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  • Brand: Thomy
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 8.8fl.oz (250ml)
  • Item #: 4005500087786


Germany's Famous Sweet Mustard from Thomy stems from the Southern area of Germany known as Bavaria. The flavors of this age-old recipe were created to compliment some of the specialty foods from that region. Now, of course, it's served all over Germany for a variety of dishes. Most commonly it should accompany Weisswurst (White Sausage) and fried Leberkäse. Made from fresh-ground Yellow and Brown Mustard Seeds. Refrigerate after opening.


Water, mustard seeds, sugar, vinegar, iodized salt, spices, acidulant.

Description in German

THOMY Süßer Senf wird aus Gelb- und Braunsenfsaaten hergestellt. Er ist eine bayerische Spezialität, die an bayerische "Schmankerln", wie Weißwürste und Leberkäse, den ganz besonderen Geschmack bringt. Thomy Süßer-Senf wird aus ganzen Senfkörnern, die frisch gemahlen werden, hergestellt.

Ingredients in German

Wasser, Senfkörner, Zucker, Essig, jodiertes Salz, Gewürze, Säuerungsmittel.


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