Can't get to a real German Bakery?  We import real German Bread, like Roggenkruste and Bauernbrot. You'll find the crusty German rolls called Brötchen, Bavarian pretzels (Laugenbrezeln), plus flavorful German cakes, cookies, pastries, Schaumwaffeln, and Zwieback.
There's nothing better than entering a real German bakery and being greeted by the aroma of freshly baked German bread, rolls, and pretzels.  And just when you think it doesn't get any better, the baker shows up with trays of pastry, cakes, cookies, and doughnuts to tempt your sweet tooth.

Germans are famous for their sourdough and rye breads.  Ancient recipes for Ur-Roggenkruste, Landbrot, and Bauernbrot are handed down from generation to generation to produce breads that are crusty, hearty, chewy, and tremendously satisfying.  GermanDeli imports several bread varieties that are par-baked, so you can bake them off in your own oven to get that great texture you've been missing.  Other breads just need to be thawed and still others, like pumpernickel, are pantry-ready.

Visitors to Germany soon fall in love with the crusty rolls known as Broetchen, which translates to "small bread". What Americans know as Kaiser Rolls, Germans call "Kaisersemmel" and they are among a huge variety of delicious choices.  In Germany a plain, whole wheat, or seeded rolls is a breakfast staple that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Germans have mastered the art of baking the finest cakes and pastries.  Real made-in-Germany Käsekuchen, Apfelstrudel, Pflaumenkuchen, Streusel, Berliner, and Bienenstich can elicit smiles all around.  German cookies (Plätzchen) and Zwieback satisfy our childhood cravings so we import them, as well.  Because, as we always say, "It's not about the food; it's about the memories!"