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  • Brand: Schaller & Weber
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Weight/Size: approx. 14oz
  • Item #: sw126


Serve an old German favorite on those cold winter nights: Pinkelwurst and Kale! Use your Oma's favorite recipe or go to our recipes page for ideas. 

Made in the USA - USDA Inspected - EST 5374


Pork, beef fat, oats, onions, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, spices, dextrose, sugar, flavorings, sodium nitrite.

Note: Ingredients and labels may change without notice and translation and/or typographical errors are possible. Therefore consumers are advised to check the ingredient lists on the package for substances that might be incompatible for them BEFORE ingestion. The European Parliament directives and amendments pertaining to compulsory food labeling can vary depending on the item in question and producers are not always required to provide a detailed and complete listing of all ingredients. When in doubt contact the manufacturer before consuming this item.


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This pinkel is wonderful! I have found it more similar to Knipp (Bremer specialty) as it is not linked. I serve it fried with boiled potatoes, pickles and mustard. Yummy!

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