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What I Miss About Germany

Please share the wonderful things you miss about Germany with visitors to the GermanDeli.com website.  We welcome all positive comments (in German, English, or a mixture of both).  Try to limit your message to 75 words or less, if you can.  We may need to edit your posting.

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Hello, this is Evelyn from Austria....

I've written before. I write this in English, although I haven't forgotten my German.

I said I'm hoping to go back for good. Well...that's easier said than done. I'm sad to realize that after 30+ years in the US, it's hard making a living back home again.

Here are some personal facts to help you understand what I mean. Social Security is most likely better in Germany IF you stay there!! My German husband passed on in the US, but I can't get any of his German retirement-pay in Germany because we were divorced at time of his death and that cuts it down to zero benefits.

Although we were married for 20+ years, the Germans go by time of death... so I would have nothing to live on, going back for good.

My own working years were only 6.5 years between marriage (Hochzeit) and Immigration to US and not enough to get groceries (Lebensmittel) for even 1/2 months (cost of living has gone up there too.)

So it looks like my only option is to go back for a visit w. my sisters, living in Vienna and not going back for good. :-(

And if you think finding a job here in US is hard now, In A (Austria) they consider you too old after 50 years. I don't know about G (Germany) or D (Deutschland) ...If you are still dreaming about MOVING BACK, make sure you do your own research before you take this gigantic step.

If you visit your Homeland....take advantage of all the Kultur available there, and enjoy the foods from GermanDeli in between "visits."

Evelyn (Salzburg,A/ Stuttgart, D) and now 'stuck' in OK

After not being able in 10 years, I finally visited Germany and my family who lives in Hannover for the whole month of December in 2014. Many times I was thinking what I am missing about Germany but I had no idea how much it really was until I spent nearly 5 weeks there.

First of all, of course my family and second (all of them are second!) the food, neighborhood stores with their unbelievable variety of bread cold cut and cheese, outdoor cafes, Christmas Markets, bakeries, public transportation, variety and amount of great small restaurants, enjoying the fact that I CAN leave a tip, farmers markets (produce, baked goods, fresh fish, meat, game, cheese, Mediterranean delicatessen, flowers etc), free entry to the Hannover Winter Zoo after 4pm, beautiful old architecture, church bells, people and culture, the Gemütlichkeit, several weeks of paid vacation without being afraid if your job is secure (same goes for being sick) and more.

For 18 years I am now living here in the States and as much as I enjoyed being in Germany again, I was looking forward to go home again to the country of my choice.

Angelika from Essen/North Rhine Westphalia now in Nevada

I am from "Lower Bavaria" (Niederbayern) a little village named Lalling about 10 miles from Deggendorf. In 2002 my wife and I visited my old home and I had a chance to see some of my old friends I had not seen for over 50 years.

The "life" there is much simpler and easy going and "traditions" are still meaningful. Yes, I miss some of those "traditions" and my old Friends.

There has been some modern changes, but they are minimal. I am mostly speaking about lower Bavaria and the Bavarian Forest Region.

I have also lived in Nuremberg and enjoyed going to the Christmas Market. In school we built "colorful paper lanterns" and all the school children carried them up to the castle. A tradition still followed today.

Remember we live in the United States of America , a great country and some of the things we miss are available here.

There is also a lot of natural beauty like your national parks that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Klaus in Ohio

Ein frohes Fest und zum neuen Jahr all das, was das Leben sinnvoll und lebenswert macht.

What I miss ? Vieles, aber speziell zu Weihnachten die Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit der alpinen Seitentaeler, wo die Welt immer noch einigermassen heil zu sein scheint. Kirchenglocken, Gerüche von Weihnachtsbäckerei, die Konzerte in kleinen Kirchen, Besuche von Nachbarn mit kleinen Köstlichkeiten, Klänge von Stubenmusi die von Bauernhöfen oder Gaststuben klingt, die Perchten und Kramperl...und so vieles mehr


What I really miss about Germany : I miss the smell of the wood burning in the mountains, being able to go to Belgium, the multivitamin juice, the raisin bread, the dark chocolate, the different Kräuter!


11. 11. FASCHING. Die Umzüge, die Stimmung, Gerede von der Bütt, das sind alles Erinnerungen. Ob es heute noch so ist?

Andrea von Frankfurt, jetzt in Washington State.

Gastwirtschaften mit herzhafter Küche, richtige Biergärten, wirklich alte Gebäude z.B. aus Stein (und nicht aus Sperrholz und Plastic) und das Gefühl das alles “echt” ist, Historie und KULTUR!

Und trotzdem liebe ich America. Unkompliziert - und wunderschöne NATUR.


An Alle.....

I told you I'll write again...

Ich vermisse meine Berge,..... und Schlagsahne zu allen meinen Kuchen und Torten...Als Österreicherin, Sachertorte mit Schlag, (special Chocolate Cake w. Raspb. Creme layers) -- Ich glaube die gibts nicht in Deutschland, Specialty of Austria!

Schlagsahne ist auch gut im Kaffee, anstelle von 'Kreamers' (in den US trinke ich meinen Kaffee 'schwarz' no creme no sugar.)

Musik-Konzerte am Marktplatz -- ich glaube die waren jeden Samstag gegen Abend in den Sommer Monaten - (late pm after Stores closed ca. 6-9pm)...

Bis zum nächsten Mal


Grüße an Alle die Deutschland vermissen...

Ich bin gebürtige Oesterreicherin, mein Mann war Deutscher (verstorben in 2003). Er wollte nach America, dachte es wäre besser, aber das Grass ist wirklich nicht 'grüner'!

Ich habe jetzt seit 1978 hier gewohnt, bin aber nie Amerikanerin geworden und hoffe bald für ganz wieder Heim zu gehen. Zu Weihnachten ist es immer am schlimmsten mit Heimweh, der Christkindl-Markt, das Essen, Kirchenglocken, Normale Geschäftszeiten (nicht 24/7), die Liste ist endlos!!!

Habe erst vor kurzem die Webseite von GermanDeli entdeckt - Gott sei Dank! Das hilft ein bisschen wenn man das Essen vermisst. Das dunkle Schwarzbrot, die Wurstsorten etc. [ I was delighted when I found the cakes made in Germany, zb. Pflaumenkuchen !! German-made Käsekuchen, Apfel-Streussel-Kuchen etc. ]

Most Online Warehouses don't send anything fresh like Dairy, Wurst, Käse, (nur im Geschaeft zu erhalten) aber in meiner Stadt gibts nichts Deutsches. Bin so froh das ich GermanDeli gefunden habe.

I agree 100 % mit Udo's Bericht vom 17. Juni - Krankenversicherung etc.

Wenn mir noch mehr einfällt, was ich vermisse, schreibe ich wieder.

Alles Gute


I miss many things; first the delicious food and generous portions.

GermanDeli can handle most if not all of my taste needs. Secondly I know the real Germany going on 50 plus Volksmarches in 1984-88 time period. Saw hills, mountains fields, small villages, country lanes not your Frankfurt/Cologne certainly. Miss it all...


Wayne U.

I lived in Germany two different times, as my father was in the Army. The first was from 1983-1985 in Pirmasens and the second from 1990-1995 in Kaiserslautern. What I miss most is the food. It was always delightful and most scrumptious. I also miss the Gummi Truck that came around every afternoon that was stocked full of nearly every candy/gummi you could imagine. I wish that I could go back to live there forever. It is just such a beautiful country, rich in history and plenty of sights to see. If I had one wish, it would be to move there permanently with my husband and children so that they could experience how wonderful the country is!


What I miss most about Germany is the people and culture! The Germans are what makes Germany great! There is no doubt in my mind that the world would be a much better place if it were germanized.

James C.

I miss Germany. The transport system was great and reliable.... I miss the food, pretzel most especially and I so miss the forest and playgrounds and lastly I miss my host family....big up to family Von Waldow in Frankfurt-Bad Homburg.

Every time I read the "What I miss about Germany," I remember another thing. I so miss the outside cafes, the Church Bells, the quiet hours and even Spargel. It took a while to get used to eating the white Spargel, which grew in our area close to Gross Gerau, but now I so miss it, and I miss the weekend flea markets. I am an American, but I am so homesick for my adopted country.

I am from Bielefeld, Westfalen. Besides missing everything mentioned in previous comments I dearly miss Westfälischer Pickert, das Aroma von gebrannten Mandeln am Weihnachtsmarkt, Fischbrötchen, das jährliche Weihnachtskonzert in der Oetker Halle, das Weihnachtsmärchen im Stadt Theater, Spaziergänge durch den Teutoburger Wald, Apfelkuchen mit Schlagsahne im Cafe der Sparrenburg und ganz besonders die Kirchenglocken!!!!!

from Uschi in Quincy, Massachusetts

Nachdem in der britischen Militär Community für etwa 15 Jahre gelebt, die Ausgaben etwa 2 Jahren jeweils in Lüneburg, Minden, Hilden, Verden / Aller, Mönchengladbach, und Rheindahlen und das, was ich am meisten vermisse ist die über Deutschland 6 Maisbrot. Kein UK Bäckerei macht es, soweit ich weiß. Sehr schade!


Louis FR in Bournemouth, England.

I took a family trip to Germany last year with my boyfriend’s family. He grew up there and lived there until his parents returned to the U.S. when he was in his early 20s. We spent two weeks there and I have been homesick ever since! One trip is all it took to make me fall in love with the people and the culture. I have traveled to other places, but none of them touched my heart the way Germany did.

I miss waking up to the bells of the Dom and strolling through the Kurpark in Wiesbaden. What I would give to have five minutes in that park right now! I am so excited to find your website, GermanDeli.com! Being a schnitzel fanatic, I can at least get a taste of Germany until I find my way back there.


Ach Du liebe Zeit. - What do I miss about Germany.

So viel.

Ich lebe hier in Los Angeles seit ca 22 Jahren und komme aus Augsburg. Obwohl nun die USA meine "Heimat" ist, ich vermisse meine Familie und Freunde. Den Geruch von frischen Brötchen aus der Nachbarschaftsbäckerei, das gemuetliche Essen in einem Wirtshause in dem man stundenlang mit Freunden oder Familie sitzt ohne die Rechnung hingeknallt bekommt und mehr oder weniger zum gehen veranlasst wird, gut essen, einen guten Schnapps danach und dann Kaffee und Kuchen (vor allem Käsesahnetorte). Ich vermisse die kleineren Bierfeste in jeder Stadt. Ich vermisse sogar am Samstag, Sonntag und Feiertage, dass die Geschäft zu sind und man wirklich merkt, dass es das Wochenende ist oder ein Feiertag. Ich vermisse meine Sprache und Kultur. Den öffentlichen Verkehr und unsere sozialen Absicherungen, wie Krankenkasse für alle, gute Mieterrechte und Arbeitnehmerrechte. Einen schönen langen Urlaub ohne Angst zu haben die Arbeit zu verlieren. :), ich vermisse sogar die Pruede von manchen meiner Landsleute. Seit ich hier in den USA lebe, habe ich gelernt mein Heimatland zu lieben und zu vermissen und zu respektieren. Denn ich habe in den Jahren hier gelernt:

Das Gras ist nicht immer grüner woanders.

Doch um meine Wehmut nach deutschen Lebensmittel zu lindern, gibt es Gott sei Dank "GermanDeli.com". Das macht es um einiges leichter. :)


Hello - I live in the UK since 2000 with my British husband and we have 2 girls born here. The longer I am here the more I miss my family back home in Germany. I would like to say hello to Rita who also posted here earlier. I am from Amberg too :-) my Email is jesslina2 @ gmail dot com.


We just moved back to the US last month from Germany after 5 years of living there as active duty military. Several of my most favorite German cake recipes that I got from my German co-workers require Eierlikör and I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to find it here. I happened upon this site in search of the Lotus Karamellgebäck cookies (my vice) and found a post about Eierlikoer. THANK YOU ULRIKE for sharing this recipe on 1/4/2014. I am making up a batch tonight since I have all the ingredients. I came home with probably 100 packets of vanilla sugar!! Like everyone else, I am missing my local Bäckerei and of course the Edeka down the street from my house. I am still having a hard time getting used to the US supermarkets again.

Thanks for your website!!! At least I know that on occasion I can get a few things that I miss.


I miss the afternoon tea, the Brötchen. I like the way of life.

My father came to the US via Ellis Island. He first settled in Chicago, then on to Northwest Iowa. He came from Emden, Germany up by the North Sea.

I have visited Germany 6 times. The last time was in May of 2013. I would so love to go again, as I still have cousins in Northern Germany. My father's family home is still there. It has been remodeled into a very nice home. One of my cousin's daughters owns it. I miss the cousins if I had the $$$$ I'd go back.


Hallo Leute, howdy folks :-)

Mein Name ist Markus. Ich selber lebe in Deutschland und war leider noch nie in den USA, aber ich interessiere mich für die Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft.

Da bin ich durch Zufall auf GermanDeli.com und das Forum What I Miss About Germany gestossen.

Viele Leute schreiben das sie grosses Heimweh haben und deswegen wollte ich einfach die Gelegenheit nutzen und allen einen schönen Gruss aus good old Germany schicken.

Habt eine gute Zeit und wenn ihr mögt und könnt dann kommt doch einfach mal über den grossen Teich in die alte Heimat zu Besuch auf Brötchen, Bier, Schnitzel und Kartoffelsalat.

Grüsse aus Norden(Ostfriesland),


Markus' message in English:

Hey Folks,

My name is Markus. I live by myself in Germany and I must admit that I have never been in the U.S.

But I am quite interested in German-American Friendship. So I happened to find GermanDeli in the WWW and this "What I miss About Germany"-Forum.

I couldn´t help but notice that many of the Users there are homesick. So I´d like to take the opportunity to send Greetings from good ol´Germany to all these folks.

Have a good time there and if you's like to (and are able to) then visit the old "Heimat" in order to enjoy some Brötchen, Schnitzel, Beer and Potato salad.

Greets from Norden(East Frisia),


What I miss most are my German father and grandparents who were from the Frankfurt am Oder region in Germany.

My German father Gerhard and his parents Erich and Anna came to the U.S. in 1927 by boat via Ellis Island and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I was conceived in Austria in a little town called Vöcklebruck, where my father and mother were living while he was in the U.S. Army in 1947. My mother returned to Milwaukee for me to be born as most of our relatives were there.

What I miss most are the outstanding Sunday noon German dinners that my grandmother Anna prepared, which were always waiting on the table after we arrived from church. Anna was an exceptional cook while my grandfather Erich was a fine baker, besides being an engineer, making the best butter stollen I have ever eaten.

I have tried many times to duplicate the stollen and grandma's potato dumplings with Sauerbraten, but have never made it as well as she.

I also really miss the many parties my grandparents held whenever a relative had a birthday to celebrate. Ahhhh....the steak tartare, real German sourdough rye bread, my mom's German Potato salad (which I have mastered), and the special desserts that were always present.

My father passed away in 1989 and my mother Ruth is doing fine at 93 years young.

I was fortunate to work for two companies that allowed me to travel to Europe many times, particularly Germany, Austria, and Italy.

I have many great memories of Germany including many Oktoberfests, trips down the Rhein, traveling the Fairy Tale Road as our last name is Grimm, seeing where my grandparents were from (Fünfeichen), castle hunting, and enjoying Bavaria and the German Alps among others.

The high point of my last trip with my then recent bride Carol, was attending the 2010 Passion Play in Oberammergau with several other lifetime close friends. It was very special indeed....something you never forget.

We have already started to plan a trip back to Germany to enjoy the 2020 Passion Play and maybe a trip or two in between.

What I really miss about Germany are the Backerei and buying the various rye breads and Brötchen for a quick lunch with my favorite sausage, the Grobe Mettwurst, which I cannot find here in the U.S.. The taste of these German made foods is unmatched.

Unmatched until I discovered the GermanDeli. I have bought many German made items over the last several years, but especially like the Brinker German Sourdough rye bread and Brötchen and a variety of the brats and sausages. Thank you GermanDeli!

But if anybody knows where I can buy the real German style Grobe Mettwurst here in the states, let me know. If not, I may have to make it myself!

Gary G.
ggrimm728 at gmail dot com

Ich wohne seit 2012 in Bridgeport, Ohio. Aktuell habe ich das Glück 2x pro Jahr nach Hause zu fliegen um Familie und Freunde zu sehen und trotzdem vermisse ich wie die meisten das gute Essen und die „Öffentlichen“ um mal schnell in die Stadt zu kommen. Ich versuche immer noch Ersatz für diverse Lebensmittel zu finden und bin dabei über GermanDeli gestolpert.

Würde mich freuen von jemanden aus der Heimat zu hören, schreibt einfach an „mail4ricarda at gmail dot com“.

Ich lebe nun schon über 40 Jahre lang in den USA. Mein Traum ist es, im Rentenalter wieder nach Deutschland zu ziehen. Viele Leute raten mir ab, weil sie meinen ich könnte mich nicht mehr eingewöhnen. So bin ich interessiert, die Meinung von Leuten zu hören, die nach langem Aufenthalt hier in den USA wieder nach Deutschland zurück gekehrt sind.


What I miss about Germany is being able to walk to the nearby Bäckerei for some fresh Brötchen und Butter Hörnchen on Saturday mornings. Most of all, I miss my mother and siblings who still live there. I was born in Bad Kissingen, but lived most of life in Schweinfurt. Moved to the States in 1997 with my husband whom I met @ Würzburg High School.

My mother actually came across the GermanDeli.com website and suggested for me to give a try, since it's so expensive for her to mail anything to me. Plus, it removes the risk of customs opening the package and removing items. (Yup, it's happened before).

I just placed my first order yesterday. I'm so excited and can't wait til it gets here. Anything helps to bring me closer to my Heimatland.

Danke! GermanDeli.com

Grüße aus San Antonio,


Mein Name ist Rita. Hallo, wie geht's euch?

Ich bin in den USA seit 1974. Habe meine 3 Kinder hier gross gezogen und die wissen wo Mama herkommt und meine Enkelkinder wissen es auch. Ich koche noch viel Gerichte von zu Hause und das schmeckt ihnen. Aber je älter ich werde, vermisse ich mein zu Hause in Bayern, eine kleine Stadt Amberg in der Oberpfalz mehr und mehr. Ich vermisse die Sprache, die Kultur. Ich vermisse einfach alles.

Eigentlich gar nix!

Sonst wär ich ja nicht in 1993 ausgewandert. War mir schon klar dass man kein gutes Bier hier bekommt und dass es keinen Käsekuchen mit Sauerkirschen gibt!

Aber da gibts ja nun den Stiglmeier für die Wurst, den GermanDeli für alles andere und ein deutsches Bier gibts auch im Laden. Was will man mehr! Ach und die Gemütlichkeit. Die kann ich selber mit Freunden und Familie produzieren, das klappt immer ganz gut.

Sooo, was sonst noch….hmmmm….immer Feste überlegen….ach ja Maultaschen auch genannt, "Mauldaschaa". Das sind gefüllte Teigtaschen! Sodele, also das wars dann schon was ich vermiss.

Viele Grüße von einem waschechten Schwabe der schon sehr lange echter Ami ist!

Ich hatte eine lange Zeit in Regensburg gewohnt. Hatte viele Freunde und auch Verwandte. Sonntags waren wir immer zusammen, aber hier machen die das nicht. Jede Familie geht seinen eigenen Weg. Oh bin schon etwas alt, denn ich wohn schon Lange hier 60+ Jahren. Regensburg ist eine schöne Stadt. Ich vermisse die Biergarten mit Tanzen. Ja manchmal habe ich das Verlangen wieder dort zu sein mit der großen Gemütlichkeit.

Für Essen da kann ich gottsei dank schöne Sachen kaufen von GermanDeli.com.

Mache Schluss, bin etwas traurig.


Hallo. Ich bin von Regensburg. Möchte etwas gerne von einen Regensburger horen.


I was so happy to find your website and ordered a couple of my favorite goodies that I really miss.

My story is a long and windy road. I was adopted from Germany (born in Karlsruhe in 1949) and brought to America in 1951. I had a very good childhood and finished by upbringing in Marietta, Georgia. But something was always missing so in 1978 I began my search for my birth family, and as things happen in life I find myself in retirement with more time on my hands. So in 2011 my husband and I flew to Amsterdam and went on a Rhine River cruise and a search for my roots. While in Karlsruhe, with the kindness of strangers at the Standesamp I was given information about myself, and then the ladies gave me another stack of information about an aunt that married an American soldier and made it to the USA. They had a baby but I didn't know her married name. So after finding out that my aunt and uncle had passed away I sent for their death certificates from the state of Michigan. On my aunt's death certificate was my cousin's married name. So just out of curiousity I googled her name and she popped right up. She had her own website because she is a massage therapist. So I called but no answer. I left a message saying I was going to be in the area that next Monday and she called me on the morning of October 17, 2011. I asked her several questions about her mom (my aunt) and she started getting suspicious so I told her, "Well, your mother and my mother are sisters, HI COUSIN!!!" She was VERY surprised and happy. Now it was time for me to be surprised because when in Germany I had learned that my birth mother had died in 1997 and I had had a little sister that only lived one day. So I thought I was alone with no blood relatives. But boy was I wrong! My cousin then said, "It's time for you to be surprised, you have a brother, and I visited with him in 2005!!!" Well, I nearly fell out of my chair. So I looked and looked but could not find him. So I sent an email to the little hotel where my cousin had stayed when visiting with my brother. Come to find out his girlfriend's family owned the hotel. So finally on the morning of Jan 1, 2012, I received a call from a man with a very heavy accent. IT WAS MY BROTHER!!!! We tried to talk but we were crying too much!! (Smile) So he wrote me a letter and called again in the afternoon and read it to me. We both cried again! To make this story a little shorter we have been emailing and Skyping every day since we found each other. He was all alone with no more living relatives and his girlfriend had died and also his little dog. But now he has his little sister!! I am sixteen months younger. We are now 65 and 66 years old.

We met for the first time in July 2012. I got off the train in Bad Neustadt an der Saale and flew into his arms leaving all the luggage for my husband to pick up! (Ha! Ha!) From that moment on I felt like I was really home for the first time in my life! I went alone in July 2013 and spent five weeks with my dear brother. He is the sweetest and most loving man. He drove me all over Bavaria, and we laughed and cried and ate wonderful food! Ice cream, breads and pork dishes, and so many yummy things I don't even know the names of, but they were wonderfully delicious. I feel completely at home and thoroughly happy when I am in Germany and with my brother. I will go again this summer and enjoy another five weeks! First of all I miss my brother, then the wonderful breads, and ice cream! Being able to sit outside and enjoy watching the people walk by and getting to know his friends. I enjoy the slower pace. My brother won't let me rush around like I have to do at home.

Anyway, it has been a dream come true and there is much more to the story if you would like to chat on email. My email address is: gandsputnam at tds dot net. My name is Susie P. and I was renamed by my brother as Susie Petra Josie. (Petra - female form of Peter after my brother, and Josie after our mother Josefine)


I'm active duty military and I spent most of my career in Germany. I fell in love with just about everything in that country and even though I was born and raised in Texas, I feel like Germany is my home. Sometimes I miss it so much I get a bit home sick. I received a bday gift from this site by some good family friends I've known for about 6 years now. I was given some of my favorite foods and drinks that I haven't had since I've been stationed back in the states. I am so grateful to them and I hope to return home to Germany one day for good.


Ich vermisse die Sicherheit, die das soziale Netz mit Krankenversicherung und Rente bietet.
Ich vermisse das Datenschutzgesetz und ähnliches.
Ich vermisse meine Freunde und Familie, und die ähnlichen Ansichten, die ich mit ihnen teile.
Ich vermisse Bäckereien, Metzgereien und ähnliche Geschäfte, ich vermisse gutes Brot, Brötchen und Bretzeln, Gouda Käse in großer Vielfalt, jung, mittelalt, alt, Flohmärkte und Biergärten, Kneipen und gute Gespäche. Aufschnitt, gute Butter und Quark.
Die Weihnachtsmärkte zur Weihnachtszeit und St. Nikolaus.
Ich vermisse Köln, den Kölner Dom, Kölsch (als Sprache und das Bier LOL), und den Rhein. Ich habe die meiste Zeit meines Erwachsenenleben in Köln gewohnt.
Ich vermisse hervorragende öffentliche Verkehrsmittel, wo ich auch meine Hund ohne Schwierigkeiten mitnehmen kann. Ich vermisse die Hundefreundlichkeit.
Bin seit 2005 in den USA und war bereits 50 Jahre alt, als ich immigiert bin. Habe meinen Mann im Internet getroffen.


Moin moin von Frank & Gisela, sind hier seit 1998 am Lake Texoma, haben uns einen Tante Emma Laden aufgebaut. Was wir vermissen, machen wir möglich. Maifeier, Oktoberfest ect. Unsere Texaner lieben unsere Kultur, viele essen jetzt mit Messer und Gabel. Deutsches Bier, Apfelkorn und Siegi’s Brats, und das alles im Texanischen Sommer.

Ich sehe zum 1.Mal diese Seite und finde es sehr interessant was alle vermissen. Mein Mann und ich sind 1965 in USA, es war unsere Hochzeitsreise nach New York per Schiff. Wir wohnten die ersten 12 Jahre auf Long Island, wo es viele Deutsch Geschäfte gab und sogar eine Amerikanische Tageszeitung in Deutscher Sprache. Die Umstellung war, man konnte nirgends zu Fuss hingehen. Danach zogen wir nach CT, wo es auch viele Deutsche Verbindungen gab, auch eine Deutsche Samstagschule, was für unsere Kinder gut war. Da wir oft in Urlaub nach Deutschland flogen, wir sind aus Köln zu Hause, haben wir weniger Heimweh gehabt. Jetzt wohnen wir in Spartanburg SC, wo es, nachdem BMW hierhin kam, sehr viel Deutsche Sachen zu kaufen gibt. Wir gehören zu einem Deutschklub und feiern die Feste, wie sie fallen (wie man so schön sagt).

Um aber zum Thema "was ich vermisse" zu kommen, 1. dass man nicht zu Fuss einkaufen kann, die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel damit man als 3. zu den netten Kneipen könnte, wenn es sie gäbe. Aber, wenn man fast 50 Jahre im Land ist, gibt es auch sehr viele Dinge, die man hier geniest und nimmt alles wahr, wenn man wieder in Köln ist.


Hallo alle miteinander,

Ich bin die Brigitte und ich vermisse alles von Deutschland. Die Gemütlichkeit, die Spaziergänge, das Essen, besonders meine Brezel, ich komme aus dem Schwabenland. Auch vermisse ich das Weihnachtsfest und Ostern, das sind die Feiertage welche man hier ganz anders feiert oder gar nicht feiert, leider.


One word, EVERYTHING!!!


1SG Retired R. A. T.

A little background, my mother came to USA in 1961 and is from Frankfurt Germany and my uncle still lives in the same house they grew up in. I would visit my Oma on summer vacations during high school in the '80's. No one spoke English and my German was extremely limited. I loved that I could make my Oma laugh by lovingly imitating her shaking the enormous feather bedding out the windows. I also remember the time my Oma was extremely upset that I locked the closet door with the skeleton key and the key was stuck because I used the wrong key. Oma had to call a locksmith and she was mad. I didn't need to know German to know that.

I also miss the Brötchen, the smells and probably everything about Frankfurt. It's a part of me. My first trip was when I was 2 and now I am 51. Germans are very hardworking, special people. I dedicate this to my family in Germany and all the Germans. God bless you all!


Hello all,

I just, after the holidays, found time to look at all the new posts and was surprised to see so many people from the Schwabenland, I grew up there. However, my reason for writing this time is the post by Karin about not being able to purchase Eierlikör.

I used to be able to get it in New England and then I was not. So, my mother sent me a recipe and I have been making my own ever since. In case any of you are interested and would like to give it a try, here it is:

1 bottle of Asbach Uralt (this too seems not widely available anymore so you can substitute any smooth brandy, however, the recipe is for .7 liter of brandy)
15 egg yolks (I purchase pasteurized eggs)
300 grams of sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar (GermanDeli has these)

Beat the egg yolk until very light in color, slowly add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until almost white in color, then slowly add the brandy, few drops at a time.

Cork the bottle and let stand for one week in a cool place (I put it in the fridge) after one week open it and wipe away the fat which will have accumulated on the top and re-cork. It will last about 3 months. Never does in my house!

I make several other liqueurs for Christmas so if any of you are interested in recipes, e-mail me direct.


An alle ein frohes neues Jahr!

Mich rühren die vielen lieben Beiträge.

I was born in Canada to European parents, and mom moved the family back to Germany as she missed the culture and lifestyle so much. I wanted to re-discover living here and speaking English.

What I miss from Germany more than the food is the lifestyle which every other comment here lists in detail!

And most of all I miss my friends, especially those from the U.S. and Canadian armed forces. Well, those that chose to embrace Europe, learn the language, live off base and learn the language. They were a mix of both cultures which are part of me.

When they began to be recalled in the mid 80's to 90's, it was heart-breaking.

I moved from Hamburg to the Odenwald by Heidelberg, and now live in Canada. I speak German constantly and even teach it as a private tutor, which helps with the homesickness for the culture.

If anybody would like to reminisce here is my e-mail: holle0001 at gmail dot com. Tchue!

Frau Holle

PS - Thanks to GermanDeli for offering this forum for sharing. Just found you now.
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