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Stiglmeier Westphalian Ham 2 pound min. reviews


A wonderfully smoked delight!

by - verified purchaser
I've grown up on really tasty homemade Westphalian ham. Stiglmeier smoked meats are absolutely incredible, especially this ham, which has that traditional fresh homemade taste, and is absolutely superb.

These hams are supposed to be salty, as this is how they are cured, however Westphalian Ham has always been best served on a slightly toasted German Kaiser roll with a light coating of fresh butter. Be sure to cut this paper thin to release those nutty, smoky flavors without overwhelming yourself on the saltiness. Most folks make the mistake of piling this stuff on while it's meant to be sliced very thin on a buttered roll or open face sandwich with just a couple of very thin slices of ham.

My family loves this served on freshly baked German rolls for breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee.

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