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Hearty all in one Schweinehaxe meal.

Includes the following products:

1x Siegi's Ham Shank (Schweinehaxe)

1x Melle's Best Kartoffel Knödel 300g (10.6oz)

2x Kühne Red Cabbage 12.5oz

1x Maggi Rahmsoße zu Braten

This is a complete meal in a box.  This meal is great for two people, but might serve more.  

Cooking tips: 

If the Schweinshaxe (ham shank) is frozen you should defrost it in the refrigerator overnight or for several hours before you begin cooking it.  We suggest the method that results in a dark-brown, crispy skin with hot, juicy pork inside the skin.

Set your oven to 350-degrees Fahrenheit.  Place the Haxe (large size down) into a roasting pan covered with about an inch of water or beer to catch the fat drippings.  Many people use a disposable, heavy-duty aluminum pan to make clean-up after the meal easier.

Roast the ham shank (Haxe) uncovered for at least 4 hours or until the skin of the Haxe is very hard and crispy.  Cooking times can vary depending on your appliance, but you are after a dark brown skin which is a bit like a shell that keeps the meat inside the Haxe nice and moist.  Many people like to nibble on the hard crispy skin as much or more than the actual meat.

Here's a VIDEO of Chef Uwe roasting a Schweinshaxe.

The side dishes: 

Knödel are cooked until tender in simmering water.  The red cabbage just needs to be heated through.  The Rahmsosse (creamy gravy) can be prepared last and it just takes a couple of minutes.


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Happy dad

This "Haxe Heaven" made a perfect gift for my dad. He really was in HEAVEN. LOL

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My kinda' heaven!

Baby, it's cold outside! So that's when this BIER-drinking, meat-eater gets busy with the Haxe!!! This is a great combo of items. Everything my gal and I need, other than the BIER, which I have to supply myself. Mox nix!

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