• Brand: Gut & Günstig
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 17.6oz (500g)
  • Item #: 4311501388990


  • Fine sponge cake
  • With 41% quark and 7% whole egg
  • Ready to serve in aluminum tray (9"x 4.5")


70% quark preparation (quark, sugar, egg white, whole egg, cream cheese, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable fat, butter milk, potato starch, humectant: glycerol, wheat starch, modified starch, water, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, acetic acid, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids , polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, curd powder, natural flavor, whole milk powder, table salt), dough: sugar, whole egg, vegetable fat, wheat flour, rice source of flour, water, wheat starch, glucose-fructose syrup, humectants, glycerin, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, acetic acid, oil vegetable , natural flavor, salt, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, E481, raising agents: diphosphates, sodium carbonates. 

Contains gluten, egg, milk. May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.

Note: Ingredients can change without notice and translation and/or typographical errors are possible. Therefore consumers are advised to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances that might be incompatible for them BEFORE ingestion. The European Parliament directives and amendments pertaining to compulsory food labeling can vary depending on the item in question and producers are not always required to provide a detailed and complete listing of all ingredients. When in doubt contact the manufacturer before consuming this item.

Description in German

  • Feiner Rührkuchen
  • Mit 41% Speisequark und 7% Vollei
  • Servierfertig in der Aluschale (25cm x 11cm)

Ingredients in German

70% Speisequarkzubereitung (Speisequark, Zucker, Hühnereiweiss, Vollei, Frischkäse, Glukose-Fructose-Sirup, Fett pflanzlich, Buttermilch, Kartoffelstärke, Feuchthaltemittel: Glycerin, Weizenstärke, modifizierte Stärke, Wasser, Säureregulator: Natriumdiacetat, Essigsäure, Mono- und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren, Polyglycerinester von Speisefettsäuren, Quarkpulver, natürliches Aroma, Vollmilchpulver, Speisesalz), Teig: Zucker, Vollei, Fett pflanzlich, Weizenmehl, Reisquellmehl, Wasser, Weizenstärke, Glukose-Fructose-Sirup, Feuchthaltemittel, Glycerin, Säureregulator: Natriumdiacetat, Essigsäure, Öl pflanzlich, natürliches Aroma, Speisesalz, Emulgator: Mono- und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren, E481, Backtriebmittel: Diphosphate, Natriumcarbonate. 

Enthält Gluten, Hühnerei, Milch. Kann Spuren von Erdnüssen und Schalenfrüchten enthalten.

Hinweis: Die Zutaten können sich ohne vorherige Ankündigung ändern und Übersetzungen und /oder typografische Fehler sind möglich. Deshalb werden die Verbraucher gebeten, die Zutatenlisten auf den Verpackungen für Stoffe, die für sie unverträglich sind, vor dem Verzehr zu überprüfen. Die Richtlinien und Änderungen des Europäische Parlaments, bezüglich der obligatorischen Etikettierung von Lebensmitteln, kann je nach dem betreffenden Artikel und Hersteller nicht immer erforderlich sein. Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich bitte an den Hersteller, bevor sie den Artikel verwenden/gebrauchen oder consumieren.


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Most Helpful Reviews :


Like Going to the German Deli with Oma!

After "Growing up with some of the Best German Delis and German Home Cooks and bakers", I'm VERY Picky when it comes to comparing foods and tastes. THIS cheese cake is THE BEST and CLOSEST to a well known "Neighborhood German Deli" of my youth!! It was closed long ago, when the family moved, and my family and I have spent untold years, searching for THIS Olde World Fantastic Taste in different States and "German, Lithuanian, etc Bakeries & delis". I ordered this, hoping... And after my 1st bite, I was transported to my youth! Smiling and standing in "Mr. Emil's Deli", with my Oma, buying slices or whole cheese cakes like this for her most loved ones!! It is a light-tender crust with the farm fresh "Quark" cheese. This is an "Oma Approved" kind of Wonderful Treat , if for breakfast, with a lil coffee or tea, or for dessert. We most certainly will be buying more!! (If you ever offer any with raisins, too, that'd be another Grande find) SO HAPPY & Thank you for offering THIS Product!!

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