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  • Brand: Seramis
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 253.61fl.oz (7,5 liter)
  • Item #: 4260376730017


  • Gritty potting granules consisting of 100% clay
  • Perfectly-suited for Orchids, Hoyas, and similar plants
  • Supports the plant's root system without organic matter
  • Minimizes root-rot when used alone
  • Excellent resistance to salt-buildup 
  • Allows for even distribution of moisture and nutrients
  • Product of Germany


100% Clay

Description in German

  • Feinporiges Ton-Granulat
  • Für Zimmerpflanzen
  • Idealer Ersatz für Blumenerde
  • Versorgt die Wurzelballen optimal mit Wasser, Sauerstoff und Nährstoffen

Ingredients in German

100% Ton


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by - verified purchaser
I recently came across this product only to learn it is not readily available almost anywhere in the US. I've been hunting for something like this for my plants for years. Please advertise this product on sites like Orchidboard, Slippertalk, RVorchid, etc. People will gladly buy this and keep buying it.

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