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OHHHHHHHHH, I can't wait for all this good stuff from " Meiner Heimat " and I did not tell my husband that I finally ordered from the GermanDeli :)

I am going to surprise him with a real German Meal. See, he is an Over the Road Truck Driver and is usually gone for two and a half weeks and then comes home for 3 days, so I am not even going to tell him what I got, or that I ordered stuff, and when he is home I will make the Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and I am still thinking if I should make mashed potatoes or the Knödel. I think I will make the Knödel when I make a Roast, that goes with the Knödel.....Ohhhh, I can't wait for the good Wurst I ordered and the real German Bread, I actually ordered the Dark Bread and the Liverwurst and the Senf for my Friend/ Sister (we've been best friends for going on 16 years), because when we both went to Germany in 2010 she fell in Love with the gray Liverwurst, the black bread and of course the German Mustard in a Tube :) and I did not even tell her that I ordered that ... hehehehe...... I am Mischievous and I like it...... I do that a lot, order stuff and tell nobody until I take it out a month or two later.

I am so very thankful that I found your site online last year, and finally I had enough money to order some real German food. :( Now when I make it, I won't be so homesick.

Thank you so very much for opening your Store (Which I am all the way here in Nevada and you are across the Country in good old Texas) and thank you for having the Store online for all the German's to order there Favorite stuff :)

Yes, 5 Stars for the GermanDeli.com!

Birgit van B. in Las Vegas, Nevada - Order # SO000526079

Dear Staff of The GermanDeli,

vielen, herzlichen Dank! I am very pleased that you allowed the discount for my husband.

By the Christmas packages from you, ordered by our daughter, I could see you took great pride and care in preparing the contents. It is a real pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again and vielen Dank.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, “Glückliches Neujahr!”

Helene F. in Spruce Pine, North Carolina - Order # SO000525331

I just wanted to say thank you for a terrific experience with your company. I’ve been all over your website for the past couple years, debating if I should spend the money for some REAL authentic German candies, so I finally did. Considering this my Christmas present to myself. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the entire process. Thank you so much. I will be ordering from your company again in the near future, no doubt about it!

Thanks again!

Damian W. in Riverdale, Maryland - Order # SO000523796

As an Army Brat, I always crave the great snacks and candy from Germany! The Haribo here is nothing like authentic German Haribo. I was thrilled to discover your website. The packaging was awesome and everything arrived in perfect condition and quickly!

Thank you!

Jonkita M. in Midland, Georgia - Order # SO000524777

Being from Germany, my niece and her partner surprised me with a wonderful gift package from the GermanDeli.com. This was reminiscent of the “CARE Packages” I received while in Germany. Reminiscent in the sense that I was so very excited, and it was difficult to damper my excitement as I unwrapped each parcel to see its content. Then, in addition there was the cooler, carefully packed with a number of my favorite meats ,cheeses, rolls, even very tasty doughnuts.

A huge thank you, to the GermanDeli, for making such a wonderful gift possible for my niece and partner to send to me.

Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr.

Franz Georg D.

Just wanted to let you know it's nice to have a piece of Germany by all the items you offer! Received my order in Florida in perfect condition and package! This is my second time ordering and will do so again! Frohe Weihnachten GermanDeli!

Diana S. in Kissimmee, Florida - Order # SO000521317 & 192399

Received my food and chocolates yesterday. What a wonderful surprise. It is exactly what I had been getting from our german deli (old Heidelberg) for 30 years, until it finally closed down due to the economy. The way you packaged it also was very impressive. I will definitely be ordering from your company again and will recommend you. I wanted to put this on a testimonial for others to read but I am not a facebook person and am not a computer whiz.

Many thanks and Happy Holidays,

Angela M. in Las Vegas, Nevada - Order # SO000520438

I called your office to thank you all for the wonderful way you packed my gift box to my husband. Everything arrived perfectly, nothing was broken or squashed.

I definitely will be ordering from GermanDeli again. Thank you so much for all the wonderful treats that made my husband remember his childhood in Germany.

Gerryann K. in Boynton Beach, Florida - Order # SO000514841

Good morning to the GermanDeli Support,

I wanted to thank you for giving me back a piece of my home. I also wanted to thank you for your outstanding support via phone and email.

The order was delivered in excellent shape, and I am enjoying a piece of my home right now.

Meine Familie und Freunde sind von Ihrem Service sehr beeindruckt.

Ich wünsche Ihnen eine frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch für in das Neue Jahr.

Alles Liebe und Gute,

Bettina M. in Houlton, Maine - Order # SO000514205

Ich wollte besonders bedanken für super Verpackung von GermanDeli.

Mein Paket sollte Samstag den 7ten Dezember mit Fedex ankommen, aber Durch das extreme Winter Wetter in vielen Staaten, besonders Texas, erhielt ich Mein Paket erst am Dienstag den 10ten Dezember.

Zu meiner Überraschung wär alles noch wie frisch verpackt und das Dank der GermanDeli Weil sie eben eine perfekte Service führen.

Vielen herzlichen Dank und frohe Festtage

Jutta B. in Peoria, Arizona - Order # SO000517700

When my two boxes came last week, I had company from Germany. She could not believe your packaging. It is absolutely the best and I doubt any other company can compare with you.

Thank you again and a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year.

With fond regards

Sibylle T. in Hobe Sound, Florida - Order # SO000525281, SO000520170, SO000515296 and SO000505586

It is such a delight to be able to enjoy these special candies, cookies, and German spices and condiments again. My husband and I loved living in Germany (twice!) and have returned for several holidays as well.

My kudos to your company and staff. It is apparent that great pride is taken to ensure happy customers. I can't wait to make another order!

Take care during the ice storm!

Best regards from the coast of North Carolina,

Leigh G. in Emerald Isle, North Carolina - Order # SO000516191

We would like to say THANK YOU. Everything was received perfectly frozen, as anticipated. Your customer service department is the finest and very easy to work with.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you.

Thank you again,

Steve and Viola in Stem, North Carolina - Order # SO000515890

Wunderbar. Ware soeben bestens angekommen. Die Verpackung war most professional. Aufwiedersehen bis zum nächsten Mal.

Werner L. in Waveland, Mississippi - Order # SO000515486

Dear GermanDeli Team:

Thank you so much for the quick delivery of my order. Everything arrived safe, and I am very happy !!!!!!

Thank you so much,

Hannelore P. in El Paso, Texas - Order # SO000515711

I just placed another order, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your updated web site - love it! I also appreciate your revamped e-mail notification system, it makes so much more sense now.

As always, I do not know what I would do in the middle of Texas without GermanDeli, the absolute best internet shopping place.

Danke, und Fröhliche Weihnachten,

Ihre Margit

ps: One of the Haribo Adventscalendar's I had ordered previously went to the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Alert, off the Pacific coast in Oregon, were my grand daughter is a communication specialist. Another one went to Fort Gordon, GA, to Eisenhower Medical Center, where my grand daughter is a nurse in the U.S. Army. Finally, the third one went to my grandson in Dallas! You have no idea what this calendar caused on the ship, she has to guard it with her life. :-)

Margit H. in Austin, Texas - Order # SO000504662

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your package arrived this afternoon in record time and perfect condition.

In order for you to complete your assortment I held back on my order . However, since I have to go for back surgery by the end of next week I was crossing my fingers .

Have a great Christmas.

Hope to order from you again soon,

Gerry B. in Brownsville, Texas - Order # SO000514828

My thanks for timely delivery of my first order from you. Thanks are due to your shipping manager "JB". I truly appreciate the careful handling of fragile and/or perishable items: the box arrived in perfect condition - and the little "bon bouches", a charming European custom, are delightful.

I'll be back.... particularly if you have Kochkaese and particularly Salmiakpastillen (Rheila Brand) back in stock.

ETC H. in Moultonborough, New Hampshire - Order # SO000512772

Thank you for the lightning-fast shipping. My kids are gonna love it when they find the Hanuta's and Kinderschokolade in their Stockings ;-) And munching the Erdnussflips makes me feel like I'm back home again ;-) Everything was packed with so much care and thanks for the little extras!!!

Vielen Dank bis nächstes Mal

Monika C. in Hot Springs, Arkansas - Order # SO000513383

I just finished my online order with the help of a very patient and knowledgeable lady...can hardly wait to receive the "real" German gummis for my siblings holiday packages. Now I can shop all of your other wonderful offerings. Thank you for a great website :-)

Donna M. in Dallas, Texas - Order # SO000514364


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent products, service and delivery.

The items were perfectly packed and I appreciated the kind note and gift chocolate enclosed.

I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Cathleen C. in Oak Park, Illinois - Order # SO000511702

Dear Inga,

I got my package today and my son got his in California too. Everything is great and was cold too, thank you all!

I wish you all Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

Ursula S. in Wappingers Falls, New York - Order # SO000511208

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my package, and was delighted about the way everything was packed. There were no dings anywhere. I especially liked the decorative panel you placed on top with your logo...very nice touch.

Thank you and happy holidays.

Marlies D. in Englewood, New Jersey - Order # SO000511176

I just updated my account information online after moving. I am so grateful for your exemplary product line and reasonable prices! My husband’s family are from Germany and this is the only place we can find some of the items they love. I left feedback on “Amazon” noting your website after seeing the prices they are charging for some of the items we always buy from you, I hope it brings you the business you deserve. I will be placing my holiday order in a few days and know I can rely on you as always.

With Gratitude,

Carrie B.

I would like to THANK all the people involved in packaging products. My recent order, as well as, all my other orders were packaged with great care and courtesy. All the people working in that department should be praised for the great work they do. I really appreciate how your company pays attention to detail in packaging, products, and customer service. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Again

Theresa M. in Tonopah, Arizona - Order # SO000512754

Hello Stacie,

I just had to let you know how happy I am with the customer support at GermanDeli. You respond quickly, patiently, and respectfully. I appreciate it so much. I received an order from GermanDeli some days ago from FedEx with the side of the box all smashed in and held together with just packing tape. The guy threw it at the doorstop and didn't even bother to come to the door and explain. Basically, he ran for it. I was so upset that I took photos in case I needed to complain to FedEx. A few months ago they had broken most of the Apfelschorle bottles that I ordered but GermanDeli was kind enough to replace them. Sorry - to get to the point, I was surprised when everything was fine inside the package. Where there was dirt and moisture, the items were protected by plastic cushions or the small cooler case. If any other company had done the packing, I'm sure all the contents would have been destroyed. So thank you kindly for doing an outstanding job through and through. I'm a 100% happy customer!


Letty R. in West Hartford, Connecticut - Order # SO000501784

We received our order this morning in excellent (perfect) condition. Thank you for providing us with quality German products at reasonable prices. We wish all of you at the GermanDeli and your families a very Merry Christmas and good health and happiness for all the years to come.


Ed and Ruth R. in Haymarket, Virginia - Order # SO000510199

Dear Nicole C,

You guys are the best! Always looking out for the customer. I absolutely love your products and am so happy I found your website a few months back. Can't wait to get the Hirschhornsalz; my grandma used to make Hirschhornkuchen 60 years ago that I still remember, and I looked up recipes after I spotted the leavening agent in your offers. Yay!

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service!

Marion M. in Helena, Montana - Order # SO000511345

Good Morning Inga and everybody who was involved in my order!!!!!! Package was delivered yesterday afternoon, it was very exciting to open this package. It was a thrill by itself, just the way it was packaged was worth a lot. What a great job you all did and then the little gift on top of it. This was packed with care and compassion. Yes I did order before from your company. It was a small order and it was packed with the same care as this big one. I think a lot of other companies should learn from you. Thank you again for your caring hearts. I will make Reinhard's Thanksgiving a very special day thanks to all of you. Have a Good Weekend and may God watch over all of you. Boy Inga what a great crew you have. Congratulations to you.


Bruni & Reinhard R. in Little Elm, Texas

Just got my goodies. That was really fast. Other businesses can learn from you. Danke schön.

Sylvia T. in Bay City, Texas - Order # SO000509858


Just kudos to the GermanDeli team. I am always, time after time, impressed with your promptness, attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Keep up the exemplary work!


Gloria K. in New Braunfels, Texas - Order # SO000509604

Dear Stacie,

I have received my Rübenkraut in best condition. Thank you so much for being so prompt, and also I like to thank you für die Gummibärchen, und das Schokoladenherz. That was sooo nice of you, or who ever packed my package. A lot of "German warmth" I feel is in what you do, which I miss so much in my every day life in the US.

But, it is what it is.

Until my next order, thanks again

Inge B. in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Order # SO000508557

Dear GermanDeli,

I got the package when I came home from the doctor. It was in front of my door at 11:30. Very professional packaging too.

Steven S. in San Diego, California - Order # SO000508512

Just wanted to let you know: Again my order was filled, shipped and received right on time! Awesome service. Thank you again for a job so very well done.

Vielen Dank

Michaela M. in Evart, Michigan - Order # SO000507624

Thank you so much. I received my package today. It was packed by "sb". Everything that was supposed to be frozen, arrived frozen! Delighted with my cakes. Just like my Oma made, with a 200 year old recipe for the dough. My mother just learned to make Pflaumenkucken und Apfelkuchen shortly before my Oma passed in 2011. Soon, I will be moving back to Canada and my mother will teach it to me, so that I can pass on the legacy of my heritage.

For now, I thank GermanDeli for being who you are and eat the food I was raised on. I am enjoying every bit of it! Keep doing what you're doing...the care in packaging, the flag, the Haribo's...makes you who you are.

Thank you so much, again! Auf Wiedersehen!

Theresa L. in Rawlins, Wyoming - Order # SO000507743

Two boxes were just delivered by FedEx. They are full of wonderful items from your store. The only problem is they will not last very long.

However the problem can be resolved when I send in my next order.

Thank you for your fantastic service!!!

Jim P. in Hiawassee, Georgia - Order # SO000507871

I just received my order from you all…… I only ordered yesterday!!! I am so happy! Eating my REAL Germany Gummy bears as I type. Making a pot of German coffee to enjoy Lebkuchen on this amazing fall day. DANKE! DANKE! DANKE! Ich liebe euch!

Susie W. in Edmond, Oklahoma - Order # SO000507927

Dear friends at the GermanDeli,

Today my order from Friday, October 25th arrived at 10 AM and I want to thank you for the very prompt shipment and delivery. All the goodies are resting in the freezer. They will be given out to friends and family for Thanksgiving. The two little gummy bear bags will go to my grandson who plans to stop by on Halloween. The airberlin heart is resting on my husband’s place mat and Gene wants me to thank you for remembering his sweet tooth.

The last flowers are closing this year’s season. As the year 2013 is slowly coming to a close, Gene and I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and all the best for 2014.

Again thank you for the prompt service, we remain yours sincerely

Ursula H. in Lawrence, Kansas - Order # SO000507141

My order was packed with great care nothing was damaged and it got here so fast. The Blutwurst was delicious as was everything else I ordered. I want to thank David for helping me with my order. He was very professional. Superb customer service!! I will always order from your store. Already getting ready to place another order of Xmas items.

Thank you again.

Margie H. in Waterloo, Iowa - Order # SO000506904

I have recently finished 2 years in Afghanistan. I am hopeful not to need to return but one never knows. I am writing to simply say thanks for your support. I had ordered things a few times and always got prompt service and not to mention the odd goodies or treat thrown in for free. we all enjoyed your fine products (of course you have to share over there. I think its the unwritten law) I have made a number of converts who sadly had never had much of anything german previously. I, being the first of my family to be born in the USA, have been spoiled with the best of both worlds. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Thanks again you guys made our time there much better.

Bill S.


I got my order today, and just finished a lunch of Nürnberger Bratwürste and brötchen, just like in Nürnberg, where I lived for 5 years. I can't eat dessert yet, but am looking forward to Käsekuchen later. I'm very pleased to say that the food brought back many pleasant memories of eating at the Bratwursthauesle, which has the best wurst in town.

Vielen Dank für alle Ihre Hilfe !

Bill C. in Williamsburg, Virginia - Order # SO000506238

Got my order and thank you. Everything arrived perfectly. We are going to have a fabulous Birthday!

Lorine B. in Old Hickory, Tennessee - Order # SO000505753

Received my Haribo bags, and wanted to write and thank you for the extra sweet treats, for the careful packing, for the quick ship. You are the best! Next order will be in the meat department.

Thanks again,

Aleea in Lolo, Montana - Order # SO000505328 & SO000501935

Schönen guten Tag,

I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with GermanDeli! I have been ordering for a couple of years now, and every time your shipments arrive in an extremely timely manner, with well-packaged and delicious items! I couldn't be happier! You guys do an outstanding job. I can tell that you truly care about your customers!!!


Susy G. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # SO000505902, 392076, 380151 & 2 others!

Dear GermanDeli Team,

This is Cordula W, one of your most loyal and greatful customers.

Thank you for my recent order which was excellently packed and shipped. I appreciate you guys so much and you always make my German food wishes come true.

Just wanted to send you this line and tell you again how happy I am with ALWAYS great customer service and meeting my needs and respecting my wishes !


Cordula W. in Garland, Texas - Order # SO000504007

Thank you for everything it was a very successful event and many asked for your website, which we gladly refer to you.

Thank You,

Bee W. in Plantation, Florida - Order # SO000504288

Just wanted to say thank you for this recent shipment, it was a pleasure to unpack. Everything looks great and the perishable items were all cold and the ice packs still totally frozen. Peggy did a wonderful job packing.

You all do a remarkable job.

Ilse P. in Danville, Pennsylvania - Order # SO000504362

Hi- My order arrived this morning just as you promised and, as always, exactly like the website and in such good condition! Thanks so much for your promptness!

It is so delightful to shop with you.

Eileen H. in Arlington, Tennessee - Order # SO000504299

Thank you again - as always is came beautifully packed. You must have little Heinzelmännchen who are working 24 hours a day. I was so surprised when I came home from work last night and there was my package. Der Apfelstrudel schmeckt so gut; ich habe gleich eine Scheibe gegessen.

Danke - bis zum nächsten Mal. Ich glaube nicht, dass der Baumkuchen Weihnachten erlebt; der wird sicher vorher aufgegessen.

Brigitte S. in Houston, Texas - Order # SO000504216

I love this place. My latest order was perfect just like all of my previous orders. It is so nice to be able to find so much German food. I love the little Haribo treats that are in the boxes as well. You guys do a great job.

Thank you!

Renee Z. in Sacramento, California - Order # SO000503766

My compliments to the Staff at GermanDeli.com.

Pat K. in Charlottesville, Virginia - Order # SO000503581


Thank you very much. I appreciate the service. Not too many businesses would go out of their way to do that.

Bill Y. in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania - Order # SO000503479

I just want to thank you for shipping my order so fast and for packing it so good. I had a small mishap on a gift from my daughter a while ago and that also was handled to my satisfaction. Thank you again to all of your staff.

Karin A. in Fayetteville, North Carolina - Order # SO000502971

Good afternoon,

I just received my package and would like to say thank you. It was beautifully packed. From now on I will order from you. Until next week :)

Sabine R. in South Bend, Indiana - Order # SO000502644

We received yesterday a shipping of 5 fresh replacement sausages! You even included my beloved Haribo bears and chocolate heart!! We thank you and your team for handling our complaint with fairness and professionalism! We feel that you take your customers serious, care about and appreciate them!

Again, we thank you and please give our thanks to all your staff members who were involved in our case, special thanks to Stacie who called me and was so kind and polite!

Looking forward to our next order with GermanDeli!

Best regards,

Petra & Harald B. in Poplar Bluff, Missouri - Order # 395975

It is indeed like Christmas or when my mother used to send all these good German "Leckerbissen."

Vielen Dank GermanDeli daß Sie immer wieder etwas Freude in mein Leben bringen!

Alles schmeckt "lecker, lecker" wie Koch Uwe so schön sagt und die Verpackung ist nun mal immer wieder erste Klasse. Vielen Dank.

Jutta B. in Peoria, AZ - Order # SO000502128

Thank you for the sausages and for overnight shipping them to me. They arrived this morning. I appreciate your going the extra mile and your professionalism! I have already told my friends!!

Eva S. in Franklin, Massachusetts - Order # 399286

My order arrived about one hour ago and you did not tell me that the cake sampler would disappear so fast. I believe we have enough to last until this evening. Super good!!

Jim P. in Hiawassee, Georgia - Order # SO000501706

Wow! The package came yesterday; beautifully wrapped as usual. My son will be happy for the Miracoli.

Thanks again. I can not wait for the Adventskalender.

Viele Grüße,

Brigitte S. in Houston, Texas - Order # SO000502213

Just wanted to tell you that I received my box today and what fun it is to open it and unpack all the goodies. You pack all so good and everything is so good. I am so happy that I found you on the web. Danke.

Daniel B. in Seattle, Washington - Order # SO000501491

GermanDeli is one of the best vendors online! I recommend their website to everyone I know.

Miles K. in Grand Junction, Colorado - Order # 399348

Ms Bowyer,

I received my order from you yesterday. It was packed so well, I had to let my family see before I unwrapped everything which arrived in perfect shape. While eating Weisswurst this morning, I could hear my old German colleagues and friends from when I lived in Munich.

I'm telling eveyone I know about your store.

Thank you,

Warren S. in Sachse, Texas - Order # SO000501613

Hello, it's me again. Since this is my 3rd order, I wasn't going to write. But here I am with gushing kudos. Quality is fantastic and your packing is phenomenal. Thanks so very much.

Rose G. in Lincoln, California - Order # SO000500798, 395457 & 388918

Again, thank you for keeping me informed. Your OUTSTANDING service to the customer keeps us RETURNING to make more purchases and prompts us to advertise for you!

Larry W. in Hillsdale, Michigan - Order # SO000501754

I ordered 2 separate orders on the same day. The service was exceptional and very fast, best store I have ever dealt with. Thank you Lori.

Patty J. in Gurdon, Arkansas - Order # SO000500942 & SO000500937

Dear GermanDeli:

We’ve been using GermanDeli for many years to stock our Oktoberfest parties. We have had nothing but excellent service!

This year, we ordered our usual supply of sauerkraut, red cabbage, vinegars, mustard, plus some chocolate dipped cookies. Imagine our surprise when the cookies arrived packed in their own Styrofoam cooler box so the chocolate wouldn’t melt in transit! Now that’s customer service!

Scott G. in Tallahassee, Florida - Order # SO000500912

Delivery was fast, food came in very good condition, I'm happy I found you :)

Marianne W. in Elizabeth City, North Carolina - Order # 398664

Thank you for the great service. The Haribo gummi bears were greatly welcomed by my grandniece on her birthday.

Magdalena C. in Sedona, Arizona - Order # 398697

To all the good people at GermanDeli:

All of you are doing a great job filling and shipping our orders. Thanks a lot.

Hedy & Eduard T. in Newport News, Virginia - Order # 399223, 396790, 394821 & 5 others!

Dear GermanDeli Team:

My package arrived yesterday in excellent condition! I was very happy with your e-mail updates. Also thank you for reducing my shipping cost, in this economy everything helps.

This was my first Internet Shopping experience and it was a pleasant one. I am looking forward to placing my next order with you! Kudos to all of you for a great job done!

Vielen Dank und alles Liebe und Gute,

Gertrud D. S. in Alamogordo, New Mexico - Order # 398848

Thank you it was so fast and perfect. I love it.

Esther B. in West Des Moines, Iowa - Order # 399152

Thanks for the great customer service! I really appreciate the honest approach and information regarding the shipping.

John W. in Brooklyn, New York - Order # 399108

Thank you Nicole C. and all the GermanDeli staff, as before I was very pleased to receive my order . Thank you for the much appreciated Sweets, such a surprise . You are Tops !!!

Had two apples from my newly planted Espalier ,that I fried with brown sugar and cinnamon. The package arrived with the Potato Pancakes. We made it a classic meal.

Thank you again !!!

Gudrun T. in Beckley, West Virginia - Order # CP21178B

I've been shopping with GermanDeli for so long, that I cannot remember, when I started.

Erika J. in Evansville, Indiana - Order # 397479, 399101, 399096 & 72 others!

My package arrived today, it felt like Christmas in August!

My partner (American) and I (Bambergerin) were so excited to have real German Bratwürste - and they were delicious!

Customer service is great, package arrived in perfect condition.

Will order more soon and then invite my parents-in-law for a fränkische Brotzeit in Florida.

Hoping to get the Nürnberger Bratwürste when they're back in stock.

Thank you Inga, Gina, Jim, Amy and everyone else who was involved with my order!

When will you open a store in Florida?

Danke, Eure Bettina

Bettina K. in Stuart, Florida - Order # 398126

Once again you guys surpass all expectation. Quality all the way and the best products. Wish I lived close by but will have to rely on the Web to get my fix! Service on a par with what I remember living in Germany.... precise and always with a personal touch! Keep up the great job and - "I'll Be Back" There is no competition for what you offer without crossing the pond!


USAF Ret - Germany 1977-1986

Bob P. in Manlius, New York - Order # 398039, 386881, 307538 & 3 others!

Dearest people,

Today I received my order and once again I like to say: dankeschön, dankeschön, dankeschön.

Nobody does a better job handling orders then you do ! It amazes us every time again and again. Many, many companies could learn from you !

Ich bin ein totaler GermanDeli.com fan !

Liebe Gruesse,

Helga G. in Corpus Christi, Texas - Order # 398174, 395938, 393613 & 30 others!


Very happy to have found an "European" deli with such a good service and variety. They even included extra goodies, such as candies and chocolates. The products were top of the line and delicious.

I think we will be shopping with GermanDeli very often.

Ramon E. C. in McAndrews, Kentucky - Order # 396762

Inga, Gina, Jim and the GermanDeli Team,

Thank you all so much for the hassle-free ordering process. I was nervous at first, ordering from a company I didn't recognize, but it's next to impossible to find Maggi in the states. Your team is absolutely wonderful, and you definitely have a repeat customer.

Thank you!

Josh W. in Centerton, Arkansas - Order # 398338

p.s. Feel free to post this on your site. I want everyone to know!

Great store to do business with. I live about 45 min away and their shipping is so reasonable that I just order online and it is cheaper than driving there. Thanks for keeping the shipping costs down, I buy more often because of it.

Tim T. in Plano, Texas - Order # 397008

Thanks so much for you wonderful email updates! Your service is really exceptional!! Can't wait for my package.

Gabrielle C. in Lincoln, California - Order # 398196

The package arrived on time and in great condition. Thanks for your wonderful, efficient business. We can't find decent bratwurst here in Charleston, SC.

Dwight W. in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina - Order # 397753

Vielen Dank, alles gut und schnell angekommen.

Best service ever!!

Karin H. in Woodacre, California - Order # 397670


This (GermanDeli.com) is the template as to how to run a business. This flawless establishment has the BEST employees with incredible work ethic and great products at great prices.

Steve K. in Tucson, Arizona - Order # 396555


What a nice surprise when we received your package from GermanDeli! The things I ordered were beautifully packaged to prevent breakage, the cooler was an unexpected plus, my boys loved the gummi bears (brought back memories from our years over there) and I snapped up that chocolate in no time - and did not share it with ANYONE:)

We will gladly order from you any time again!

Katie S. in New Bern, North Carolina - Order # 396709

Hello from Michigan. The order just arrived. All the meat was crispy cold. We are excited to share all the GermanDeli items at our big party.

John in Fremont, Michigan - Order # 397291

My package from GermanDeli.com arrived today in great condition! Thank you so much. It's wonderful!

Jennifer G. in Littleton, Colorado - Order # 397448

Wow, we just received our 1st order from you and we are impressed. The care in packaging is phenomenal, the attentive extras like mini Gummi Baerchen - completely blown away.

Can't wait until your Back Order of Feuerzangentassen is back in your inventory so we can place our next order.

Thank you so much,

Waltraud G. in Long Beach, California - Order # 397099

Great mustard & sausage & bread.

Jackson H. in Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Order # 395957

I have not been disappointed by any product that I have bought from GermanDeli. They have a huge selection of items to pick from. Their staff are very courteous and helpful when you need to contact them. The last item I have purchased was the Howe Nuremberg bratwurst, which were delicious. The first time I had them was in Nuremberg and these tasted the same.

Paul Y. in Coral Springs, Florida - Order # 396013, 377178, 374176 & 2 others!


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my purchase from your online store. Your pricing is competitive, your website is nice and easy to navigate and has a very refined look. My package arrived promptly and in perfect condition, each item was delicately packed and looked to have been placed very carefully in the package. The bonus Gummibears were a pleasant surprise for my little girl. I have done a fair share of online purchasing over the years, food and otherwise, and my experience at your store ranks among the top.

Nice to see such wonderful customer service with a personal touch in a world that has become so impersonal. Job well done !

Best Regards,

Stefan W. in Marengo, Illinois - Order # 395849

Even in the heat of a Texas summer, all goods were either still frozen or only somewhat thawed. GermanDeli employees are real professionals when packing the orders. I always save some of the packing materials for my own use. We are enjoying the Abrams Schinken and everything we ordered. Also, thanks for the chocolates and gummi bears!

We are very lucky to have a anDeli like this!

Maria H. in Pollok, Texas - Order # 395753

Wow! You guys are a class act. I feel I will be doing a LOT of business with you.

Bob H. in Wilmette, Illinois - Order # 397062

You all do an outstanding job in informing the customer on the status of an order. I have told others of this and felt good about giving them your website info.

Larry W. in Hillsdale, Michigan - Order # 396938

Great store - great products. (I) feel like I am back home. Thank you.

Heike G. in Grove, Oklahoma - Order # 396936

Hi, I ordered a while back, got my items, and I'm so happy with them. The bratwurst was wonderful, the candy I bought for my father (A stodgy old fellow) got a smile, and I love my apron! Most important though was the active role you and your staff played in the process. I've already recommended you to several friends and I would do so again and again.


Victor C. in Staten Island, New York - Order # 394605

My first order from GermanDeli was a very positive experience. Products were delivered in a timely manner - as requested, & the brotchen and coffee were excellent. I'm so glad to have found this wonderful outlet for German food.

Martha S. in Statesville, North Carolina - Order # 396333 & 393472

Every time I order from GermanDeli.com I am satisfied and happy. The items are of good quality and remind me of my home Germany. I can only recommend GermanDeli.com to anyone that loves German foods and other items but can not find them anywhere else.

Monika H. in Williamsport, Maryland - Order # 394982

Well, I'd (like) to add that you guys are the best. You kept me informed about my order every step of the way, and had it delivered faster than I expected!


Joan A. in Peru, Illinois - Order # 395455

Hi Stacie and the rest of your great staff;

I thank you so much for your efforts, to assist to special requests. You All Just Rock.

Edelgard H. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 396181, 396922, 394823 & 93 others!

Great products, great customer service, fast delivery!

Kitty D. in Lebanon, Tennessee - Order # 394467

Just excellent. First Class. From your selection to your customer service to your pricing and, finally, your packing and shipping I am deeply impressed. GermanDeli will now be a go-to site for me.

By way of comparison, there were a couple of similar items you currently did not have in stock so, I ordered them from two separate vendors. Both of these items arrive packaged poorly and crushed. The irony is, that at the time I received my order from you I thought the item packaging over the top. Now, I find I am grateful for your care and expertise.

Eric E. in Las Cruces, New Mexico - Order # 394796

I would rate higher if it were possible. The whole experience was awesome! It is so nice to find a shop that carries hard-to-find products at a reasonable price and charges only necessary amounts for shipping. Everything arrived carefully packed (even included a little treat of yummi, gummi bears) and very promptly. I plan to be back in GermanDeli's storefront again.

Elizabeth C. in Garland, Texas - Order # 394315

A wonderful German shopping experience in the USA, with great communication back and forth!

Salvatore R. in Eugene, Oregon - Order # 394191, 379056, 359456 & 20 others!

I have been ordering since the beginning of the year. I love the products. Website is really user friendly and shipping is quick. From the time you place your order you will be updated frequently, so you always know where your order currently is and estimated time of delivery. The products are very well packaged and always contain a sample of some sort. I am from Germany and living in the US for 15 years.

Birgit H. in Canal Winchester, Ohio - Order # 394104, 394954, 392172 & 2 others!

Many thanks. I look forward to receiving my products.

This is my first time shopping with you and the experience thus far has been excellent. You provide timely, thorough, and friendly customer communications. Thank you.

Andreea S. in Bethesda, Maryland - Order # 395164

Hi Amy,

I just received my package from GermanDeli and I have to say I am super impressed and excited about the delivery. I ordered lip balm and y'all were so sweet to surprise me with some chocolates and gummy bears- and packed in cold! Thank you so much for such attention to detail. I will be ordering from GermanDeli.com again!

Annabelle G. in Fort Worth, Texas - Order # 395202

Thank you for your great service and items. I love you all, especially Inga. Can't wait for my package.

Bruni R. in Little Elm, Texas - Order # 395132

I am pleased to report that the package was received in good condition. Thank you. I have always been happy with your company and I promise to do business with you again in the future.

Scott L. in St. Louis, Missouri - Order # 394802

Thank you this was fast and I appreciate you a lot. You saved my life and I am so happy I found you.

Jasmin G. in Lindsborg, Kansas - Order # 394931

Hello GermanDeli!

Just writing to say THANK YOU for your cooking videos that I recently discovered. I loooooooove Sauerkraut and have a hard time finding some I like.

After watching your video, I decided that this is something I can make myself. (I've messed up cereal, so it's not a given...) My Sauerkraut turned out awesome!!! (Is it possible to Overdose on Sauerkraut, because I may be getting close) I love your videos! Chef Uwe is awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The only "bad part" about the videos is that they're making me totally homesick for Vienna and for some Wurstsemmeln and Marillenknoedeln, and Kaiserschmarren, and Leberwurst, and, and, and, ........ :-) All the best,

Sylvia E. in Santa Barbara, California - Order # 212585

WOW, Your service is super!!


Wolf Z. in Goodwater, Alabama - Order # 394448

Many thanks! Everything worked out and it was so nice to get your call checking on my package!

You are the best and your customer service is outstanding! Nochmals vielen, vielen Dank!

Claudia M. in Boone, North Carolina - Order # 393989

You need a 6th option of "Outstanding" just for GermanDeli.com. Another perfect transaction!

John C. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 392804

Dear GermanDeli Team,

Thank you so much for the quick shipping and the wonderful merchandise. We also noticed that everything was so well wrapped and want to compliment you on that.

With best regards,

Lilo and Frank von P. in Houston, Texas - Order # 393558, 385789, 340449 & 19 others!

Thank you very much for the quick update about everything shipping as well as charges. I am always pleased with my products I order via GermanDeli.

Mike R. in Union, Kentucky - Order # 393625

Vielen Dank, dass Sie mich auf dem Laufenden halten. Ich bin wirklich froh, dass mein Mann sie ausfindig machte. Sie verpacken alles immer mit so viel Liebe.

Herzliche Grüße

Heide K. in Winter Haven, Florida - Order # 393322

Excellent quality and service.

Volker N. in Galveston, Texas - Order # 392420

Danke. Great service as always.

Gisela L. in Eagan, Minnesota - Order # 392886, 386306, 379714 & 2 others!

Can't wait to order more of my favorite German foods from you!!!

Susan O. in La Porte, Texas - Order # 392231

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much for all your effort. We received the flour in perfect condition and I can now bake my bread. We had a hard time finding it. We would like to thank you very much for your ourstanding and professional service.

Thanks again.

Winnie K. in Huntington Beach, California - Order # 393096

GermanDeli do a good job. I've been buying from them for a long time and I will keep buying from them.

Harold F. in Shelby, North Carolina - Order # 392185, 387916, 376907 & 3 others!

(I'm) glad to offer my public support. I love GermanDeli.com. While an internet company, you have a very clear personal touch which means a lot to me and the best customer service and communication on the web. Period.

I am working on adapting many of the ways you do business to the way I work. You're not only a good company with which to do business but you set an outstanding example for others as well.

John C. in Scottsdale, Arizona - Order # 392155

Thank you so much. We just returned from Sweden and was fortunate enough to taste your candy and am so happy to be able to buy it for ourselves. I'm sure this won't be my last order.

Thank you so much,

Carolyn B. in Collinsville, Oklahoma - Order # 393379

OMG...the "HoWe Nuremberg Bratwurst" I received was awesome. It was just like the ones I had in Nuremberg in May this year. Your website is great and your inventory comprehensive. We will be ordering often.

Einfach wunderbar

Dennis B. in Chesterfield, Missouri - Order # 393158 & 392770

Love your service, it is fast and wonderful packed. Food is super.


Elke L. in Ozawkie, Kansas - Order # 393007


I just received my order and am very pleased. The packaging is superb. The communication during the ordering process was excellent and everything arrived on the designated date. I will be signing up for your newsletter and coupons as well.

I will be shopping with you again, especially for the holidays.

Herzlichen Dank

Birgit W. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Order # 392640

Thanks. Your site and service really are great.

Richard F. in Spring City, Pennsylvania - Order # 392389

Thank you! (I) received the new coffee - just before running out. You guys are great!

Christiane C. in Boston, Massachusetts - Order # 391758

Received the Rumtopf Pot in perfect condition. Just what I wanted. Give your merchandise packers a gold star for an excellent job of packing a fragile object for shipping. You folks are a pleasure to work with.

Harv D. in Roseburg, Oregon - Order # 391503

You all are awesome. I received my order in just two days, everything was carefully wrapped and accounted for. Best service ever. DANKESCHÖN!

Daina C. in Killeen, Texas - Order # 390883

Best Custumer Service ever! Danke allen herzlichst.

Ingrid M. in Hobbs, New Mexico - Order # 391527

As always, the process was a breeze. The merchandise arrived quickly and in excellent shape, and the food is delicious!

Thank you, GermanDeli.com for bringing a taste of home to us!

Elke A. in Anderson, South Carolina - Order # 390002, 349556 & 209613

Thank you Stacie,

We are just so glad to have found the place now, to order our GermanDeli items. We were so pleased with our initial order. You can't imagine. :) It has been a while (since we've been able) to finally add a really good slice of bread to our table. What a wonderful taste! :)

In addition, it is great to have all those German delicacies available, once again. It's truly a pleasure to see the plentiful listings of our so much loved 'Deutsche Ware'; we will most certainly find all those items, sorely missed for quite a while. (Yes, we did have some areas to find some German stuff. But we also desire really the very best. And we believe we have found just that.

Einfach wunderbar!!!


Rita B. A. in Charlotte, North Carolina - Order # 391399 & 389939

I really, really thank you for getting the gift to him. My father is recovering from cancer and he is from an old German family (we traced our roots back to 1600 near Boden Boden). Our people are school teachers, firemen, police officers, and I am a cancer nurse. You couldn't have been kind to a nicer bunch of people!

God bless you for making my elderly father's day today. That is why I am a repeat customer!

Karla T-D in Houston, Texas - Order # 391171

Thank you, all! You've been amazing at keeping me updated and being quick!

This is one customer that's beyond happy! :D

Kristy G. in McKinleyville, California - Order # 390840

Thank you GermanDeli:-)

I love this online store, the service is excellent. Reminds me (of) home, Europe...

Zsuzsanna V. in Woodinville, Washington - Order # 390402

Just wanted to say you guys did an absolute wonderful job with the package and my girlfriend loved it. Thank you for the great service.

Amit M. in Edison, New Jersey - Order # 390156

Great store to purchase from. We are customers for several years.

John R. in Kalamazoo, Michigan - Order # 388628

Dear support staff/customer service,

OMG I'm so impressed with your service from beginning to end.

I didn't rave with my first order (I should have) but there's no way I can go another minute without telling you how wonderful you all are. Everything I ordered is exactly as ordered and came that way also.

I, as so many of your customers, have gone years without the food we loved and had become accustomed to. Till I found your site, I thought I'd have to do with the few supposed German items I've found, items made in Canada or elsewhere, but not Germany.

Again, thank you to your entire staff and for the wonderful array of goodies.

Rose G. in Lincoln, California - Order # 388918 & 385912

This is my second time ordering from you and I just love it. Ordering is easy, everything is delivered quickly and the food is great. I will pass on my super experience.

Auf Wiedersehen und vielen Dank

Birgit H. in Canal Winchester, Ohio - Order # 389002

I have made purchases at GermanDeli for many years, and I have never had a bad experience with this company.

Renate W. in Pine Bluff, Arkansas - Order # 387455, 373026, 308735 & 25 others!


It is always a pleasure to purchase items from GermanDeli. Their customer service is superb. Great selection! I look forward to my next purchase.

Patricia S. in Orlando, Florida - Order # 387453

Hi there! I received my latest order from you last week, and as always, it was neatly packaged and adorned with that beautiful German flag ribbon. I wanted to let you know that I’ve found a neat use for the ribbon…

I tie it around the handles of my luggage, and now when I fly, I can easily spot my bags at Baggage Claim at an airport. Tied to my laptop computer bag and my carryon bag, the ribbon differentiates my property from other peoples’, and helps me identify it positively.

I love your store, and your superb customer service! Thanks!

Giff N. in Bel Air, Maryland - Order # 387530, 319933, 263621 & 6 others!

Dear Amy,

Thank you for processing our order that will be a gift for friends we have in Maine.

We think they will really enjoy the contents and how you package things up.

Appreciate keeping us posted along the way since the order was placed and that you all try to get the products to the end location as soon as possible.

Best wishes and thank you all!

Judy K. - Order # 388032

Hi Amy,

Just wanted to say thank you. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. I received my order very quickly and your emails let me know exactly what was going on. I really appreciate the great customer service. I will definitely be using your company again.

Vielen dank noch mal.

Denise H. in Winnetka, California - Order # 388073

Hello GermanDeli! You are the best! I have ordered from you before, and always had super service from you.

I am Swedish myself, so I know what good quality means.

I am looking forward to the dark Toblerone to be available through you.

Friendly greetings,

Eva G. in Waterville, Maine - Order # 388150

I was very pleased with the online ordering experience! I was kept informed every step of the way and my mother could not stop talking about how well it was packaged! She was equally impressed with the product.

This is my second time sending a package to my mother from GermanDeli. I will definitely shop with them again!

Michelle F. in Arlington, Texas - Order # 385800

What a class act you are!!

Thank you so much, you went into so many details, great customer service.

Thank you Stacie and you have a great weekend.

Marlene W. in Century City, California - Order # 388035

I received the package last evening. It was beautifully packed and everything was still nice and cool. Thank you. I will order again very soon.

Steve M. in Kingwood, Texas - Order # 387724

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen at GermanDeli,

We just received a package from you and I would like to express our appreciation about the way your packages always arrive.

We always have the feeling it is a "personal gift" the way you package everything so lovingly. And what we appreciate also is that you never charge more than necessary for the shipping.

We really like to commend you on your operation, for us it is "total German".

Thanks again, until the next order.

Best Wishes,

Hannelore & Willi S. in Aurora, Colorado - Order # 388281, 387389, 384219 & 1 other!

I am very pleased with the fine selection of German foods and wares that the GermanDeli offers. Their service is always excellent. I have not been back to Germany since 1976, but having brötchen with unsalted German butter and various cold cuts, meat spreads, and cheese, brings back warm memories of having breakfast at Opa and Oma's.

Thank you!

Joseph L. in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota - Order # 379482, 359869, 331183 & 2 others!

Dear Ingrid,

I just wanted you to know that my the gift package that I ordered for my Mother for Mothers day was a big hit. She is 85 years old and was born in Germany and her comments were that your selection brought back fond memories of authentic German food. She especially loved the rolls.

Thank you and I will be back,

Best regards,

Ralph G. in Johns Creek, Georgia - Order # 386942

Fantastic as usual. I can always depend on the speed and accuracy of the ordering process and the packaging is beyond perfect! There is nowhere else I shop for German specialties but GermanDeli! I miss all those years of living in Germany - Rheinland Pfalz - at Hahn AB '77-81 and Spangdahlem AB '82-86. I often think I wish I had stayed.....

Thanks for doing what you do so well!

Danke Sehr!

Bob P. in Manlius, New York - Order # 386881

Der Pflaumenkuchen ist Spitze!!!!!!

Julia P. in Ponchatoula, Louisiana - Order # 387374

Dear Stacie!

Thank you for explaining how to get the coupons. Also, thank you for adding the discount. I appreciate it so very much. We just love our GermanDeli! You have everything we need and we will continue shopping with you - always. Thank you again!

Irmi R. in Rockwood, Tennessee - Order # 386917

Thank you so much! This is incredibly fast service that is greatly appreciated.

Sally S. in Davis, California - Order # 386948

One of the best small businesses I know of. The customer service and communication is outstanding, and the friendliness of those that run it really means a lot. Super-cool business and products provided, making the world a smaller place. This is my second time ordering in bulk from you, and will continue to be a valued customer...especially if you keep bringing every single Ritter Sport chocolate in. ;)

The communication post-order may be better than any other vendor I've ever ordered from, no matter big or small. It's insane!

John K. in East Brunswick, New Jersey - Order # 384925

Hi Inga,

Thank you for letting us know about the special pricing of Jacobs Kaffee, just ordered 6 packages; am waiting from our daughter in Oklahoma if she needs some more, than there will be another order going to her.

Your service is outstanding, and everyone who ever bought or ordered from your company is highly satisfied, you are absolutely THE VERY BEST, we have been shopping and ordering from you for ever, and will continue to do so.

Thank you for the super service and first quality of your products. We love everything and your prices are fantastic too.

Our best to you and your associates,

Christa & Don S. in Dallas, Texas - Order # 386506, 385323, 385318 & 45 others!

I absolutely love the rhubarb spritz. This site is a life saver for me. I wish I had known about this store when my grandparents were alive. They would have loved your store as much as I do.

Kathleen A. in Hamilton, New Jersey - Order # 386239

I just discovered you online and placed my first order (pinkelwurst). I haven't had it for years because local sources in the San Francisco bay area have disappeared. Your shipment arrived this morning, was packaged perfectly; and your service, from the time my order was placed until it arrived, has been sensational. What a joy it is to find a source of so many items my family served in my youth and to deal with your wonderful staff.

Ted T. in Forestville, California - Order # 385885

Dear Amy and Everyone at GermanDeli,

Package has been properly received. One loaf of the German Rye bread has been thawed and finished baking yesterday and is currently trying very hard to fend off my repeated attacks with the bread knife and the butter knife. It's companion loaves have been made prisoner in the freezer section of the kitchen refrigerator until such a time as I need to extract more of their goodness and tastiness from them also. I have no doubt that they will not survive long into the future at which time I will probably request/arrange for more prisoners from your distribution point.


I must add that this bread when sliced and cut in half to fit the toaster (toast only long enough to warm through) and lightly spread w/ butter followed by a nice spreading of creamed honey....is simply heaven. Yes.

Thank you all sincerely,


Richard H. in Torrington, Wyoming - Order # 385209

The shipment from GermanDeli reminds me of my mother's "care packages" I used to receive in the 60's and 70's when there were very little German specialties to be found in the USA!

Marga D. in Great Falls, Virginia - Order # 384396

Thank you for the updates, I really appreciate it and I really like your site!

Daniel T. in Burbank, California - Order # 385968

Herzlichen Dank! That is what I call "Customer Service"!

Matt P. in Roswell, Georgia - Order # 385840

It's always enjoyable shopping GermanDeli! The varieties and quality of products is great and the customer service is like it should be...excellent!

Danke Schön GermanDeli!

Beverly L. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Order # 383823

GermanDeli proves yet again that you are the top performer in customer service. Our order, placed late Thursday afternoon, was delivered to our door yesterday (Friday) with the frozen items still solidly frozen and everything perfectly packed. You just can’t beat first-rate customer care coupled with quality products. Thanks again, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Arthur & Karin G. in Houston, Texas - Order # 385199, 380750, 374131 & 23 others!

On Tuesday the 23rd I placed an order #(385004) for a broom handle, for the broom I had ordered and received last year and had never been able to find a handle that would fit the German threads. I do not know why I never thought that you might also carry handle. The postman brought it this afternoon and I just wanted to let you know that it arrived in excellent condition, and is a perfect fit. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but then considering everything that is involved to get it to its final destination and the quality of the product, I think it was worth buying. I am very pleased.

Thought I'd let you know. Thank you.

Marianne H. in El Paso, Texas - Order # 385004, 331350 & 90259

Justin und ich hatten heute Brinker Brötchen mit selbstgemachtem roten Heringssalat und Flensburger Bier von der GermanDeli. Das nennt man ein gutes, norddeutsches Abendbrot.


Roswitha & Justin K, long-time GermanDeli European Food Store customers

I did not see a suggestion box or were I can leave comments, so I am writing you this email. I would like to thank you. You have no idea how happy and satisfied I am. I am glad that you are here and I will definitely use you for my future needs of German products. Thank you. The products arrived on time, were well packed and very yummy. Thank you again. Danke!


Jasmin G. in Lindsborg, Kansas - Order # 384513 & 385096

I only wish that all companies had this level of competence. It would make life easier all around.

Fred N. in Lodi, California - Order # 383415

I placed my order on Friday at 2:30 pm and it was in front my door on Saturday morning.

Thank you, that was super fast, great customer service!

Petra H. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 384526, 379800, 374563 & 40 others!

I am a German who has been living in the US for more than 10 years now and I have been enjoying and will keep enjoying everything GermanDeli has to offer. They are doing an outstanding job and I am a more than happy customer.

Axel G. in Gainesville, Georgia - Order # 383146

Liebes GermanDeli-Team,

I just received my packages and I am beyond happy! Your customer service is astounding. My items were packed with so much care and love, it's beyond anything I have ever experienced! This is the first time I got to eat German bread since leaving Germany 5 years ago. You couldn't have made me any happier!

You have a customer for life and I can't wait to order again and again!

I'm telling all my friends and co workers about you!

Viele liebe Grüsse

Janina S. in Mesa, Arizona - Order # 384304

Just received my beautifully packed order. Super, super! Your staff is the best. Thanks again

Gisela W. in Augusta, Georgia - Order # 383750, 347605, 334064 & 5 others!

GermanDeli.com is the perfect example of how an internet business should and is run.

I have placed two orders with them - one for myself and had one sent to a relative in another state and both orders arrived in perfect condition and the delivery was fast! I did a LOT of research before choosing GermanDeli to order from.

Since they deal with mostly food (both perishable and non-perishable) items from Germany, preserving them is a major issue - they pack everything (ex: pickle jars) in zip-lock bags and then wrap them in bubble wrap. The sausage was frozen and packed in a styrofoam container with dry ice. They even put little samples of German gummy bears in the order (nice surprise!). The communication about the who, what, when, where and whys of my order were outstanding - I knew as soon as I placed the order what was going on. I did email them with a couple of questions and heard from them almost immediately (and never felt like I was bothering them!). They do have a short video that shows how they pack your order which is very helpful.

The quality of all the food was superb! The sausage was very good, as are the pickles and the applesauce that we ordered.

The prices may seem pretty expensive, but take into consideration the fact that their merchandise is exported from Germany and a couple of other European countries. They seem to try and keep their prices as low as they can, so don't let that keep you from ordering.

They also have a new store in the Dallas area, in case you are in that area and want to check it out (I would if I could!).

The website itself is very user friendly and I had fun just browsing through it. They also have non-food products, as well as products from the Netherlands and Hungary, not just Germany. You can't go wrong with ordering from this company! I will order from them again! They care about each and every one of their customers and seem to really enjoy their work!

I 'm sorry this review is so long, but I have been so impressed with them and I highly recommend GermanDeli.com if you are looking for quality (and sometimes hard to find) German products with excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Tina G. in Gardner, Kansas - Order # 382493

Wow, that is excellent customer service.... Danke Schön!

Dan A. in Bedford, Virginia - Order # 383831


I just wanted to Thank you for my order. It has been delivered to San Francisco yesterday as you estimated and everything was wrapped and packaged super (German) nicely.

Thank you very much,

Andreas F. in San Francisco, California - Order # 383117

(I'm) still learning online shopping. Thanks for the concern shown on perishable shipment.

Robert C. in Portland, Oregon - Order # 381960


just wanted to let you guys know that I just received my package. This was incredibly fast. Also, thanks for all the updates you send me.

Your service is outstanding.

Again, Danke

Sigrid S. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 383062

The present of quark, syrup waffles (and surprises) was a huge success, and a surprise too! We were so impressed at the care taken in the packaging as well as in the information you provide both in the correspondence and on your website.

Thanks so much!

Kind regards,

Veronica V. in The Netherlands - Order # 382346

Hi Stacie,

Thank you so much for the fast delivery. It is always a pleasure to get a box from GermanDeli. Everything is carefully packed and so delicious. Thank you very much, the box came today around 11.00 a.m.

Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

Martina M. in Montgomery, Texas - Order # CP349286

Amy, I think GermanDeli is the first company I've run across that understands reasonable shipping to Alaska. Thank you.

Sharon S. in Gakona, Alaska - Order # 382888

Thanks again, shopping with the GD is such a pleasure (in a good way, not a guilty pleasure, lol....:)

You make us all feel like family :)


Marion V. in Corpus Christi, Texas - Order # 383007, 372300, 364245 & 5 others!

Each order I have placed is meticulously packed; always an extra treat added. The communication is topnotch as well. I love this store.

Debra J. in Escanaba, Michigan - Order # 381001

I had to write and tell you that this is my story and I'm sticking to it!

I have been craving German food for a while now, and after doing a LOT of research, I placed my order with you on Monday morning and just received it about an hour ago! The way y'all do your packing is incredible - everything was in perfect condition - the sausage was still frozen, and the applesauce and pickle jars were not broken.

I used to be married to a man from Fredericksburg, TX, whose mother and aunt were the best cooks around! Their homemade pickles were so good and crisp - the best around! It's what made their potato salad my favorite - I tasted the pickles I bought from y'all and they are very close to what they used to make!

I am so glad I found your website! I am a Texan that lives in the Kansas City metro area and I'm thrilled to know I can place an order with you and receive it so quickly and not have to worry about the condition it's going to be in when I get it. I appreciated the emails keeping me informed of my order status and of course the packing was incredible (wish you could have helped me pack when I moved up here! LOL!)

I have a daughter that lives in Allen and a close friend in Keller, so the next time I come visit them, I definitely want to come shop in your store in Colleyville. Wish you had a store up here!!

Just wanted you to know that you have a new and loyal customer and I have told my kids about your website as well.

From my experience with y'all, you guys are the "gold standard" in online shopping and customer service!

Take care and keep up the good work! Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Tina G. in Gardner, Kansas - Order # 382800 & 382493

I am very pleased to have found the GermanDeli, and shall continue shopping there.

Julianne N. in Richmond, Texas - Order # 380501

Hi there. I wanted to follow up and say a big thank you to everyone at GermanDeli.com.

My grandma was absolutely thrilled with her care package. Apparently she was commenting to my uncle how she wished she could have some Mettwurst on Pumpernickel one more time before she leaves this world. (I had no idea when I placed the order) So she was VERY happy when she got her birthday package from GermanDeli.com and she said it was delicious! I know she can only get limited German goodies in California, so I wanted to pass this along and let you know she was very pleased.

Thank you for everything! It made her day!

Cindy R. in Elgin, Illinois - Order # 381828

My shopping experience with you was phenomenal! I have not yet received my product, because it was shipped today. However, I have NEVER experienced anything like the professional service I received from your company.

You have been accurate, and kept me posted on my order, you adjusted shipping charges accordingly, you've been courteous and friendly. I am just in awe. Businesses, EVERY business would benefit to take notes from your company and how it's run. You provide excellent customer service and I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Thank you very much, it's been a pleasure!

Jo M. in Clifton Park, New York - Order # 382218

We received our order on Friday. Thank you so much your effort in getting here so soon. We appreciate it.

Your e-mail messages keeping us informed on the order were very nice. You have great customer service. Thank you.

Curt & Barbara W. in Surprise, Arizona - Order # 381577

I was absolutely amazed by the positive experience with the GermanDeli store and products. The first time I ordered from the GermanDeli all the products were so fresh; I was really impressed. We have a little store here in town, but this store carries different international food. I bought a German coffee there, and the coffee tasted very old, and nasty. My daughter purchased Kinder Schokolade there, and she purchased 10 of them, which the milk inside was rotten, but they would not let her return the items.

I am so happy that after all these years, which I have lived in the US for many years; that I finally found a good German store, which is very reliable. Thank you guys so much!

Karin R. in Grand Forks, North Dakota - Order # 368988 & 381521

Thank you for such fast and wonderful service. :)

Jenn M. in Copperas Cove, Texas - Order # 381971

An excellent source for German food and supplies. The customer service is the best I have ever encountered.

Laura L. in San Luis Obispo, California - Order # 379507

I received my order and I want to thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service! I appreciated a progress report as the shipment took place & will definitely continue to buy my coffee through your company.

Haben Sie einen guten Tag!

Elaine K. in Bothell, Washington - Order # 379401

You don't have to travel to Germany to satisfy your craving for German food and German products; just shop at the GermanDeli. You won't regret it! Great variety of German products and great service.

Salvatore R. in Eugene, Oregon - Order # 379056

Amy and GermanDeli,

Package arrived this morning and (once again) everything is perfect. Thanks for such prompt delivery and the great packing by Patti G.


Glenn De H. in Riverside, California - Order # 380576

Thank you again for providing the best Customer Service; since I’m a Customer Relations Manager for our local Honda Dealership, I truly appreciate the “extra mile” you take to assure customer satisfaction.

Gigi H. in Corpus Christi, Texas - Order # 379133

You people are super. I am really looking forward to my package again. I am a customer for a long, long time and never, ever have been dissatisfied. You are all doing a wonderful job to make me happy.

Karin F. in Stillwater, Minnesota - Order # 380330

Customer service sent several emails through out the process keeping me informed on my order. Some product only had German labels so they put an English label on some of those. I will be ordering from them again in the very near future.

Robert H. in Hickory, North Carolina - Order # 378460

Dear GermanDeli.com,

Just got the order. Quality of product outstanding. Packing of order outstanding. Service, no question outstanding! I will visit and order again soon.

Don S. in Woodlawn, Tennessee - Order # 379584

Dear Friends at GermanDeli,

We received our order today. Thank you so much for your excellent way of informing your customers. As always we are very happy with your products and fast delivery. We ordered Schinken (Ham). It arrived just in time for lunch. My husband couldn't wait to cut it. It is delicious and tastes just like the ham his father used to smoke and cure in their smokehouse in LaGrange, Texas.

Thanks again for everything.

Ginny & Gus P. in Houston, Texas - Order # 379610

I was absolutely amazed by the positive experience.

I only responded to an email from GermanDeli advising me that an item I had purchased in the past was now on sale. I informed them I had plenty of that item but was actually looking for a different product of theirs that was no longer available at a local merchant and gave them a description.

Within minutes I had a response from their President that research was being conducted on my request. She herself had conducted some research based on my information at a store of the same merchant and discovered the merchant did not carry there product anymore. Unbeknownst to me she had passed on my request to someone else in GermanDeli. Just a few minutes later I had another response with a picture of what they thought I was inquiring about.

Their estimation was spot on and I proceeded to order a goodly quantity immediately (as they were so kindly pro-active and provided a link). The product arrived within a few days.

Michael H. in Ramsey, Minnesota - Order # 377872

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for the incredible care you put into packing your products. My Easter chocolates arrived today - each bundle was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in an insulated cooler. This was my first purchase on your site. I will be buying from you again.

I have never sent email feedback to a store before. Today is my first - I was so impressed by your quality of care that I just had to.

Thanks for caring about what you you do!

Jooe K. in Cambridge, Massachusetts - Order # 378679

We have been very impressed with the selection and ease of ordering products from this company website! Follow up (tracking) after the order is placed is wonderful. Products are very well packaged. Service is consistently excellent! This is the only site we use to order our German made products.

Mary H. in Bettendorf, Iowa - Order # 377456

I picked an incorrect way to ship as I forgot about the salami that I ordered, but the GermanDeli sent me an email that they needed to change the delivery service due to time constraints on the delivery. They also reimbursed me a buck and some change as the delivery was not as much as originally anticipated!

The salami was delicious as were the other products that I ordered.

I will order again from them as they have such a large selection of many items that I have never tried, but will try now as I know they are a company with integrity, morals and values!

Thank you GermanDeli....you have me as a customer for life due to your honesty!

Elsa J. in Hayward, California - Order # 377173

Your service is outstanding. Thank you very much for all your help.


Wilma C. in Sugar Land, Texas - Order # 378997

I just read all the comments. It seems, you have very happy customers and I am one of them. We are from Berlin and live in Florida since 12 years in the winter time on our VISA. A few years ago I found your great company and have ordered many times since then. Every time the package arrived, I was happy, all the food was perfectly covered and still frozen, if it had to be even after 3 days, amazing. You do such a wonderful job and everybody in your staff is so friendly. No other company comes even close to yours.

Best greetings

Heidi S. in Port St. Lucie, Florida - Order # 379452, 378533, 375098 & 20 others!

I love doing business with you. You are fair, fast and keep your customer informed. Thank you so much. I wish other businesses were like you. It would be a better way of life.

Benita D. in Lebanon, Missouri - Order # 378423

Just wanted to say Thank You. All arrived in perfect shape and the ice bags were still frozen, even after 3 days!! You guys must be the most expert "packers and shippers" of all time. I've never seen a parcel packaged so ingeniously and in such a professional manner.

Thanks again,

Ulrich S. in St. Augustine, Florida - Order # 377038

I have purchased from GermanDeli 4 or 5 times. My mom is 86 years old, and she is like kid at Christmas when she receives one of your packages. My mom is from Inglestadt, Germany and misses everything about her homeland. It makes me so happy to see her enjoy the yummy goodies from your store.

You have great quality items and the care taken to package everything so that it arrives in good shape makes you a grade A organization. Keep up the outstanding customer service cause I'm spreading the word.

Joann G. in Annapolis, Maryland - Order # 373492, 370304, 336920 & 1 other!

Greetings Amy,

My order arrived today (two days after I placed it) and was I so very impressed with the packing of my items. Many thanks for the goodies, they made me smile and remember the good old days in Germany. When I placed my order, I just couldn't imagine how it was going to arrive in a chill and/or frozen state, but it did. Leave it to GermanDeli to know how to please it's customers. This was my first order and I know I will be a regular just by your great customer service. You are great and I certainly do appreciate the exceptional manner in which you handle my order. I can't wait to cook my goodies because if the customer service is first rate, I know the food is top quality and delicious.

Again, thanks for your quick, meticulous, and exceptional customer service. You are first class all the way!!!

Debbie T. in Millbrook, Alabama - Order # 377774

I wanted to surprise my 90 year old German mother and help her satisfy her craving for Blutwurst. I wish every online ordering experience was a wonderful as this.

I was kept informed through the receipt, picking, and shipping process. Most importantly the staff followed through with the statement that they would find the best and cheapest way to ship the items. My final cost was less than what was originally indicated. Not many time do you order anything and the cost is reduced. What a surprise. Thanks for helping me to attend to her craving. She loved it by the way.

Mike B. in Tupelo, Mississippi - Order # 377496

Thank you for your efficiency and attentiveness to detail. I will be a repeat customer because of this.

Dona T. in West Lafayette, Indiana - Order # 377331

Not only am I looking forward to my wonderful products but your packing never ceases to amaze me. I have been a customer for years and there is no other German store out there that even comes close. Thanks for the pleasure you bring to us, the ones who are far from home.

Veronika L. in Boscobel, Wisconsin - Order # 377214, 369289, 344979 & 23 others!

Just wanted to tell you that I was again very satisfied how my order #376496 was taken care of, everything was great and arrived exactly in time. Thank you again.

- Your very satisfied customer

Danke und alles gute bis zum nächsten mal

Michaela M. in Quincy, Michigan - Order # 376496

Hello. I got my candies today! Thank you for your excellent service!

Jeanette M. in Buffalo, New York - Order # 376461

I like GermanDeli. They have great selection of products most of which keep me connected with my youth in Germany. Prices are very competitive (even if you could find them elsewhere)and shipping costs are very reasonable. The customer service and communication is world class. I'm sure glad that GermanDeli is there.

Fred N. in Lodi, California - Order # 375300

Dear GermanDeli,

I received my very first order today in a timely fashion. Wow, what a nice surprise it was to have opened the pristine box to find a beautiful "GermanDeli" placard and some unexpected treats! What a wonderful touch. I have ordered various items from a number of other online retailers and have never seen such attention to detail and such an effort put forth to make the customer happy.

I will definitely be telling all my friends and family about GermanDeli.com and my great experience. Thank you so much for your obvious pride in what you do! Please feel free to post my comments on your website if you wish.


Oliver D. in Fountain Valley, California - Order # 376555

I just wanted to THANK YOU, for your great service! I can't believe, how wonderful you do your packaging and punctual shipping.

Gisela M. in Jacksonville, Florida - Order # 376562, 363376, 238521 & 13 others!

Thank you so very much. We received our order today all so professionally packed in good order & the ice packs were still frozen. Vielen Dank! We will enjoy.

Bonnie S. in Port Aransas, Texas - Order # 376618

Thank you Melanie........Looking forward to my yummy treats!!! Every time I receive an order from you guys, I'm happy like a little kid to be able to just hold and look and of course eat some of my favorite German memories.

Vielen Dank.

Eva L. in Pompano Beach, Florida - Order # 376325

Thank you so much for shipping my order with the great care that you did. Everything made it in great shape. It is really special to me to still see a company that cares about their customers and their own reputation.

Thanks again and I can't wait for my next purchase with you fine folks.

Aaron B. in Puyallup, Washington - Order # 375716

Thank you so much - (I) appreciate the lower shipping cost and excellent communication. :) Looking forward to receiving my order.


Sherry L. in New York, New York - Order # 375947

Keep up the good work. We enjoy the bread so very much.

Magdalena & Ray T. in Glenwood, Arkansas - Order # 375936

Unmatched Quality Provider!!! Every facet of this Merchant's performance is well done, genuinely exceptional!!! This is a consistent pattern for + 3 years!!!

Harald B. in Inman, South Carolina - Order # 373607

Love the food and the way the orders are handled. We are able to enjoy excellent German food again without going to a German restaurant.

Raymond L. in West Point, Nebraska - Order # 373557

Dear Amy -

I just made this order yesterday morning and have already received it! Thank you soooo very much! Everything was packed so impressively! We are so excited to enjoy some yummy German food that we haven't had in years!! Thank you again to all of you at GermanDeli!

Suzanne M. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 374845

GermanDeli has done it again! I just received my order of six boxes of De Ruijter Dark Chocolate Sprinkles (ordered 2-5-2013). Superb packaging with ice bags in a styrofoam box, excellent response to my order with rapid delivery!

I cannot say enough good things about GermanDeli! Thank you Lori for packing with pride!

Sandra H. in Pineville, Louisiana - Order # 374701

Hello Ms. Bowyer,

I realize this email is probably from an automated system BUT, THANK YOU for providing this service to your customers; I just placed a quick order and hope that this time I won’t lose out on those little childhood memories from home J

You have a wonderful business, great staff and from my experience you care about your customers!

Thanks so much for bringing our home back to us, piece by piece - from time to time J

With warmest regards and a grateful heart,

Elfi S. in Middleville, Michigan - Order # 374539, 356326, 321604 & 17 others!

Thank you for the fast service.

Gisela H. in Midland, Texas - Order # 374075, CP217742, 283370 & 3 others!

Thank you for all the updates, I would like to say how impressed I am with the speed of your service, this is my first time ordering from you and I must say it won't be the last. Thank you. I seriously am impressed !

Krasimir T. in Iowa City, Iowa - Order # 374152

What a thoughtful note. Great management!

Barbara B. in Los Angeles, California - Order # 374005

Super fast order processing and shipping. Excellent packaging. Great communication.

Erika R. in San Antonio, Texas - Order # 371814

Thank you so much for the care and attention you put in my recent order! Wonderful job! I appreciate how nice it was and thank you!

Diana W. in Valparaiso, Indiana - Order # 372175

GermanDeli.com has to be the very best company I have ever dealt with online. We were so impressed with the quality, speed, and delivery of our orders that we actually drove all the way to Texas from Georgia to visit the store in person!

The shipping is high, however, I have never had a problem with my orders. They have always arrived exactly as expected in the most professional manner possible. They definitely go the extra mile for their customers!

Anne B. in Waycross, Georgia - Order # 371316

Dear Amy!

If something is wrong I will definitely complain but I have made it a habit to commend people when something is done well.

I just wanted to say that you have a new customer that's here to stay and I will let all my German friends know how happy I am with your service. I was delighted to see with how much care and love went into packing your packages. And I appreciate the little gummibear extras too. Thank you very much for making shopping online a pleasant experience.

Yours sincerely,

Peggy M. in Caldwell, Idaho - Order # 372777

The shipment has arrived! Thank you for the wonderful packaging and little goodies!

A very happy customer,

Friderun S. in Peoria, Arizona - Order # 372969

I love GermanDeli.com. They have all the things I miss from my childhood (lived there as an Army brat from the age of 2 to 10) without costing me an arm and a leg. They ship quickly and package everything so nicely. I cannot say enough good things about GermanDeli.com!

Donna E. in Draper, Utah - Order # 370895

Dear Amy, Nicole, David, Stacy, Lori, Inga, Gina, Jim and the rest of the team,

I just received my package. I was so impressed by the constant emails and information that I received from you guys. I have never dealt with any US company with this kind of service. It reminded me of the service I used to get in Munich from the local neighborhood stores. The merchandise arrived as promised and was packed in the most fantastic way. This was my 1st order with your company. Expect to see my name in your shipping department again soon.

The chocolate and gold bears was a very nice touch as well. My grandchildren will enjoy them.

Thank you for such a great shopping experience.

Best regards,

Nat S. in Silver Spring, Maryland - Order # 371919

Hello GermanDeli Staff,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the processing of my very first order. I am completely impressed with your customer service and product – from the time I placed the order through the enjoyment of opening my package and taking my first bite !! I was hesitant to order food online but my craving for Stollen overpowered me and I decided to try GermanDeli. I am so glad I did.

You have to be the most informative company that I have ever done business with and your quality of service is going to be a hard one to beat. You are efficient, professional and pleasant and I am more than satisfied with this experience. I also sense that if there had been a problem with my order that getting it resolved would not have been an issue. I wish more companies could provide this level of service – and reassurance.

I left a message last Friday after opening my package and finding the added surprises of gummy bears and a chocolate heart. Everything was very well wrapped and the decorative cardboard insert along with the name of the staff that did the packaging was a very classy and professional touch. My phone message probably sounded like a nut-case but I was just so excited and happy !!! I am thoroughly enjoying the Stollen and cookies.

Thank you for such an exceptional experience; I look forward to future orders with you.

My compliments to all of you.


Laura J. in Sacramento, California - Order # 370855

Thank you for your care and concern for the status of your products and your customers. I can't think of any other company that I do Internet business with that goes to the extent GermanDeli does. I don't worry about your orders, but it's good to see the concern. Thanks for being one of the good guys.

Rick and Heidi B. in Midland, Texas - Order # 372766

Thank you, Amy. I just LOVE getting my food from GermanDeli. I am always happy with all of the items. Thanks again.

Ursula R. in Memphis, Tennessee - Order # 372077

I received from my daughter at Christmas time a big box which you sold as a gift package. I want to thank your company for such a great selection. Items I have not seen or tasted were in this gift box. It's the best present I have had for a long time. Thank you!

Renate R. in Baxter, Tennessee - Order # 345061 & 317151

Thanks for another perfect order in December. You all are the greatest.

Blaine T. in Kansas City, Missouri - Order # 364914 & 260529

GermanDeli continues to amaze (and please) me with their great German product selection, with an excellent and prompt order progress feedback, and the fastest and most efficient delivery system.

Franz E. in Katy, Texas - Order # 369836

It is just really important that I say this to you and your entire team. This is the second time I have ordered and both times the service has been amazing. Probably the best service I have EVER received and I order A LOT of things over the internet due to where we live. Thank you so much.

My Dad is full German (came over to the US when he was in his teens) and we always went to Germany to visit relatives up until about 25 years ago. One of the things we always got were the ABC cookies...but until I found this place (or my daughter did upon my stories of the cookies), I hadn't had them in 20 years. What a blessing to receive your first order of which we ate all bags in two days.

I am quite sure you will keep getting orders from us continually and I am just so impressed with this business and how it treats people.

Angelique C. in Klamath Falls, Oregon - Order # 371530

This company sets the standard in quality for every & any business! Honest descriptions of their products, above & beyond packaging, delivery & customer service! Every item was in its own ziploc bag & then wrapped in bubble wrap & taped securely - EVERY item! My order was placed after New Year's & arrived Jan 5th with updates being sent via email so I could track my order.

Have NEVER done business with a company that has this level of integrity! They do business the way it should be done! Highly recommend this company! If you LOVE all things German as we do, look no further for a source! Last year, I placed an order right before Christmas (less than a week) & they still delivered it before Christmas! They estimate shipping costs & if it's less, you're charged the LOWER amount. Most companies give you the most expensive shipping rate & if it's lower, they pocket the difference!

Do yourself a favor & support this company! I'd really hate to see them go out of business!

Nancy T. in Lillian, Alabama - Order # 369394

I received my order a few days ago and could not wait to open it. Thank you so much for the wonderful packing and the Gummi Bears which put a big big smile on my face. Just ordered a few more things and can not wait for the package.

I absolutely love GermanDeli and thank you Lori for the awesome packing.

Simone K. in Royal Palm Beach, Florida - Order # 371132 & 369968

I don't have any questions, but I want to praise you and the entire staff for packaging and handling my orders so well! Everything is packed and protected and arrives perfectly. Thank you so much.

Jane B. in Mill Creek, Washington - Order # 369906

Thank you so much for your excellent service and handling of the products. We are always happy with our packages coming from the GermanDeli.

Ronald L. in Rocky Point, North Carolina - Order # 369188

Dear Nicole C!

Thank you for your wonderful products and thank you for the consideration you give all your customers. If even a smidgen of the rest of the businesses did as GermanDeli does, the business world would be a much better place.

We love the pinkel and have never found it cheaper, even with shipping charges, anywhere else. My son will come home from Nashville (92 miles from our house) if I say we have pinkel!

Take care and all the best for the new year! Danke!

Lorain P. in Hazel Green, Alabama - Order # 370657

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Carmen P. in El Paso, Texas - Order # 370020

Received everything; great experience and everything was delicious. Thanks for your professionalism.

Tybee S. in New York, New York - Order # 364688

Received the package this AM; everything was in perfect shape thanks to the extraordinary care given to each item in packaging. It is always very impressive to open a GermanDeli package! Every item is placed into its own ziploc bag, taped tightly, then wrapped in bubble wrap & taped securely again. The frozen items are packed separately in a styrofoam container with dry ice & always arrive still frozen! It is a huge pleasure to do business with a company that has such impeccable integrity! Most businesses would do well to copy yours! The gummi bears are always fought over but I got the chocolate heart!

I was hoping that the package would arrive before Sunday but figured it couldn't possibly; I am always amazed at how fast you get packages processed & shipped! Thank you so much! We will continue to do business with you, hopefully for many, many years to come! Vielen Dank!

Nancy T. in Lillian, Alabama - Order # 369394

I am so happy I found GermanDeli.com. I was impressed by the recipes they provide and the links to buy the products I need for them. My order was processed quickly and I felt like Amy was my personal shopper! I have shared the GermanDeli.com link with many people since I found it!

Renee W. in Charlotte, North Carolina - Order # 367775

Hello GermanDeli!

I placed an order on the 21st of December and my package arrived today the 2nd of January. As you know I am stationed in Afghanistan, I was excited when my Stollens arrived today. But what I seen when I opened the box was and will be something that I will never forget. The first thing I seen was the beautiful place card on top my order. I was overwhelmed with all the extra goodies that were inside the box.

And then when I opened the greeting card it brought tears to my eyes. I would like to thank everyone there for signing the card. It means so much to me during this time of the year being away from family and friends. You now have a repeat customer! And I will spread the word of your good food, prompt service and professional staff you have there.

Again, thank you

Michael I. in Afghanistan - Order # 367935

I LOVE this store. I really like the way they keep me informed as my order completes the process. Thank you GermanDeli. I'll be back soon.

Kevin U. in San Diego, California - Order # 363898
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