Lorenz Monster Munch Cheese 75g
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Lorenz Monster Munch Cheese 75g reviews


Extremely Original!

Found this snack in one of the German pavilions at Epot in the World Showcase at Walt Disney World. Bought 3 to share with family back home and they were so good I could barely part with 1 bag. Had to immediately find out where I could get more because Disney World no longer ships food. ��The snack is a little saltier than I would like but does have an overall great taste. It reminds me of a Frito-Lay cheese-puff, but with a much lighter crunch and cheese taste. They are highly addictive and extremely hard to put down and it is very easy to finish off the 2.65 ounce bag in a matter of moments. Sharing is easier said than done. They are the kind of snack that when a friend tries to stick a hand in to grab a few without asking, you just immediately want to slap their hand away. It also doesn't hurt that they are cute as can be with their ghostly appearance either. ��Rush right out and grab you a few bags, because believe me, one bag is just not enough. This is my new favorite snack and feel sure it will be yours too.

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