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  • Brand: Dallmayr
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 8.8oz (250g)
  • Item #: 646783303916


  • A top of the range blend of mild Arabica beans 
  • Well-balanced aroma and smooth flavor
  • This variety is inherently mild with low acidity
  • To round off the experience of enjoying this naturally mild coffee, the beans are roasted especially gently Guaranteed from 100% Arabica beans with low acid content

Description in German

  • Eine Spitzenmischung milder Arabica-Bohnen
  • Ausgewogenes Aroma und sanfter Geschmack
  • Diese Sorte ist von natur aus mild und säurearm
  • Um das Erlebnis naturmilden Kaffeegenusses harmonisch abzurunden, werden die Bohnen besonders behutsam geröstet.
  • Garantiert aus 100% Arabica-Bohnen mit geringer Säure


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So great...

This is so incredibly smooth and perfect for early mornings, and mild enough for after dinner. So refined & elegant.
The coffee grounds are even superior to what I am used to. My back up is Dunkin' when this runs out, as Starbuck's is so acidic, but there is no comparison with theirs to this wonderful coffee. Best when percolated the old fashioned way.
A must buy for any gathering or hostess gift, buy a bunch to have on stand by!!

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This smooth mild blend will enhance your morning. Its the best coffee I have ever had.

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