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  • Brand: Aurora
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 1lb (500g)
  • Item #: 4000406073505


  • Rye-spelt bread mix with the full flavor from the original grain

  • Spelt flour, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds give this hearty rye bread a nutty flavor
  • Contains dried yeast and sour dough

  • Ideal for a healthy diet 

  • Mix is suitable for bread machines


Rye flour (45%), wheat flour, spelt flour (10%), dried yeast (3%), rye malt flakes, pumpkin seeds, salt, flax seed, dried yeast (1.4%), flour treatment agent ascorbic acid, vitamin folic acid.

Note: Ingredients and labelcan change without notice and translation and/or typographical errors are possible. Therefore consumers are advised to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances that might be incompatible for them BEFORE ingestion. The European Parliament directives and amendments pertaining to compulsory food labeling can vary depending on the item in question and producers are not always required to provide a detailed and complete listing of all ingredients. When in doubt contact the manufacturer before consuming this item.

Description in German

  • Mit dem vollen Geschmack aus dem Urgetreide

  • Ein nussiges Aroma und kerniger Biss
  • Trockenhefe und Sauerteig sind enthalten
  • Ideal für eine bewußte Ernährung

  • Ideal auch für den Brotbackautomaten geeignet

Ingredients in German

Roggenmehl (45%), Weizenmehl, Dinkelmehl (10%), getrockneter Roggensauerteig (3%), Roggenmalzflocken, Kürbiskerne, Jodsalz, Leinsamen, Trockenhefe (1.4%), Mehlbehandlungsmittel Ascorbinsäure, Vitamin Folsäure.

Hinweis: Die Zutaten und Etikette können sich ohne vorherige Ankündigung ändern und Übersetzungen und /oder typografische Fehler sind möglich. Deshalb werden die Verbraucher gebeten, die Zutatenlisten auf den Verpackungen für Stoffe, die für sie unverträglich sind, vor dem Verzehr zu überprüfen. Die Richtlinien und Änderungen des Europäische Parlaments, bezüglich der obligatorischen Etikettierung von Lebensmitteln, kann je nach dem betreffenden Artikel und Hersteller nicht immer erforderlich sein. Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich bitte an den Hersteller, bevor sie den Artikel verwenden/gebrauchen oder consumieren.

Baking Instructions

Place baking mixture in a bowl and add 12.1fl.oz lukewarm water. Knead the dough for approx. 3 minutes with a electric mixture (highest speed), until the dough is smooth. Cover the dough with a dishtowel and let it rest for approx. 30 minutes in a warm place, until the dough has visibly increased (risen). Knead the dough one more time for a short time and form a loaf. Place the loaf in a greased loaf pan or on a greased baking sheet. Cover the loaf again and let it rise for another 40 minutes in a warm place. Brush the top of the loaf with water, cut a few lines into the loaf. Bake everything in a preheated oven (450F). Reduce the heat to 400F after approx. 10 minutes. The whole loaf needs an approx. baking time of 50 minutes. Let it cool and enjoy!


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Most Helpful Reviews :


Best bread mix ever!

Having some digesting challenges I am always looking for food I can tolerate. A while ago I bought this mix the first time. Not only it is a kind of bread I were used to while living in Germany the texture and the preparation are so easy. I live in AZ desert and to rise the dough I just put it outside for the recommended time or a little bit longer.

I sometimes like to change the taste a bit and add for instant some ground cardamon, or sesame seeds, peanuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds preferable all raw and sometimes all the above . Be creative and courageous :-) You may need a little more water for the smooth texture. If it happens to be too soft I throw in a few raw rolled oats to suck up the excessive fluids while rising. Follow the instructions on the package and give it 5 more minutes baking time.
I like to use polish ceramic bake ware and change the baking times as follow: 10 min 375 F, 55-60 min 340 F for a nice crunchy crust. 3-4 times during the baking process in the oven I spray the top with water giving it a smooth surface.

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OOOHHH Yeaaaahhh!!!

Just one word : FANTASTIC !!!! I thought I was back in Germany.

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it's a keeper

Follow directions on the package. Dough is very sticky in the beginning, but it rises well (in the oven 100F, with the Raising bread program). No need to handle the dough with your hands. After 30 min, knead one more time (60 sec). Fill dough in a greased pyrex loaf form. Let rise another 40 minutes. Heat your oven and bake according to instructions. I put a bowl of boiling water in the oven too. Has a nice crust and soft texture inside. It's a keeper. Please keep it in your assortment.

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