• Brand: Maggi
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight/Size: 1.6oz (46g)
  • Item #: 7613030691785


No translation is needed for German's famous Sauerbraten. Maggi's Mix is top-of-the-line in flavor and you'll enjoy the quick preparation time. Marinating is not necessary. You'll simply need to add one pound of beef, one tablespoon of oil for browning and 1 2/3 cups of water. We like to use Beef Tenderloin or Beef Sirloin. Cooking time is a short 60 to 90 minutes, so you'll want to start with a good, tender cut of beef.


Wheat flour, sugar, iodized salt, modified starch, yeast extract, roasted onion powder (4.2%), caramelized sugar, acidifier (citric acid, natrium diacetate), spices (paprika, garlic, allspice, pepper), tomato powder, hydrogenated vegetable oil, malt dextrin, herbs, flavoring, celery, thickening agent (guar gum), lactose, vegetable protein biologically processed (wheat protein, salt). Warning: Contains wheat and milk. May contain traces of milk, eggs, soy and mustard.

Description in German

Für einen schmackhaften Sauerbraten - ohne Einlegen - mit viel guter Soße. Auch ideal für Wild. Zubereitung für 500g Fleisch, z.B. Rind oder Wild, 2 EL Öl.

Ingredients in German

Weizenmehl, Zucker, Jodsalz, modifizierte Stärke, Hefeextrakt, Röstzwiebelpulver (4,2 %), karamellisierter Zucker, Säuerungsmittel (Citronensäure, Natriumdiacetat), Gewürze (Paprika, Knoblauch, Piment, Pfeffer), Tomatenpulver, pflanzliches Öl (gehärtet), Maltodextrin, Kräuter, Aroma, Sellerie, Verdickungsmittel Guarkernmehl, Milchzucker, pflanzliches Eiweiß biologisch aufgeschlossen (Weizeneiweiß, Salz). [Spuren: Milch, Eier, Soja,Senf]

Cooking Instructions

Sear  1 lb of meat (sirloin) from all sides in hot oil. Set meat aside. Mix the package content with 12.68fl.oz of water and bring to a boil.  Braise the meat in the Sauerbraten mix on low temperature for  approx. 1 hour to 1 ½ hours while covered. Turn the roast occasionally. Serve with red cabbage and potato dumplings.


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This stuff is AWESOME! My mom's german and use to make us Sauerbraten all the time. This is the closest to it. Great stuff!! Wish I could find it easier.

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