - USDA Inspected - EST 5374

Please note: This Sausage is frozen immediately upon delivery to our warehouse. When ordered, we ship the frozen sausages (wrapped in a special ice packing). If your sausages arrive partially frozen - you may place them in your freezer if you wish to keep them frozen. If they arrive defrosted, but still cold, DO NOT REFREEZE the sausages. Keep them in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, no more, or cook

them and freeze the cooked sausages for later use. 

We know our customers are concerned about product dates. The dates on Retail Packages are for products assumed not to be frozen. In those cases, the product shelf-life should be adhered to. However, our products are frozen as soon as they arrive at our warehouse (shortly after production) and kept frozen until shipped to our customers. In the future, all meat products from Schaller & Weber will have packages marked "Sell or Freeze by..." to indicate that we can, in fact, keep the product until the date listed and then freeze it on that date and keep it frozen for another six months.


Pork, water, veal, milk, sodium lactate, salt spices, parsley flakes, sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate flavorings, dextrose, citric acid.

Contains milk

Note: Ingredients and labels can change without notice and translation and/or typographical errors are possible. Therefore consumers are advised to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances that might be incompatible for them BEFORE ingestion. The European Parliament directives and amendments pertaining to compulsory food labeling can vary depending on the item in question and producers are not always required to provide a detailed and complete listing of all ingredients. When in doubt contact the manufacturer before consuming this item.


Simply heat in gently boil water and serve with sweet German mustard for a traditional treat, or make 3 or 4 diagonal cuts in the sausage and grill or fry these fully-cooked brats until browned. Serve with German bread or a crusty roll and spicy mustard or horseradish sauce for a light meal or party. Delicious with cabbage or sauerkraut and German Fried Potatoes (Bratkartoffel)

Try this GermanDeli.com Chef's Secret: For a delicate, crunchy coating, cover the sausages with milk for 10 minutes, then coat the sausages with flour (plain or seasoned). Brown the sausage in a skillet to which you have added vegetable oil. 

You may also place on your grill, turning until all sides are a golden brown. 


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No ! No ! No !

Would you shape hamburger meat into a sausage/wiener shape, then put it on a hot dog bun and call that a hot dog ? No, no, no. Is that edible, yes, but it is not a hotdog.
Would you take a beautiful prime rib and instead of roasting it, slice it into individual slices and fry it ? Certainly not what one wants when ordering prime rib.
Putting a Weisswurst on the grill is a huge sin to a Bavarian. Buy bratwurst for the grill. Lots of types of Bratwurst to choose from, but never, ever, ever Weisswurst !
Wrong for a German deli to give bad directions. Also, do not put Weisswurst into boiling water and cook. Boil water, take it off heat/burner, then place the Weisswurst into the water, put lid on top and let steep (never boil or they will bust)) for 15 minutes. Then you peel off casing and eat with mustard. They are served in the pot and always a pair (2 connected) per person.
Again. Select one of the many types of brats for the grrill or to fry.
The photo is Weisswurst not a Bockwurst.
Would be like showing a picture of an unsliced salami and in parenthesis saying balogna.
Thank you for allowing this Bavarian to get it off her chest !

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Taste great

Very good flavor for a weisswurst that is made in the U.S.A. It will definitely hold me over until I return to germany this year.

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Not a real Weisswurst!

The taste of this BOCKWURST is not too bad, but it is not a real Weisswurst a la Munich! Please impoort ZIMMERMANN's Weisswurst in cans - there are real Weisswurst and delicious! And they habe not to be frozen...!TO: MICHAEL LEINERT from the staff at GERMANDELI:The FDA and USDA do not currently permit the importation of Zimmermann's products to the USA.

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They taqste like Mnich

I would suggest to have the sausages at room temperature and then put them into boiling water. Turn off the heat under the pan and just let them heat thru. This way, you avoid them splitting open.

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Bockwurst is NOT Weisswurst (which is very Bayerissh) & though similarly cooked, is eaten after removing the skin. Bockwurst, like Frankfurters, should NEVER be boiled (they will split, lose taste & consistency) Bring a large pot of water to the boil, put in the (AT ROOM TEMP) Bocks /Franks, cover & immediately remove from heat...Franks 10mins, Bocks 15mins. Remove, let dry & serve with Kraut, Potato Salad or whatever

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These are absolutely wonderful.

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