Bende Kolozsvari (Smoked Bacon) 12oz min

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Bende Kolozsvari (Smoked Bacon) 12oz min reviews


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I am very pleased with this slab bacon. The flavor is delicious. Finely-diced, it renders well and gets nice and crispy. The rendered fat was perfect for my slow-cooked sauerkraut recipe: Dice the bacon into small bits and allow to render until the bacon pieces are crispy. Remove the bacon bits from the pan and save as a garnish. To the rendered bacon fat in the pan, gently saute finely-diced onions (at least 1/2 cup of onions) until translucent. Add a six-serving can of sauerkraut (I like Hengstenberg Mildessa brand) to the pan. Add about a cup of water and plenty of pepper. Cook the sauerkraut slowly, checking from time to time to make sure that it isn't getting too dry or sticking to the pan, FYI: BURNED SAUERKRAUT is a no-no! You know it's ready when it tastes great!! Before serving the sauerkraut heat up the bacon bits and sprinkle on top. Some people like to add a few juniper berries or some caraway seeds to Sauerkraut, but that's not really my thing. But I won't judge if YOU like those additions.


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